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Leavine, Stanley Francis
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City Councillor, 1938-1949.

Three clippings regarding Leavine in his capacity an alderman in the 1940s. One from the Kitchener Daily Record, dated Tuesday, December 31, 1940, reports that Leavine had been named chairman of the finance committee of City Council at the pre-inaugural caucus held on Dec. 30, 1940. Another, also from the Record, dated December 8, 1942 includes names and portraits of Kichener's newly elected 1943 city council, including Leavine. The final clipping is undated and outlines the results of the municipal election in Kitchener during which Leavine was once again elected to city council by 6,169 votes, receiving more votes than any other individual elected to the Kitchener council that year.

Leavine, Stanley Francis


Two clippings which include references to the K-W Collegiate Institute where Dr. S.F. Leavine's eldest daughter, Desta Leavine, was a student. The first, undated, describes how Desta was one of three public speaking contest winners to address the K-W Kiwanis Club at one of their weekly luncheon meetings. Desta's speech focused on the Mary Celeste, a mystery ship of the last century found adrift and crewless in mid-Atlantic. The second clipping, from the July 7, 1945 edition of the Kitchener Record, includes promotion results for the K-W Collegiate .

Leavine, Stanley Francis


Two clippings reporting on Dr. S.F. Leavine's provision of medical care to individuals involved in accidents on two different occasions. The first, dated February 13, 1941, reports how Leavine attended to Alex Simpson, at the K-W Hospital, who was suffering from exposure as a result of lying on snow and ice on the Grand River for almost three hours after he stepped into a hole in the ice and broke his right leg. He was rescued by Ald. Clarence Seibert and his three sons and rushed to the K-W Hospital. The second article, undated, reports that Beverley Harvey broke his knee cap when forced to jump from his sleigh in order to halt his team of ponies who were agitated by a dog nipping at their heels. Dr. S.F. Leavine attended to the injured man at K-W hospital.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Conservative Candidate in Contest for Waterloo North Riding in Federal Election.

Contains clippings from February 1940 regarding Leavine’s nomination by the National Government Candidate to contest the Waterloo North riding in the upcoming federal election. One clipping provides biographical information about Leavine including his parentage, education, and details about his medical and political careers. Most of the clippings report on the election campaign conducted by Leavine, documenting his proposals for change should he be elected. Other clippings consist of campaign advertising urging voters in the North Waterloo riding to support Leavine. Also included is an undated clipping reporting that Ald. Alfred Mustin, the labor-C.C.F candidate contesting the North Waterloo riding, had withdrawn from the race.

Leavine, Stanley Francis


Loose ephemeral material regarding the career and death of Dr. S. F. Leavine, including event programs, orders of service, promotional election material and a receipt for legal services related to the handling of Leavine's estate.

The programs relate to "Graduation Exercises" at St. Mary's Hospital School of Nursing in Kitchener, Ont. on June 1945, where Leavine gave congratulatory greetings, and in May 1957, where a medical nursing award was given by Leavine and presented by Mrs. Leavine. Also included is a program from the official opening of the Stanley F. Leavine Building by Hon. M.B. Dymond, Minister of Health for Ontario on May 5, 1965. The orders of service pertain to Remembrance Day in 1950, which Leavine attended as Chairman, and a ceremony at the Memorial Arena in Waterloo in observance of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953. Along with the order of service for the coronation there are two certificates awarded to Leavine, M.L.A, and Mrs. Leavine and medals worn at the service.

Flyers, stickers and other promotional material related to Leavine's election campaigns in 1945 and 1955, appear in the file along with a floor plan of the Legislative Assembly in Toronto in 1952, where Leavine held a seat representing Waterloo North, and a booklet titled "A Report to the People of Ontario" written by Hon. Leslie Frost, Premier and Provincial Treasurer of Ontario and dated May 9, 1955. Also in the file is a July 1958 notice issued by N. MacKenzie, City Personnel Director in Kitchener, outlining the arrangements for the funeral of Mayor S.F. Leavine, M.D. that took place at the King Street Baptist Church in Kitchener on July 30, 1958; and a receipt regarding services provided by James Richardson & Sons regarding the transfer of securities to Leavine's wife, daughters, and the executrices of Leavine's estate.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

M.P.P for Waterloo North, 1951-1956.

START HERE Clippings regarding the activities, political recommendations, and policy changes put forward by Leavine in his capacity as Progressive Conservative M.P.P for Waterloo North from 1951-1956. One clipping shows a photograph of Leavine together with his wife, Desta, and daughter, Pauline, after his election as M.P.P. in November 1951. Another clipping reports that for the first time in a quarter-centry Waterloo North elected a Progressive Conservative to the Ontario Legislature when Leavine won a 201-vote majority over Libearl candidate J.G. Brown. The remainder of the clippings cover topics including: proposed policy measures in the areas of health, particularly the damage caused to the general practitioner by the medical monopoly of hospitals, his belief, as chairman of the Ontario legislature's health committee, that a preventive vaccine for polio would be discovered within two years; his urging of the speedy completion of the Windsor-Toronto section of Highway No. 401 by the Ontario government; and Leavine's desire to see government officials to discuss the problems arising from the use of horse-drawn buggies by the Mennonites with Mennonite leaders.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Mayor of Kitchener, 1950-1951, 1957-1958.

Clippings regarding Leavine’s activities as Mayor of Kitchener from 1950-1951. They cover Mayor Leavine and Mayor Bauman of Waterloo attending the official opening of the K-W Family Service Bureau in November 1950, of which both because the first members; Leavine's stance on the issue of civil defence; Leavine's involvement in the plans to build the Kitchener Memorial Arena in 1950; and Leavine’s daily morning walk to work as Mayor in the early 1950s. Another clipping from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, dated June 17, 1958, during Leavine’s second term as Mayor, reports on Leavine's attendance at the official sod turning ceremony for the Kitchener police building.

Leavine, Stanley Francis


Two clippings which appear to contain reports on issues or events which were of interest to Leavine during his political career.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Office of Mayor notebook.

Notebook containing handwritten speech notes by Mayor Leavine including a speech given at the YMCA in January 1957 and one at Waterloo County Automobile Club in February 1957. Also contains notes regarding the construction of the new police building, and regarding the municipalities and local politics. Loose ephemeral material includes gas bills sent to Dr. S.F Leavine in 1957; the business card of life insurance broker Syd Davies; the Civil Defence Identification card issued to Leavine on January 31, 1957; a clipping regarding a debate surrounding the appropriate location for the new police building in Kitchener; and a receipt and letter dated March 12, 1957 to Leavine from the Rev. Albert W. Lotz of St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church thanking him for a donation.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Progressive Conservative Candidate in Contest for Waterloo North Constituency in Provincial Election.

Clippings regarding Leavine’s nomination as the Progressive Conservative Candidate for Waterloo North as a representative of the Drew Government in the June 4, 1945 election. Some of the clippings report on Leavine’s election campaign, documenting his proposals for change in the event of him being elected. Other clippings consist of campaign advertising urging voters in the North Waterloo riding to support Leavine. Another clipping relates to Leavine's second nomination within five months to run as Progressive Conservative candidate in the Waterloo North constituency - this second election was necessitated by the elevation of Hon. W.D. Euler to the Senate. Leavine accepted the nomination and opposed Louis. O. Breithaupt, the North Waterloo Liberal candidate. Also included is a clipping containing the speech made by Alfred Mustin, President of U.R.W.A. Local 67, endorsing Leavine as a friend of Labour, not as a Conservative. The transcript of this speech was placed in the press by the Leavine Campaign committee and likley forms part of the election advertising from the second Leavine campaign in 1945.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Scrapbook 1.

Scrapbook containing loose and pasted-in clippings, as well correspondence (letters and cards), speech notes, invitations, programs, photographs, and other ephemera predominantly relating to Dr. S.F. Leavine's election as Mayor of Kitchener in 1949. Included are notes of congratulations; coverage of the mayoralty race and Leavine's activities as mayor; his participation on various city boards and commissions, including the Service Welfare Committee; and a proclamation signed by Mayor Leavine declaring that "Brotherhood Week" is to be observed in Kitchener from February 19-26, 1950, along with a photo from a related event. Also included is a typed welcoming speech made by Mayor Leavine at an unspecified event.

One of the loose photographs depicts "The Walking Mayor", as he came to be known, pictured on his daily walk to work as Mayor of Kitchener. A second photograph appears to have been taken on election day in 1955 when Dr. S.F. Leavine ran as the Progressive Conservative candidate in the Waterloo North constituency. The final photograph was taken at the official opening of the Carmicheal School Addition on March 7, 1950 which was attended by Mayor Leavine.

The loose clippings cover: Leavine's recommended changes to the Criminal Code as a means of bringing youth gang activity under control; a Waterloo North Conservative Progressive picnic at Waterloo Park in August, 1952 which was attended; and Leavine's nomination to contest the Waterloo North constituency in 1955.


  • Letter (Dec. 9, 1949) to Leavine from city clerk, C.G. Lips officially acknowledging Dr. S.F. Leavine's election to the position of Mayor, and asking him to subscribe the necessary Oath of Office prior to the Council's inaugural meeting on Jan. 3, 1950.
  • Letter (Feb. 16, 1950) from H.E. McCallum, the Mayor of Hamilton, inviting Leavine to attend an evening event which will constitute part of the Third Canadian Sportsmen's Show in March, 1950. An invitation to the 43rd Annual Convention of the Canadian Gas Association in June 1950 is also contained in this file along with reservation forms for the event.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Scrapbook 2.

Scrapbook containing loose and pasted-in clippings, ephemera, a photograph, and typed transcripts of speeches made by Dr. S.F. Leavine both during the mayoralty contest of 1949, and after his nomination as Mayor in December, 1949. Clippings describe the progress of the 1949 mayoral race Leavine and Ald. Harry Ainlay; advertising and promotional materials related to Leavine's campaign; coverage of Leavine's win, including reactions from his wife Desta and their two daughters; and Leavine's legacy following his death in 1958.

Loose materials in this scrapbook include clippings, some of which are undated, and others which are dated 1954-1955, and 1957-1958. These clippings report on Dr. S.F. Leavine's speeches in the Legislature as M.P.P for Waterloo North. They report on Leavine's recommendation that a royal commission be set up to investigate the whole field of curative arts and sciences. Another article reports on Leavine's statement to the Legislature that monopolistic practices among local hospitals are destroying the effectiveness of the general practitioner. In another article it is reported that Dr. S.F. Leavine stresses the need for more roads in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Among the scrapbook materials are clippings and a telegram relating to Leavine's campaign for re-election as M.P.P for Waterloo North in 1955. The telegram is dated June 10, 1955 and expresses the condolences of Hon. Leslie Frost on Dr. S.F. Leavine's non-reelection. In 1956 Dr. S.F. Leavine returned to civic politics as an alderman and several clippings in this scrapbook relate to his term of office as alderman from 1956-1957. Other loose clippings relate to Leavine's mayorality campaigns in 1949 and 1957.

The scrapbook also contains clippings which report on Leavine's admission to the K-W Hospital in 1958 following a heart seizure, while others are commemorative in nature, including an obituary, following his death on July 27, 1958. Two other articles report that Kitchener's new health department headquarters are to be named after Leavine. Present at the official opening of these new headquarters were Dr. G. E. Duff Wilson, medical officer of health; Dr. Desta Leavine, who unveiled a portrait of her father; Health Minister Dymond; and Dr. Louis V. Lang, health board chairman.

Also in the file is a photograph from [1950?] that appeared in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record.

Leavine, Stanley Francis