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AGM, 2002.

File consists of material relating to the 2002 annual general meeting. Includes an agenda, committee reports, presentations, minutes from the 2001 meeting, signatures of attendees, working lists of special guests, a memorandum to board members, and other material.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Safe boating courses, 2002.

File consists of material relating to the "Boat Pro" safe boating courses for children, teens, and adults, offered by the MLA in the summer of 2002. Includes schedules and a report about the program.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Minutes, January to June, 2002.

Consists of ts. minutes of meetings of the Grand River Conservation Authority, in a bound volume. The volume is divided into the following sections : General Membership : minutes of meetings, which include the Grand River Conservation Authority : Annual Meeting : minutes, January 11, 2002; Planning and Operations Committee : minutes of meetings; Administration, Finance and Personnel Committee : minutes of meetings; Miscellaneous, which includes the following : Audit Committee : minutes of meeting; By-Law Review Committee : minutes of meetings; and Insurance Review Committee : minutes of meetings.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Dare Foods Limited and Girl Guides of Canada partnership : commemorative clock and photograph frame.

An analog clock with roman numerals on the clock face and the following engraving: Girl Guides of Canada / Dare / Partners in Success / Bryan Dare. Also includes a built-in photograph frame that holds one 5" x 7" picture. The clock and photograph frame feature a hinge-open design so that the piece could sit on a desktop or similar flat surface.

In 2002, Dare Foods Limited was chosen as the executive supplier of cookies for the Girl Guides of Canada. It is likely that the clock and photograph frame were created to commemorate this new partnership.

Dare Foods Limited

Book tour : The Dutch Wife : Harbourfront, Sept. 18, 2002.

Material relating to publicity and promotion for Eric McCormack's book _The Dutch wife." Includes programme for the Harbourfront Reading Series : 23rd Annual International Festival of Authors, Oct. 23-Nov. 2, 2002, at which Eric McCormack read from The Dutch wife.

McCormack, Eric P.

Book tour : The Dutch wife : Vancouver, Oct. 22-27, 2002.

Material relating to publicity and promotion for Eric McCormack's book _The Dutch wife." Includes correspondence and programme for the Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival, Oct. 22-27, 2002, in which Eric McCormack participated.

McCormack, Eric P.

The Feminine Gaze : reviews, responses.

Contains material relating to Anne Dagg's book The Feminine Gaze: A Canadian Compendium of Non-Fiction Women Authors and Their Books, 1836-1945. Includes reviews of the book, correspondence to and from Anne Dagg, brochures, and a copy of A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Correspondence: Sims, Peter.

File consists of two items of correspondence between James Downey and Peter Sims. Also includes an interview with Downey on Sims, a tribute to Sims and biographical information.

Downey, James, 1939-

Advisory report to Simon Fraser University.

File consists of an advisory report to Simon Fraser University written by James Downey and James Kalbfleisch. Also includes correspondence between James Downey and Michael Stevenson regarding the report.

Downey, James, 1939-

Correspondence: miscellaneous personal.

File consists of forty three items of correspondence between James Downey and others for the year 2003. Correspondents include:

Aitken, Lady Violet Charette, Brent Clark, Ian D. Cuff, Harry de Jocas, Michel Eaton, Fred Elder, Bobby Hamer, Kathryn Harding, Robert J, Hartman, Norman Koen, Lorne Keonick, Wayne Kilbride, Helen Montague, Susan Murdock, Ian Ruben, Allen Shepherd, Murray Simpson, Ron & Charlotte Strople, Stephen Tausig Ford, Christine Teron, Jean Thompson, John Tucker, Mary University of Waterloo Walker, Bud Wills, Jenny Witmer, Elizabeth Woerner, Anna.

Downey, James, 1939-

The Dutch wife.

Reviews (originals and photocopies) of The Dutch wife in chronological order.

McCormack, Eric P.

The Dutch wife : cover.

Colour photocopy of cover illustration for The Dutch wife with accompanying letter from Penguin Canada.

McCormack, Eric P.

Variety Pack, April 2002.

Contains one Variety Pack boxboard package. The Variety Pack included one sleeve each of Vivant, Cabaret, Breton, and Breton sesame crackers. The package contained one pound, 15 ounces of crackers. The Variety Pack was produced at the Dare plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Dare Foods Limited

Le mondial, August 16, 2002.

Contains one videocassette recording of the television advertisement "Le mondail." The advertisement promotes Whippet biscuits with the slogan "Pur Délice/Pur Délire."

Dare Foods Limited

Book tour : The Dutch wife : Ottawa, Sept. 20-21, 2002.

Material relating to publicity and promotion for Eric McCormack's book _The Dutch wife." Consists of correspondence, travel itineraries, ephemera relating to the Ottawa International Writer's Festival, Sept. 18-28, 2002, at which Eric McCormack read.

McCormack, Eric P.

Legal proceeding.

File consists of one statement of claim in the case of Katherine Bissell v. The Walter Bean Grand River Community Trails Foundation as well as accompanying information.

Walter Bean Grand River Community Trails Foundation

Press release: Whippet cookies.

A press release issued by Dare Foods Limited regarding Whippet cookies debut in stores across the United States of America. Previously, Whippet cookies were only available for purchase in Canada.

The press release was created in partnership with Carris & Associates. The press release was originally housed in a presentation folder, which is included in the file.

Dare Foods Limited

Correspondence: Fillier, Scott.

File consists of 9 items of correspondence between Scott Fillier and James Downey. Also includes biographical information on Scott Fillier.

Downey, James, 1939-

Correspondence: John Porter interviews.

File consists of two interviews with James Downey and Gilles Paquet conducted by Rick Holmes-Hayes. The interviews discuss the resignation of John Porter.

Downey, James, 1939-

The bulletin: August 2002.

File consists of the August 2002 edition of The Bulletin, the magazine of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The edition includes a memorium article by James Downey titled "Anastasios Christodoulou: the very model of a Secretary General."

Downey, James, 1939-

Dare Canada B.E.S.T. Video.

A video likely produced for retailers to encourage them to carry Dare Foods Limited products in their stores. The video promotes specific products, discusses sales and market growth rates in Canada, as well as Dare Foods Limited distribution and advertising strategies. In addition, the video outlines the Dare Foods Limited business philosophy B.E.S.T. The B.E.S.T. acronym stands for build brands, execute brilliantly, stay flexible, and think big.

Dare Foods Limited

Grand River Benthic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Program : prepared for peer review, Grand River Conservation Authority.

Consists of a ts. proposal report prepared by Jennifer Wright, Aquatic Biologist/Biological Assessement, Grand River Conservation Authority, for peer review. The report details the background and objectives of a monitoring program regarding bottom living organisms inhabiting lakes, streams and rivers. Includes maps, sketches and photocopies of photographs. Also present is an ms. note to the author.

Grand River Conservation Authority

The Wulfenite affair.

File consists of 89 pages of handwritten and typed original drafts and notes for the short story "The Wulfenite Affair" by Stan Johannesen. Also included in the file is one invitation to a Turkish Embassy and Descant publication party.

Johannesen, S.K.

RMS strike.

File consists of print-outs of online news articles relating to the RMS strike of 2001-2004.

Rubber Machinery Shops

Correspondence: miscellaneous personal.

File consists of seventy six items of miscellaneous correspondence between James Downey and others for the year 2001. Correspondents include:

  • Aitken, Lady Violet;
  • Anderson, John;
  • Armitage, Howard;
  • Barry, Michael H.;
  • Berland, Kevin;
  • Bird, J.W. Bud;
  • Carty, Arthur J.;
  • Chakma, Amit;
  • Cook, Nancy;
  • Currie, Richard J.;
  • Davenport, Paul;
  • De la Durantague, Claire V.;
  • Dellandrea, J.S.;
  • English, John;
  • Foster, Florence;
  • Gillham, Robert;
  • Goodwin, Ed;
  • Graham, Mary;
  • Green, Irvin;
  • Hallman, Lyle and Wendy;
  • Heroux, M. Michel;
  • Hiscock, Ethel and Ralph;
  • Hnatyshyn, Ray and Gerda;
  • Hobday, John;
  • Kildaris, Fred;
  • Konrad, Helmut;
  • Krupke, Erma;
  • Lemessurier, Bob;
  • MacDonald, Alastair;
  • Maiden, Colin and Jenefor;
  • McCarthy, Sheila and Mac;
  • McCutchan, Walter;
  • Mitchell, Paul D.;
  • Monkman, Julia;
  • Nicholson, Doris;
  • O'Donovan, Valentine;
  • Parsons, June;
  • Reid, Hugh;
  • Saunders Bellingham, Susan;
  • Simpson, Ronald;
  • Strangway, David;
  • Szathmary, Emoke J.E.;
  • Talbot-Allan, Laura;
  • Thayer Scott, Jacqueline;
  • Thompson, John;
  • Van Loon, Richard J.;
  • W., Doug; Watts, Ronald L.;
  • Wright, Janet;
  • Wurtele, Douglas.

Downey, James, 1939-

Charity lotteries.

Includes paper titled "Run sheet Charity Lotteries 1996-2001." Video produced by Television Bureau of Canada.


Cabane a sucre Dare.

Contains one videocassette recording of a Dare Foods Limited employee at his display of Dare Foods Limited products as part of maple syrup festivals held outside of several different grocery stores in Quebec between March and April 2001.

Dare Foods Limited

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