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Black, Martha Louise

  • Person
  • 1866-1957

Martha Louise Black, Canadian politician and second woman elected to the Canadian House of Commons, was born in Chicago on February 24, 1866. She attended St. Mary's College in Notre Dame Indiana. In 1877 Black married Will Purdy and together they had two sons, Warren and Donald. She and Purdy had plans to joint the Klondike gold rush in 1899 but Purdy backed out and instead moved to Hawaii, leaving her to travel to the Klondike via the Chilkoot Pass in 1898 with her brother. In January of 1899 she stopped in Dawson City to give birth to her and Purdy's third son Lyman. She then returned briefly to Chicago before going again to the Klondike in 1900 where she would live for 54 years. Here she earned money by staking gold mining claims and running a sawmill and iron ore crushing plant. In 1904 Black met and married George Black, Commissioner of the Yukon from 1912-1916.

In 1921 Black was elected to the House of Commons and was speaker of the house from 1930-1935. She ran in the federal election and was elected in the Yukon riding as an Independent Conservative in 1935, taking over for her ailing husband. Black was also involved in a variety of social and charity organizations including supporting IODE, the Victorian Order of Nurses, and as a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of England.

In 1938 Black published the book "My Seventy Years" an autobiography, which was later updated as "My Ninety Years." She was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1946 for her social and cultural contributions to the Yukon. She died in Whitehorse on October 31, 1957.

Blackwell, Alice Stone

  • Person
  • September 14, 1857-March 15, 1950

Born to suffragists Lucy Stone and Henry Browne Blackwell, Elizabeth Stone Blackwell was an American suffragist, journalist and human rights advocate. Her mother was one of the founders of the American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) and her aunt Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to obtain a medical degree in the United States.
After graduating from Boston University, Blackwell began working for her parent's paper Woman's Journal and took over primary editing responsibility after the death of her mother in 1893. In 1890 she was instrumental in reuniting the two competing American suffrage groups, the AWSA and the National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) into the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA).
She was also a member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, founded the Society of Friends of Russian Freedom, and was heavily involved in humanitarian work in Armenia. Blackwell died in 1950 at the age of 92.

Boehmer Family

R. Boehmer & Co. was a fuel business in Berlin (now Kitchener, Ontario) founded by Reinhardt Boehmer, who originally began selling limestone to the building trades in 1875 and later sold coal, wood, and other fuels and equipment. The Boehmer family remained in ownership of the company until 1965. In 1973 the business was sold to the St. Lawrence Cement Co. (Source: Clarke, Mavis M. "Kitchener's century firms honored," Waterloo Historical Society 75 (1988): 35-46.)

Bolender Ball Family

  • Family

Doris Bolender nee Moyer (1922-2011) and Gordon Bolender (1920-2002) both of Kitchener, traveled to Jebba and Igbeti, Nigeria in 1946. Doris worked as a nurse while Gordon was a teacher for The United Missionary Society until 1960. Doris and Gordon had three children, two of whom were born in Nigeria: Mark, David, and Merla.

Mervin Albert Ball (1919-1999) served in the Second World War and later worked for Krug Furniture. Mervin was married to Jean Adelaide Ball nee Forsey (1920-1995).

Bolender, Doris

  • Person
  • 1922-2011

Doris Bolender was born to Reverend William Blackburn Moyer (January 24, 1892-August 5, 1955) and Olive Irene Shantz (August 11, 1893-August 18, 1981) in Kitchener, Ontario on June 17, 1922. She was raised alongside her four siblings; William Glen Moyer, Ella Mae Moyer, Marjorie Evangeline Funk (January 11, 1917-March 1, 2003), and Ruby Jane Sider (1919-February 4, 2011).

In 1945, Doris married Gordon John Bolender and together they had three children; Mark Bolender, David Bolender, and Merla Bolender.

From 1946-1960, Doris served as a nurse alongside Gordon who worked as a teacher in Nigeria with the United Missionary Society (the forerunner of EMCC World Partners).

Doris died on November 3, 2011.

Bolender, Gordon John

  • Person
  • 1920-2002

Gordon was born in 1920.

In 1945, Gordon married Doris Elaine Moyer and together they had three children; Mark Bolender, David Bolender, and Merla Bolender.

From 1946-1960, Gordon worked as a teacher and Doris served as a nurse in Nigeria with the United Missionary Society (the forerunner of EMCC World Partners).

Gordon died on February 13, 2002.

Bonheur, Rosa

  • Person
  • 1822-1899

Marie-Rosalie (Rosa) Bonheur was a French artist known for her paintings of animals and her realist style. Born to a family of artists, Rosa's mother was a pianist and her father was landscape painter Oscar-Raymond Bonheur. Three of Rosa's siblings would also go on to become artists. At the age of 12 Rosa began her training as an artist under the tutelage of father, after a series of failed attempts at school and a seamstress apprentice. She was commissioned by the French government in 1849 and this lead to her first successful work. She continued to paint primarily animals in landscapes and exhibited at places including the Chicago Worl's Fair of 1893. Queen Victoria highly admired her work and she was very popular in England. Rosa spent the majority of her life living in her home Chateau de By where she was able to keep animals. Rosa died in 1899 and is buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery with her long term partner Nathalie Micas.

Bookhout, Gerry, (1930-2017)

  • Person
  • 1930 - August 29, 2007

Bookhout began working at the Kitchener-Waterloo Record in May 1955. He was offered a position at the paper after submitting photos of fires at a restaurant on King Steet and another at the Granite Club. He was awarded the National Newspaper Award for feature photography in 1985 for a photo of two Mennonite girls playing on a swing. Bookhout retired in 1992.

Borgstrom, Carl A.

  • Person
  • 1886-1951

Carl A. Borgstrom, landscape architect, was born March 30, 1886 in Backa, Sweden. In 1928-1929, while with Wilson, Bunnell & Borgstrom, he designed the rock garden for the entrance to the City of Hamilton. This garden, in what had been a gravel pit, is now part of the Royal Botanical Gardens. In 1934, he was one of the founders of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and Town Planners. He died April 13, 1951 in Meadowvale, Ontario.

Bower, B.M.

  • Person
  • 1871-1940

B.M. Bower (1871-1940) was an American western author who wrote novels, short stories and screenplays about the American frontier, often featuring the Flying U Ranch in Montana. Her husband, Bertrand Sinclair (1881-1972) also wrote American western novels, as well as those set in British Columbia where he settled.

Bowlby Boyd Family

Emma Allen Bowlby was born to David Sovereign Bowlby and Martha Esther Murphy Bowlby in Waterloo in 1862. When she was 21, in 1884, she married the 39 year old Gardiner Boyd. Gardiner Boyd was born in 1845 to Mossom Boyd and Caroline Dunsford of Bobcaygeon Ontario. The couple had three children, Gardiner Mossom (born 1885), Mary Olive (born 1886) and Frieda Kathleen (born 1888).
Emma died in 1897 and her husband in 1898 leaving her children to be raised by their maternal grandparents, and later by their father’s half brother.

Bowlby, Adam

  • Person
  • 1792-1883

Adam Bowlby (1792-1883) was born in 1792 to Richard Bowlby, and wife Elizabeth Hawksworth. Adam moved to Upper Canada in 1815 to live with his uncle Thomas Bowlby, the first Bowlby family member to come to Upper Canada and here Adam set up a gristmill. After a few years manufacturing tools and implements for farmers, Adam purchased a small parcel of 450 acres in Townsend around the time of his marriage, in 1819, to Elizabeth Sovereign of New Jersey. The farm was built up over a period of 21 years to approximately 3,000 acres. During this 21 year period Adam and Elizabeth had six children: Alfred Bowlby in 1820, William Bowlby in 1822, David Sovereign Bowlby in 1828, Mary Ursula Bowlby Powell in 1830, Ward Hamilton Bowlby, in 1834, John Wedgewood Bowlby in 1837. During this time Adam served as magistrate and district councilor, treasurer of the Masonic Lodge and Captain of the Waterford Company during the rebellions of 1837-38. Adam eventually left his farm to son William (the only farmer in the family) and settled in Berlin (Kitchener) where he died in 1883 at the age of 91.

Bowlby, Alfred

  • Person
  • 1820-1915

Alfred Bowlby (1820-1915) was born August 26, 1820 in New Jersey, USA, the eldest son of Adam and Elizabeth. He grew up largely on the family farm in Townsend and began receiving an education at home from an early age. He, along with his brothers, was taught to read from the New Testament and was taught multiplication by his mother. He began formal schooling at the age of nine and would eventually go on to study medicine at Columbia, graduating in 1945. After a failed attempt to continue his studies at University of Toronto due to religious difference, he studied another two years at McGill. In 1846 he finally opened his own practice in Waterford. In 1854 at the age of 34 Alfred married 22 year old Margaret (Mary) Chrysler (1831-1917) of Ancaster, Upper Canada. The two would go on to have eight children together and live in Townsend for the rest of their lives. Alfred continued to practice medicine until his death in 1915 at the age of 95. Margaret passed in 1917 at the age of 86.

Bowlby, David Shannon

  • Person

David Shannon Bowlby (1874-1938) was born in Berlin (Kitchener) Ontario January 24, 1874. He attended the University of Toronto graduating with a B.A. in 1895, and an LL.B. in 1896. In 1893 he received his call to the Bar. He was appointed Crown Attorney for Waterloo County in 1917. Bowlby died October 11, 1938.

Bowlby, David Sovereign

  • Person
  • 1826-1903

David Sovereign Bowlby was born September 5th, 1826 to Adam Bowlby and Elizabeth Sovereign Bowlby. He was born on the family farm in Townsend, and, like his brothers began to be educated from an early age. He attended Upper Canada College, University of Toronto, Toronto School of Medicine and ultimately the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, graduating in 1853. In October of the same year he moved to Berlin (Kitchener) to temporarily fill in for his cousin Dr. J.W. Sovereign, and ended up staying on indefinitely. He also took on the role of County Jail surgeon, and coroner for many years. Besides his medical practice he was heavily involved in the community being a member of the village council, and on the Board of Trustees of Berlin High School as well as being warden and delegate to the synod for St. John’s Anglican Church. In 1856 David Sovereign married 18 year old Martha Esther Murphy (1837-1925) of Montreal and brought her to Berlin. Together they had five children: Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement in 1859, Emma Allen Bowlby Boyd in 1862, George Herbert Bowlby in 1855, Grace Bowlby Fennell in 1871, and David Shannon Bowlby in 1873.

In his later years David Sovereign suffered from bronchial troubles and died in 1903 while in Sicily on a trip to improve his breathing. Martha Esther Murphy lived for another 22 years in the family home in Berlin. Martha was extremely active in social and philanthropic organizations in Berlin including as a founding member of the Kitchener and Waterloo Ladies Hospital Auxiliary, organist of St. John’s Anglican Church, and first regent of the Princess of Wales chapter, Daughters of the Empire. Martha died unexpectedly at the age of 88 after her dressing gown caught fire from the gas heater in her home.

Bowlby, Davison, Hoffman Family

Jacob Hoffman (1809-1878) married Veronica Eby (1817-1876) and lived in Berlin (now Kitchener), Ontario. Their oldest child, Isaac Hoffman (1835-1898) married Caroline Harlen (1838-) ca. 1854. Two daughters (of their six living children) are represented in the fonds: Caroline M. Hoffman (1857-) and Emma Sivina Hoffman (1862-).
Caroline M. Hoffman married John D. Barnes of Providence Rhode Island (date of marriage unknown, ca. 1878?). They had one daughter, Lillie Caroline Barnes. As of 1895
they were living in Providence, R.I. but sometime after that Caroline and Lillie returned to the Waterloo area.
Lillie Caroline Barnes married David Shannon Bowlby, K.C. (1873-1938) in 1904. They had two children, foster daughter Carolyn Barnes Bowlby, and son Shannon Bowlby. (Source: "David Shannon Bowlby, K.C.," WHS 26 (1938): 45-46 and Ezra E. Eby, Biographical History of Waterloo, 1895-1896, p. 802).
Carolyn Barnes Bowlby married Norman Davison (1877-) in 1920. They had two children, Peter (1927-) and Carolyn, known as Patti (b. ca. 1930).
Carolyn Davison married J.W. Carlisle.
Emma Sivina Hoffman (b. 1862), married Cyrus Schiedel of Waterloo in 1885. They had one son, Wilfrid H. Schiedel. (Source: Ezra E. Eby, Biographical History of Waterloo, 1895-1896, p. 802) Spelled variously in sources Herlan, Harlen, Harlan. Ezra Eby gives her name as Lillie, probably after her aunt Lillie Josephine Hoffman. However, the name used by the donor is "Lillian". Date from Ezra Eby.

Bowlby, George Herbert

  • Person
  • 1865-1917

George Herbert Bowlby (1865-1917) was born July 16, 1865 to David Sovereign Bowlby and Martha Esther Murphy Bowlby in Berlin (Kitchener). Educated in Berlin at both the elementary and high school, he studied briefly at St. Jerome College and then on to Toronto University for his medical degree. After obtaining his degree he became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in London and also was a Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians. As a youth he was heavily involved in sports, playing soccer and cricket. At the onset of WWI he joined the Army Medical Corps of the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force, became a Captain and was appointed Assistant Director of Medical Services. In 1894 at the age of 28 he married 22 year old Blanche Alexandrine (Adine) Seagram (1871-1919), the daughter of Joseph Emm Seagram, founder of Seagram Distilleries. The two had no children.

In 1917 while serving in WWI, George was walking the ground of Bath military hospital where he was working and fell off a cliff. He was found dead at the bottom of the cliff and was cremated in Bath. Adine was overseas at the time as well, volunteering for the Red Cross. After the death of her husband, Adine stayed on with the Red Cross for another year until she was forced to return to Berlin to look after her ill father. On July 19th, 1919 Adine was riding in a car with her brother Capt. Tom Seagram and her niece. The car was involved in an collision with another vehicle and Adine died of the injuries she sustained.

Bowlby, Ward Hamilton

  • Person
  • 1834-1917

Ward Hamilton Bowlby (1834-1917) was born October 4th, 1834 to Adam Bowlby and Elizabeth Sovereign Bowlby. Like his siblings, Ward went to school originally at Upper Canada College and eventually to Toronto University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in 1856, Masters of Arts in 1857 and Bachelor of law in 1858, obtaining the first University gold medal in law awarded to Toronto University. In May of the same year he was admitted to the bar and moved to Berlin (Kitchener). He founded the law firm Bowlby, Colquhoun and Clement with his brother-in-law E.P. Clement and F. Colquhoun. He would practice in this firm until 1903 when he retired from active practice. He was appointed King’s Council, as well as holding the positions of Crown Attorney and Clerk of the Peace of Waterloo County, a member of the Town and County Council, reeve of Berlin, and a member of the public school board. Besides his law practice he also invested in many companies in Canada including Canadian Pacific, Merchant’s Bank and others. In 1861 at the age of 27 he married 22 year old Lissie Hespeler Bowlby (1839-1920), daughter of Jacob Hespeler one of the founders of the Waterloo area. The two would live in Jacob Hespeler’s now historic home from 1870-1877. The couple had one daughter, Annie Hespeler Bowlby Perley who married an M.P. and who died in London, England after a sudden illness in 1910. Ward died in 1917 after a period of illness, and Lissie died in 1920.

Bowman, Arthur M.

  • Person
  • 1865-1943

Arthur Bowman was born on August 5, 1865.

He worked as a civil engineer and resided at Mahan, Pennsylvania.

Bowman, Hervey

  • 1873-1931

Hervey Bowman was born on September 30, 1873.

Bowman, Isaac Lucius

  • Person
  • 1830-1893

Isaac L. Bowman was born to John B. Baumann and Nancy Baumann (nee Bechtel) near Freeport, Ontario on May 23, 1830.

He worked as a teacher in the public schools in Ontario. Around 1860-1861, Isaac was appointed inspector of public schools. He held this position until 1871. He then worked surveying land. He also served as the Treasurer of the Township of Waterloo.

Issac was a member of the United Brethren in Christ, of which body he was a local minister.

On December 25, 1862, he married Elizabeth Meyers (b. May 17, 1844) and together they had four sons. The family resided in Berlin, Ontario.

Isaac died of paralysis February 3, 1893.

Bowman, Joseph B.

  • Person
  • 1837-1871

Joseph B. Bowman was born October 3, 1837, oldest child of Samuel B. Bauman and Elizabeth Bauman. He married Nancy Huber on December 25, 1866.He died from tuberculosis on November 3, 1871 and is buried in Blair, Ontario.

Boyd, Emma Allen Bowlby

  • Person
  • 1862-1897

Emma Allen Bowlby Boyd was born August 17, 1862 and died January 25, 1897.

Boyd, James

  • Person
  • [ca. 1910]-[19--?]

James Boyd was born ca. 1910. He was made a Lieutenant with the Canadian Army Medical Corps in 1927. He became an orthodontist in Waterloo, Ontario. James Boyd married Mildred Eidt, widow of Dr. Thoman Burton Feick, sometime after Feick's death in 1956. James Boyd died sometime after 1965.

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