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Kaufman Family collection. Kaufman Footwear
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Kaufman Family collection.

  • SCA173
  • Fonds

Contains items from the A.R. Kaufman fonds, the W.H. Kaufman fonds, and the Kaufman Footwear fonds.

Kaufman Family


Contains computer cards, parcel notes, merchandise tags, cardboard notices and letterhead.

Kaufman Footwear

Cottage at Lexington.

Contains two original photographs and two reproduction photographs of two different informal group portraits of eight unidentified women. Caption on envelope states that these are "pictures of a trip Mr. Kaufman and others went on when trouble with the car, Irvin was along".

Kaufman Footwear

Milestone Night.

Contains fifty-eight negatives and fifteen photographs of a milestone event to honour employees. Includes several unidentified individuals in formal group portraits and casual group snapshots of the event.

Kaufman Footwear

Milestone Night, 1990.

Contains slides taken for Milestone Night. Includes slides of Kaufman memorabilia such as catalogues and newspaper clippings.

Kaufman Footwear

Milestone Night, 1992.

Contains formal portraits of people honoured on Milestone Night. Identified are:
Back row, left to right: Don Mayburry, Waldemar Betker, Larry Tierney, John Juhasz, Gerry MacKenzie, Art Loverock, Warren Roeder, Jurgen Walther.
Front row, left to right: George Klooster, Lepa Sop, Linda Deluso, Maria Andrei, Mat Filevski, Jean Kilbasco, Dorothy Schlosser.

Kaufman Footwear

Baseball, 1920's : Twin City soft ball champions, 1921.

Contains one posed portrait of the Twin City soft ball champions from 1921, their shirts say KR Co. Identified are:
Back row, left to right: H. Young, O. Burghardt, O. Toletski, J. Frank, C. Erdman, I. Weber.
Front row, left to right: W. Roehr, O. Hamel, E. Weber, G. Musselman, A. Levine, G. Hainsworth.

Kaufman Footwear

Hockey, 1930's : Kaufman Rubber Co. Industrial "Y" Senior Champions, 1935-1936.

Three copies of a group portrait of the Kaufman Rubber Co. hockey team, seen in uniform.

Back row, left to right: M. Wanamaker (defence), C. Schlote (wing), J. Loth (coach & manager), W. Plomske (wing), M. Kowalski (wing).

Middle row, left to right: W. Goetz (wing), J. Vrooman (centre), S. Snyder (trainer), E. Wildfong (goal), C. Schmidt (defence), H. Current (defence), C. Steppler (centre).

Front row, left to right: J. Connor (mascot), I. Weber (mascot).

Kaufman Footwear

Social event.

Contains one snapshot of several unidentified individuals at a social event.

Kaufman Footwear

Kaufman Footwear : employees at work : production.

Contains photographs of employees at work on various stages of the production process. Includes identification of some of the employees: Eileen Buchner, Don Kraft, Bill Ariss, Helen Wroble, Bob Kerlit, William Kopes, Art Stager, Doug Hackbart, and John Stebli.

Kaufman Footwear

Photographs taken for written standard practice reports.

Contains six negatives of photographs most likely taken for a written standard practice report. Includes photographs of assembly line and machinery. A note on the original envelope connects these negatives to reports M-5-1-2-3-4 and -6 and M-5-5.

Kaufman Footwear

Kaufman Rubber Co. Ltd, Kitchener, Ont. : addition to present factory [set 2] / Albert Kahn, Architect, Walkerville, Ont.

Job No. 964, May 3, 1920. Scale differs.
Sheet 1: Heating riser diagram, plot plan, foundation plan, basement plan.
Sheet 2: Interior elevations of entrance lobby, Mr. Kaufman's office, ceiling plans for entrance lobby, Mr. Kaufman's office, two first floor plans, detail of wicket, detail of shelf and counter in general office.
Sheet 3: Flag pole, roof, second floor, third and fourth floor plans.
Sheet 4: South elevation, corner elevation, East elevation, North elevation, Northwest corner elevation, section on line AA.
Sheet 5: Scale details of main entrance elevation.
Sheet 6: Details: windows, wall sections, toilets, "elevations of Mr. Newton's room".
Sheet 7: Elevations showing windows and doors.
Sheet 8: Elevations: South, corner, East, North, Northwest corner [re windows?].
Sheet 1-S: Columns, dated Apr. 10, 1920.

Kaufman Footwear

Barwell extruder.

File consists of materials relating to the Barwell extruder. Includes a user manual, a write up on how to fix a problem, and information on an upgrade that was done to the machine.

Kaufman Footwear


File consists of correspondence between Gary Peysar and other employees and departments at Kaufman Footwear

Kaufman Footwear


Series consists of material relating to the administration of various aspects of Kaufman Rubber operations from 1927 to 1986. There are many gaps and the files are from several departments. Includes annual production reports from 1933 to 1955, sales reports from 1932-1964, records of special orders, government contracts, memoranda, and cost accounting information.

Kaufman Footwear

Sales reports.

Contains sales lists of various lines of shoes with totals. Binder belonging to C.D.P.

Kaufman Footwear

Year production reports, 1936-1937.

Contains the tennis production report and the rubber production report. Includes lines of shoes or boots with the number of pairs sold and what countries they were sold in.

Kaufman Footwear

Administration : Advertising and Sales

Series consists of material relating to advertising and marketing Kaufman products, particularly as directed to the retailer. Includes advertising portfolios, presentation materials, memoranda, catalogues containing advertising information for retailers. This series is not comprehensive.

Kaufman Footwear

Administration : Labour Relations

Series consists of material relating primarily to the strike of Kaufman workers in 1960 and the collective agreement in 1988 between the United Rubber Workers of America and Kaufman Footwear. Includes correspondence, memoranda, court records, clippings, and a case study.

Kaufman Footwear

Administration : Splashguards

Series consists of material relating to the production and marketing of splashguards, which are installed on trucks to control spray from the tires. The series is not comprehensive. Includes correspondence, designs, ephemera, memoranda and photographs.

Kaufman Footwear


Contains material relating to the manufacturing of splashguards. Includes memoranda, order information, and 10 photographs of splashguards, includding 2 polaroid snapshots. Identified are Bev McFarlane and Harold Lauber.

Kaufman Footwear

Product development and notes.

Contains material relating to splashguard production at Kaufman Footwear. Includes Memoranda, correspondence, design plans, and production notes.

Kaufman Footwear


Contains material relating to splashguard scheduling. Includes dimensions and physical details, memoranda, customer addresses, production schedules, scheduling information, and price lists.

Kaufman Footwear

Centenary Committee : Historical Documents

Series consists of material collected by or submitted to the Centenary Committee for the purpose of preparing a history for the 100th Anniversary of the company. Consists of original items which might originally have been filed elsewhere but for which no adequate context was maintained or can be determined.

Kaufman Footwear


Contains an award presented to Kaufman Footwear by the Region of Waterloo Employer of the Year Committee for employment equity in the hiring of persons with disabilities.

Kaufman Footwear

Releases and memoranda.

Contains announcements, memoranda, news releases, correspondence, and notes regarding events at Kaufman Footwear. Includes a memorandum to employees on the change of the name in 1964.

Kaufman Footwear

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