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Russell, Dorothy Etta
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Russell, Dorothy Etta.

One formal studio portrait of Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White) as a child, taken prior to her entrance into high school.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #6.

One photograph album. Includes a list describing each photograph created by rych mills.

Consists primarily of snapshots belonging to Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White), before and after her marriage to Clarke Russell. Includes one formal portrait of "The Nash sisters": Mary, Susie, Elizabeth, Debbie, Priscilla, ca. 1880's (p. 1).

Family members and friends included in posed and informal snapshots include Mary Moyer Schantz, Tobias Schantz, Austin Tobias Schantz, Ward Malott White, Franklin Abram Schantz, Orpheus Moyer Schantz, Dorothy Etta Russell, Clarke Russell, Sophie Emma Schantz, Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Russell, Eva Kolb, Worth Flagler Schantz, Emily Schantz, Verna Fraser, Helen Lockie, Inez Martin, Mrs. E.H. Schiedel, her son Elmer Schiedel and daughter-in-law Nellie, Mrs. Elizabeth George.

Also includes snapshots of groups of individuals (identified on the packs of tipped-in snapshots) taken during the 1930 Schantz family reunion: Detwiler, Schiedel, Snyder, Bingeman family members, Phranie Bingeman, Mr. Yocum, and during the Hilborn Reunion, July 1-9, [192-?].

Also includes snapshots of White family members and homes: Ward Malott White on his visit to Dundas, Leamington and Kitchener from Chilliwack, B.C., Ada, Edna, Ruth, May and Elmer White, Malcon, Mr. and Mrs Lye, Maple lake and Orrville [Parry Sound area], White house in Orrville, horses in lake at Orrville, people swimming.

Locations and structures include Kitchener Cenotaph (p. 9), "Dr. Hilliard's garden" (p. 13), log schoolhouse, Waterloo Park (p. 17), Pioneer Tower, (p. 30), Schantz House, Conestogo (p. 34), Euler House (p. 34) [both of these are of old structures in disrepair], Bridge across river at Conestogo and Grand River at Conestogo (p. 43), Grand River in flood (p. 65-66).

Snapshots taken after Dorothy and Clarke's marriage include: White family gravestones in Leamington, Ont., Clarke Russell in uniform on his motorcycle, Lake Erie [swimming], Tecumseh Park, Chatham, Dorothy playing the ukelele and the Hawaiian guitar.

Victoria Park snapshots: statue of Queen Victoria, winter views, Dorothy paddling a canoe, the new Victoria Park Pavilion, glue factory ruins[?], Dorothy and two friends with snowshoes and in britches, visit of Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and daughters Lady Blanch and Dorothy Cavendish at Victoria Park, June 13, 1918 [snapshot of platform, no dignitaries?] (p. 64).

F.W. Woolworth Co. picnic: includes Mr. Emil Wagner, manager, and family, employee group portrait, Gertie Kruse, Marjorie Blin[?]kho.

P. 81: Inez Martin.

P. 91 Sophie and Mrs. Lye knitting (on beach).

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #3 : "Frank's Album, 1900-1918."

One photograph album. Includes a list describing each photograph created by rych mills. Some photographs identified. Identified photographs include:

Schantz home, 43 Schneider Ave., Berlin, Ont.

Group and individual posed portraits of Austin Tobias Schantz, Arthur Benjamin Schantz, Franklin Abram Schantz, Dorothy Etta Russell, Ruth Schantz, Sophie Emma Schantz, Mary Schantz, Worth Flagler Schantz, Tobias Schantz, Carrie, Mrs. Flagler, Orpheus Moyer Schantz, September 1910.

Dec. 1910 at Morton Park, Ill. : good photo of Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Arthur Benjamin Schantz, Ruth Schantz.

1907: Victoria Park Pavilion, Victoria park.

1910: snapshots taken during visit of Orpheus Moyer Schantz family from Chicago to Berlin: unidentified view of farmhouse and river, probably Kolb farm at Breslau, group including Mr. & Mrs. Jake Kolb, snapshot of farm from across river; snapshots taken at the Steckle farm including a view of the Steckle farmhouse, views of "Henry Steckle's farm, Strasburg", snapshots of farm animals, picking elderberries, etc.

Orpheus Moyer Schantz home in Morton Park, Illinois and Orpheus Moyer Schantz family members. Includes one interior, several of yard.

Portrait of Jacob Kolb (1895-) in uniform.

Freeport: p. 45, includes farmhouse, view of bridge, Jacob Bauman Farm, Freeport 1911 with barns, stone house, Freeport church.

Small prints of horses, dogs, animal sheds on Prairie, possibly taken in Alberta? Also snapshots of mountainous territory with water, bridge over river with logs, horses being driven, large haystacks, homestead, Florence[?] and others eating outside, woman fishing, goats and pigs.

Groups portraits taken at the Schantz Family Reunion, 1913.

Rockwood, Ont., 1915: groups and scenic snapshots.

Unidentified farmhouse, family groups. These include Tobias Schantz.

Arthur Benjamin Schantz or Austin Tobias Schantz on horseback camp cooking.

Elora, Ont.: snapshots of groups, at mill, bridge, flowerpot island.

Schantz Russell Family

Russell, Dorothy : Photograph albums.

Photograph albums created and accumulated by Dorothy Russell. Some of the albums were created by Dorothy, and others by members of her family that were in her possession. Many of the albums are annotated.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #12 : snapshots 1912, Florence A.C. Schantz.

One photograph album labelled, "Florence c1907-1911, excel. Alberta." Includes:

Snapshots taken at the Orpheus Moyer Schantz home in Morton Park, Ill., Dec. 1910-March 1911.

Snapshot of Ruth Schantz with Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White), May 29, 1900.

Two group portraits with identifications, 1908: possibly Woolworth Co. employee picnics.

Portrait of Rebecca V.L. Krampene (Laschinger), New Hamburg and "A nook at River View, 1906". Also wedding of Beatrice Laschinger in New Hamburg, Jan. 1908 [also in another album, unidentified].

Photographs taken at Arthur Benjamin Schantz's homestead in Alberta in 1908-1912: includes snapshots of Arthur with his dogs, Austin Tobias Schantz, livestock including turkeys, angora goats, hogs, horses, Arthur's homestead shack, Arthur and Florence Annie Catherine Schantz with horses and wagon, interior of homestead shack with Arthur Benjamin Schantz and Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, "Threshing in March 1912" [faded], Reed family, "Prairie fire" [badly faded], Austin Tobias Schantz and homestead shack.

Photographs of places including panorama of Salmon Arm, B.C., Calgary, Alberta.

Portrait: Sophie Emma Schantz, May 4, 1912.

Photographs taken at Lionel Bricker farm [Alberta?], 1910-1912: Menno Bricker with horses, grandchildren Marjory and George, Bricker children posed with fields behind.

Photographs taken of Tuggle family in Alberta, 1912, in fields with stooks, also of "Thanksgiving at Swingles, Oct. 30, 1911."

Photographs taken at Wetaskawin, Saskatchewan: Cousin Bennie Schantz: family in front of "Model Bakery, " fishing.

Portrait taken at High River, Alta., Aug. 1909: Percy Robinson, W.H. Dickinson, Milton Eby, Serena Eby, Ida Dickenson, Lala Hart, Edna Weber, G.A. Frerks.

Photographs taken at Orrville, Ont.: "White children party." [Note: the family surname was White].

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy and Ruth Schantz.

One snapshot of Ruth holding her newborn cousin Dorothy. Image of the children is only 5 cm (diam) surrounded by a border of leaves. Photograph is possibly a photogram.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Clara.

One head and shoulders studio portrait of Clara White. Clara is the aunt of Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White), sister-in-law of Ward White. Identification from verso.

Originally in page 28 of album 2.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy.

Four identical full length studio portraits of Dorothy White, aged one year. Identification from verso.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy.

One full body studio portrait of Dorothy White, approximately five years of age. Identification from verso.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy : class.

Six group class photos of of students at Prueter Public School. In four of the images Dorothy White is the teacher, the other two show the rhythm band. Identification from enclosure.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #5 : snapshots 1912 : Dorothy E. White from Aunt [Florence?].

One photograph album. Includes a list describing each photograph created by rych mills. Some of the photographs are duplicates of items in previous albums. Many photographs are unidentified. Identified photographs include:

Snapshots of Elora, Rockwood (May 24 and Aug., 1916), Victoria Park, the Schantz reunion in 1913, Arthur Benjamin Schantz's homestead in Alberta, Schantz home, Schneider Ave, Kitchener, Ont., Schantz family portraits and snapshots which include Arthur Benjamin Schantz, Austin Tobias Schantz and Herbert Cecil Palmer Schantz, Orpheus Moyer Schantz home and family in Morton Park, Illinois, Levi Moyer.

Port Elgin snapshots include people swimming, walking on the beach, and snapshots taken on the reserve of the courthouse, jail, church and school Masset, B.C. : totem pole, 1911 (p. 2).

Schantz, Austin Tobias: hogs, 1912 (p. 2).

Steckle farm: Dorothy Etta Russell and Worth Flagler Schantz with dog, 1910, (p. 8). Also "At Henry Steckle's farm", 1916: group shot of Edna Steckle, Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Sophie Emma Schantz, Aunt Carrie (Cornelia Caroline Schantz). Includes a shot which shows the whole front of the house, with chairs and hammock on porch (p. 74).

Old "Jacob Bowman" farm, Freeport, Ont., 1911 (p. 9).

Gofton, Mrs. and Ella Gofton (p. 17).

Christian and Josiah Schantz (p. 19).

Kolb family: turkey, Oliver and Grace (p. 19).

Snyder, William : "drawing room at William Snyder's, Waterloo" [ornate interior] and Elsie Snyder in Park, Waterloo, Ont. (p. 27).

Grand River: women and children wading "behind Kolb farm", Aug. 1914 (p. 31).

Bowers cottage, Port Elgin (p. 53).

Victoria Park Pavilion fire, 1916 (p. 56-57).

Bridgeport Casino, 1916: Junior Endeavour picnic (p. 58-59).

Victoria school class picture, 1916: teacher, Mr. S. H. Suter (p. 69).

Camp at Carling Heights, London, 1916 [military] (p. 69).

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #8.

One photograph album. Includes a list describing each photograph created by rych mills. Some of the photographs are hand-tinted. One photograph appears to be missing. Identified photographs include:

Snapshots of scenery taken in Alberta and British Columbia, including mountains, buffalo, Jean Beddome, 1911.

Snapshots taken at Rockwood, 1918, "at Pomeroy's, Bridgeport," Port Dover, visits to the White family, Orrville, Aug. 14-26, 1922 and 1924 (May and Ed , Mr. and Mrs. Lye, Harry and Eddie, Faith, Edna, Ada, sleeping camp, Eddie Malkin)
"Bridgeport car": snapshot of Florence Schantz, Joe Fries, Motorman, and Jean Beddome, 1918 (p. 8).

"Hilborn Family Reunion, 9 brothers", July 1, 1922: Isaac, Amos, Aaron, Emanuel, David, Joseph, Jesse, Jacob, Edwin.

"3 cousins": Priscilla Nash, Mary Nash Moyer Schantz, Rebecca Nash Sweitzer, July 29, 1919.

Family and friends identified include the immediate Schantz family (Franklin Abram Schantz, Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Sophie Emma Schantz, Mary Schantz, Dorothy Etta Russell, Tobias Schantz, Austin Tobias Schantz, Orpheus Moyer Schantz) J.B. and Mrs. Pomeroy, Eva Pomeroy, Lloyd Pomeroy, Nelda Dreier, Geraldine Murphy, Mrs. E.H. Schiedel, Nellie and Elmer Schiedel, Ruth Schantz Spelman with baby Margery, Bridgeman family members, Inez Martin, Grace Longworth, Verna Fraser, Helen Lockie, Jean Fitzgerald, Clarke Russell, Ward Malott White, Mr. and Mrs Alfred Snyder, Spelman family, Pearl Clemens, Mary Wismer, Grace Kolb, Eva Kolb, Mrs. Oliver Kolb.

Locations and structures include: C.C. Holtzman home, Hagerstown, Maryland; home of Mrs. Faith Gribble McArthur, Victoria B.C., 1922; St. Mary's Hospital (p. 55), Victoria Park, flooding on David St. [?] (p. 70), views of Grand River from Cressman's Woods, farm pictures taken at Evesham, Saskatchewan.

Activities include: snowshoeing in Victoria Park, Jan., 1924, Ice Carnival in Victoria Park, Jan. 1925 (p. 55), Schantz and Euler houses, Conestogo, Oct. 1926 (p. 84).

Schantz Russell Family


Photographs of Dorothy Russell, Peter Erb Schantz and Ward White's family.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz (nee Moyer), Mary and children.

Informal outdoor group portrait of Mary Schantz with some of her children and grandchildren. The photograph was mounted and made into a 1915 calendar. Left to right: Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Orpheus Moyer Schantz, Mary Schantz (nee Moyer) (seated), Worth Flagler Schantz, Franklin Abram Schantz, Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White), Sophie Emma Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy with Anna Moyer and unidentified woman.

One snapshot photograph of an unidentified woman with Dorothy White and Anna Moyer at Victoria Park, Kitchener. The women are shown standing in front of the water and the photograph is in a large paper frame with a pipe cleaner for hanging. The frame reads "With best wishes: Days of the year" in an Eastern style font. Location identified from verso.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz family.

One photograph of the Schantz family taken in front of the Schantz home at 43 Schneider Avenue in Kitchener, Ontario. Left to right: Walter Spelman (holding Dorothy Spelman), Ruth Schantz (with Walter Bishop Spelman and Margery Ruth Spelman), Orpheus Moyer Schantz, Carrie Flagler Schantz, Sophie Schantz, Florence Schantz, Mary Moyer Schantz, Dorothy White, Worth Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #2.

One photograph album. Includes a list describing each photograph created by rych mills. Some photographs identified.

Albums contain snapshots of Dorothy Russell and classmates at the Toronto Normal School, friends and relatives in various locations, including Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, Grimsby, the reservoir (Toronto), Scarborough Bluffs, Sarnia, Niagara Falls, Rockwood, Woodstock, Parry Sound, Kettle Point, Ipperwash Beach, and Port Dover, Ontario. Includes many snapshots of Victoria Park, Schneider Ave. and David St. in Kitchener. Includes a snapshot of a car crashed through a bridge railing, of a river in flood, Swartzentruber Lake near Baden, King St. Kitchener from Frederick St. towards Walper Hotel, Merchants' Bank of Canada (Bank of Montreal) at King and Queen St. N., with streetcar and snapshots of a wedding party.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy : Toronto Normal School students and friends.

One group portrait of some of the students of the Toronto Normal School, possibly those in Kindergarten-Primary section as well as parents and friends.

Back row: Ray Weldon, Helen Lockie, Rowena Stringer, Verna Frazer, Dorothy White, Christine [?], Unknown, Unknown, Glenny Bannerman. Middle Row: Kathleen Frizzle, Unknown, Mrs. (Bishop) Stringer, Mrs. Bannerman, Margaret Flarity.

Front Row: Joy Connel, Marjorie Dougall, Grace Longworth.

Mrs. (Bishop) Stringer is the mother of student Rowena Stringer and wife of the then Bishop of York. Mr. and Mrs. Bannerman were a couple that Dorothy boarded with while attending the Normal School and Glenny is their son. The other girls in the image are friends and classmates of Dorothy's. Identifications from verso.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #1.

One photograph album. Includes a list describing each photograph created by rych mills. Some of the photographs are hand-tinted. Most photographs are not identified. Identified photographs include:

Denton: "Suddaby School, Kitchener, Ont., Oct. 19, 1923: instructors", group portrait, includes Dorothy R.; Suddaby School, Kitchener, 1923", untitled view of Victoria Public School.

Snapshots: Victoria park activities: scenic views, bridge, pavilion, duck pen, swimming, skating carnival with races and pairs, athletic field, Highgate, Lake Erie, "Rondeau 1924", lake and beach scenes including cattle on the beach, canoeing and scenery such as lakes, rocks and pines.

Group and single portraits of friends and relatives including: Orpheus Moyer Schantz, Franklin Abram Schantz, Florence Annie Catherine Schantz, Sophie Emma Schantz, Mary Schantz, Flemming Clarke Russell, Dorothy Etta Russell, and people swimming at beach.

Grand River: in flood at Bridgeport upstream from bridge, views from Cressman's Woods.

St. Mary's Hospital.

Schantz Russell Family

Dorothy and Frank on bridge in Victoria Park

Photograph of Frank Schantz and Dorothy Russell standing apart on rear concrete bridge in Victoria Park. The pair, dressed for cool weather, is seen at a distance, slightly from above. Bare and evergreen trees and a view of snow covered park are included in shot. The bridge has lights on top of each corner and a bear cage is partially visible in the background at left.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #15.

One photograph album with some descriptions. The album may have belonged to Franklin Abram Schantz. Identified photographs include:

Fishing camp, Lake Temagami, 1921.

Grimsby: view from mountain, picking fruit at the Wolverton farm, 1920.

Victoria Park.

Port Dover, 1922.


Dundas: views from the mountain, Harold Smith, Webster's Falls, 1923.

Parry Sound: Whites, 1923.

St. Mary's Hospital.

Harold [Smith] and Anne: wedding, July 28, 1923.

Dorothy Etta Russell and friends snowshoeing.

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee: Orpheus, log cabins, cabin, Mount Le Compte, Lake Erie.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #10 : loose photographs from album #1.

One photograph album. Includes a list describing each photograph created by rych mills.

Photographs 3, 5-9, 11-14, 19: Victoria Park.

Photograph 10, 18: Dorothy and Clarke Russell and Clarke's sister posing in bathing suits.

Photograph 12: Clarke Russell playing the guitar.

Photograph 10-16: Waves breaking.

Photograph 10-17: Laura Reichold and Dorothy Russell, Highgate, July 1924.

Photographs 20-21: Suddaby School Kindergarten class pictures, identified.

Photograph 22: C.F.C.O., Chatham Ont. : postcard.

Schantz Russell Family

Dorothy Russell

Pink tinted photograph of Dorothy Russell looking into camera with head resting on hand.

Schantz Russell Family

Photograph Album #11 : loose photographs.

One photograph album. Includes a list describing each photograph created by rych mills.

Photograph 1: enlargement of Dorothy's face from an early portrait.

Photographs 2-3: snapshot and photograph taken by Orpheus Schantz at McGregor, Iowa.

Photograph 4: snapshot of Viola Snyder.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy : family.

Four negatives showing Dorothy White with an infant Harold Russell. Harold is shown in his carriage, as well as being held by Dorothy. Identification from enclosure.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy : Port Elgin.

Six negatives showing the Schantz-Russell family at Port Elgin. They are shown picnicking, with a catch of fish, and posing in the wilderness. Identification from enclosure.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy : family.

Fourteen images of Dorothy Russell and family. Included are images of bicycle riding, dress-up, a snowball fight, and other leisure activities.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy : Beausoleil Island.

Seven negatives showing images of Beausoliel island. Four are landscapes showing the wind blown trees, one shows a sailboat, another two women stand next to a pleasure boat "The Wabanaki" and the final is a group portrait. Identification from enclosure.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy : school.

Ten photographs. Six of the images are of students taught by Dorothy White at both Prueter and Margaret Ave public schools. Three of the images are exterior views of Prueter P.S. Identification from enclosure.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy.

One head and shoulders colour portrait of Dorothy White. Dorothy is wearing a necklace and earrings in the image.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Dorothy.

Ten slides of photographs taken by Dorothy White. Four are of Toronto and show the old and new city halls as well as views from the top of the new building. Six are of the University of Waterloo and show various buildings on campus including the Dana Porter Library. Identifications from container.

Schantz Russell Family