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Clipping of portraits with caption from unidentified newspaper: "By-election candidates in May 26 voting include (left to right) Herbert Roy Scott, 54-year-old Seagrave farmer and CCF choice in Ontario riding; Miss Elizabeth Janzen of Kitchener, Progressive Conservative candidate in Waterloo North, and her Liberal opponent Norman C. Schneider, packinghouse executive."

Schneider, Norman Christoph

Kitchener-Waterloo Record February 7, 1986.

February 7, 1986 issue of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record. The front-page features an article about the life of Harry Huehnergard printed for his retirement. It also showcases three of his photographs he took for the Record during his career with the newspaper.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Soapine advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Soapine by Kendall Manufacturing Company of Providence Rhode Island and illustrated by Charlotte Perkins Gilman showing a woman from behind dusting figurines that spell out Soapine on a mantel piece. Verso reads "Cleanliness in the house, laundry, kitchen and workshop is best secured by the use of Soapine. All wise people continue to use it after one trial. Kendall Mfg. Co. Established 1827. Providence, R.I."

Schneider, Ethel.

Clippings from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record regarding Ethel Schneider's work with the Red Cross Society titled "Mrs.Norman C. Schneider receives award of merit," (May 25, 1944) and "Red Cross honors 40 year veteran" (undated).

Schneider family

Employees in service.

List of Schneider employees in service published in the January 1943 edition of Canada Food Packer titled "We carry on."

Schneider family

Catley, Elaine M. : biographical.

Clippings, biographical notes by Elaine Catley (originals), a photocopy of "Memories", as written by Elaine Maud Catley, and a photocopy of "Poems of Canada" both donated in 2001.

Catley, Elaine Maud

118th Battalion clippings.

Clipping of an article (ill.) from the October 4, 1966 edition of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record titled "Memento of Kaiser bust given to Pioneer Village" and an undated clipping with caption: "The dunked bust of German emperor was salvaged from mud of Victoria Park lake."

Schneider, Norman Christoph

White Mop Wringer Co. advertisement

Advertisement trade card for the White Mop Wringer Company of Fultonville, N.Y. Serving as a business card for representative M.D. Alger. Recto shows a woman using a mop wringer and the verso shows illustrations of two mop wringers, one for family use and the other for hotel use.


File consists of clippings regarding the life of Dr. Olive Ruth Russell relating primarily to her time in the Second World War as a Second Lieutenant with the Canadian Women's Army Corps (CWAC) and her book Freedom to Die, about the legal and moral implications of euthanasia. Included is media coverage featuring Russell's recruitment work on behalf of the CWAC, as well as an article regarding a sabbatical to Asia.

Russell, Olive Ruth


Ephemeral materials related to different events, locations, and products. Includes advertisements from 1944 for Jacob Ruppert Brewery at New York, Chesterfield tobacco, the Royale theatre, and Schenley Whiskey; napkins and table covers from the Hotel Roosevelt Grill, the Yacht Cafe at Montreal, and the Chic-n-coop at Montreal; tickets for events; and a newspaper clipping about the red letter day at No. 16, Service Flying Training School. Also includes personal notes and short writings in the form of jokes and wordplay.
Also contains programs and information pamphlets for:

  • Ontario Services Football League (October 14 and October 21, 1944),
  • Canadian Women's Army Corps. Canadian Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Qualifications (September 1, 1941),
  • Dedication of the Chapel Cross and the Chapel and Narthex windows at St Bartholomew's Church in New York (November 19, 1944),
  • Order of Service, St. Bartholomew's Church, New York (Easter 1943),
  • New Year's Dinner. No. 16. Service Flying Training School (SFTS), Hagersville, Ontario (1944).

Wilson, Bettie Bernice


Robert Shipley's journal for the years 1979 and 1980. Includes Shipley’s daily journaling, personal notes, drawings, and remarks, as well as related photographs, ephemera, and newspaper clippings collected and pasted on the journal. Also includes a drawing by Shipley from 1971.
Also contains a document created by Shipley identifying the people and places mentioned in the journal.

Shipley, Robert

A Whole Dinner in One Dish.

U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Food Administration United States Food Leaflet No. 13: A Whole Dinner in One Dish. This leaflet gives recipes for one dish dinners and information on the food groups.

United States Department of Agriculture


Series documents John Walter’s correspondence with William Daum Euler and the Kitchener Daily Record. The correspondence focus on Walter’s request for a public debate with Euler over capitalism and the economy. Other correspondence and newspaper clippings cover the Record’s refusal to publish, in their newspaper, the letters Walter sent about challenging Euler. There are also clippings of Euler's speech which Walter references in his letters.

Walter, John

Canada Volunteer Award.

Material relating to the National Health and Welfare Volunteer Award given to W.H. Kaufman in 1986 for his work with the Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital. Includes a letter from Jake Epp, Minister of National Health and Welfare, Aug. 14, 1986, informing W.H. Kaufman of this award, and a clipping.

Kaufman, William Hutton

60th anniversary celebration.

File consists of materials created and accumulated during the planning and execution of the Rotary Club of Kitchener 60th anniversary celebration. Includes programmes, invitations, a news release, correspondence and a speech transcript.

Rotary Club of Kitchener


Clipping of a picture of a group of Schneider's workers, taken in 1924, published in the company newsletter in the late 1940's.

Schneider family

Sapolio advertisement

Advertisement trade card for Sapolio showing three women washing dishes with the caption "Wash dishes with Sapolio." Verso reads "There is no one article known that will do so many kinds of work in and about the house and do it so well as Enoch Morgan's Sons Sapolio. (Each cake is wrapped in Tin Foil, and surrounded with Ultramarine Blue-Band, and bears the above device) always note this. A cake of Sapolio, a bowl of water and a brush, cloth or sponge will make house cleaning a quick and easy job, will clean paint and all painted surfaces, will clean marble, mantles, tables and statuary, will clean oil-cloths, floors, shelves, etc., will clear bath tubs, wash basins, etc., will clean crockery, glassware, etc., will clean kitchen utensils, of all kinds, will clean windows without splashing of water, will polish tin, brass and copperware, will polish knives as you wash them, will polish all metal surfaces and will clean all household articles and is better and cheaper than soap, emery, rotten stone, etc. John Wanamaker, Grad Depot, Phila."

Sweeperette advertisement

Die cut card showing five women behind a fence with a caption reading "The look well on the fence! Much better on the other side. This road leads to success used by the million." The verso shows the backs of the women, each of whom are holding a Sweeperette sweeper. Verso reads "always in the push our Sweeperette. Sweeperette Company 76 5th Ave. New York Grand Rapids, Mich."


File consists of various newspaper and magazine clippings on the personal and professional life of Martha Black.

Black, Martha Louise

Canadian agriculture in a global context.

Materials related to the conference "Canadian Agriculture in a Global Context" organized by the Centre on Foreign Policy, the University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University. After the conference, John English and Irene Sage Knell edited a publication with some of the presentations. Includes the information about the conference, flyer promoting the publication, related correspondence, drafts of presentations, and receipts for print-outs of the drafts. Drafts of presentations are:

  • Second draft for “Notes on an international perspective on agriculture” by Josef M. van Brabant.
  • Presentation by Dennis Browne.
  • “Canadian agriculture in the global context : opportunities and obligations” by R. L. M Dawson.
  • “Planning Canada’s land resource base for sustainable production” by Dr. Edward W. Manning.
  • “Canadian-American relations and agricultural surpluses : the case of Barter” by Theodore Cohn with Inge Bailey.
  • “Canadian Agricultural transactions – commercial opportunities” by R. I. (Rick) Andrews.
  • “Canadian agricultural export capabilities” by J. C. Gilson.
  • Panel “Competition and cooperation among exporting nations” discussion paper “Canadian agriculture relations with the European community” by R. Higham.
  • “Closely watched grains : the political economy of Soviet and East European agriculture” by Lenard J. Cohen.
  • “Canada’s trade in grains and the China market” by William Miner.
  • “Hit and myth: consumer reality and free trade. International opportunities and obligations” by Robert R. Kerton.
  • “Canadian agriculture towards 2000” by Dr. Clayton M. Switzer.
  • “Financing agricultural exports” by G. Hammond.
  • “Agricultural relations between Western Nations : Canadian approaches” by Andrew Fenton Cooper.
  • Address by Harry Pelissero.
  • “That spade is a shovel” by C. A. Gracey.
  • “Politics and business : the Canada-China wheat trade 1960-1984” by Karen Minden.
  • “Export trade development – government assistance to the private sector” by Dennis Browne.
  • “Canadian-Japanese agricultural relations” by Michael W. Donelly.
  • “Notes for remarks: Agriculture in international trade negotiations” by Frank Stone.
  • “TNCs in agriculture and food-related fields: an overview of research at UNCTC” by Peter Hansen.

English, John

The Ahrens story

One binder of photocopies, including some original snapshots and clippings in adhesive pages, consisting of The Ahrens story / compiled by Mary C. Shantz. Includes information about relationships and friendships between the Ahrens and Schneider families. Includes 4 snapshots of and a obituary for Floss Ahrens. This binder was owned by Herbert J. Schneider.

Schneider family

Best wishes.

Christmas card booklet featuring illustrated lilacs and a "Best Wishes" greeting on the front cover "From Eliza to Uncle Tobias". The booklet contains the lyrics for the hymn "Like a river, glorious".

Schantz Russell Family

Biographical and critical articles.

File consists of biographical and critical articles on Barbara Smucker and her works. Includes clippings, ephemera and photocopies. Also includes a typescript curriculum vitae and biographies written by Barbara Smucker and her husband Donovan Smucker.

Smucker, Barbara

Scrapbook 1.

File consists of a scrapbook compiled by Damaris Smith containing clippings, engravings, stamps and seals, and obituaries and biographies of prominent suffragists, literary, political and social women, some of whom are British.

Smith, Damaris Isabella


File consists of various clippings from newspapers and magazines on the life and works of Isabel Mackay.

Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone

Biographical materials.

Clippings and biographical notes from Eby's "A Biographical History of Waterloo Township" relating to the Wagner-Hailer families and related families. Includes obituaries of Margaret Bean (nee Hailer), daughter of Jacob Hailer and Margaret Riehl; obituary of Harriet Brehler; a clipping about Jacob Hailer; genealogical notes on the Bean family from the Eby Book.

Wagner Hailer family

Annotated lists of payments.

Materials related to expenditures and payments made for the building of the house at 178 Claremont Avenue by the Reive family. Includes a cheque for Mabel Reive from 1942, bank statements for Mr. and Mrs. Reive, and proceeds of the sale of the house at 33 Brock Street in Kitchener (Mrs. Reive’s property in September 1951) put towards the purchase of 178 Claremont Avenue.
File arrived in archives with handwritten note by donor that read: “Annot[at]ed list(s) of payments made by W. G. Reive related to building 178 Claremont Ave. Kitchener home of Dr. W. G. Reive & Mabel Reive. (also later sources and uses of funds).”

Reive Family

Scrapbook and photograph album.

Scrapbook and photograph album covering the lives of Margaret and Cully Schmidt. First part of the album recounts the life of Margaret Schmidt, including part of her family's history and, more thoroughly, from her early childhood to her old age, with an emphasis on her married life. Second part of the album recounts the life of Cully Schmidt, including part of his family's history more thoroughly, from her early childhood to her old age, with an emphasis on his work life.
Album includes photographs with captions, newspaper clippings, certificates, and ephemera created or accumulated by the Schmidt family. Photographs show Margaret exercising as a teenager, socializing with friends and family, spending time with her children, attending various personal and professional events, and travelling with her husband around the world. Photographs also show Cully exercising and working as a teenager, socializing with friends and family, working and travelling for work, spending time with his family, attending various personal and professional events, and travelling with his wife around the world.

Schmidt, Carl B.


Clipping of photo with caption from the June 7, 1952 edition of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record: "GREET DEFENCE MINISTER - Henry A. Hosking, MP for Wellington South (left), of Guelph, and Norman C. Schneider, MP elect for Waterloo North, welcomed Defence Minister Claxton (right) when he landed at the Waterloo-Wellington airport yesterday after a flight from Ottawa. Behind Mr. Claxton is Russell Daly, Guelph, president of the Western Ontario Liberal Association."

Schneider, Norman Christoph


"K-W sausage taster [Kurt Koegler] wins world title," Kitchener-Waterloo Record, October 26, 1954.

Schneider family

Springfield College.

Materials related to Springfield College. Includes a program for the Springfield College 68th Commencement Dinner Dance (June 12, 1954) with annotations in pencil and pen about the attendance, a certificate for A. R. Kaufman reception of the degree of Doctor of Humanics, and photographs of A. R. Kaufman receiving the certificate on June 13, 1954.

Kaufman, A. R. (Alvin Ratz)

Sorel Strut ski system.

Correspondence, clippings and drawings from Lionel Burt to William H. Kaufman, concerning the "Sorel Strut" ski system.

Kaufman, William Hutton

Tree Ball Washing advertisement

Tree Ball Washing crystal advertisement trade card showing an illustration of three women washing, hanging out, and ironing laundry. The women are accompanied by a dog and a bird in a cage. Verso reads "Nellie - mama, shall I go for the washerwoman, as you have been sick lately and are not able to do the washing? Mother - Oh no, my dear child, you just go to our grocer and get me a large 5 cents package of the Three Ball Washing Crystal, it makes washing so easy that no washwoman is required. Manufactured by C.H. Fischer & Co., New York"

110th Anniversary.

Contains memo and ephemera from Kitchener's Business Heritage which honoured the Record among others on Nov. 19, 1987, also contains news coverage of 110th birthday, Feb. 1988.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Related issue : nuclear issues : petition on acid rain.

File consists of material relating to nuclear power and nuclear waste. Includes newspaper clippings (some photocopied); correspondence (some photocopied); draft correspondence; notes; pages photocopied from books, newsletters, and reports about nuclear power; material produced by Ontario Hydro; material produced by independent political candidates; and other material. Includes correspondence between Godfrey and Ontario Premier William Davis.

Godfrey, Judy

Familienbriefe: 1969-1971.

Correspondence between various members of the Sommer family including letters that describe Cornelius Sommer’s European vacation and Angelika Sommer’s political involvement in Germany, her Marxist beliefs and her plans to pursue post-secondary education in Germany. Some letters also indicate that Angelika Sommer met and was dating Uwe Schriever, who later becomes her husband. Also includes greeting cards, postcards, a pamphlet, and photographs of Uwe Schriever, and the wedding of Friedemann and Petra (surnames unknown) in March 1970.

Clippings : Death of King George V of Great Britain and John F. Kennedy.

One press clipping from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record regarding the death of King George V of Great Britain published in 1936. File also includes two press clippings about the death of John F. Kennedy from an unknown publication with handwritten notes by Judith Collier (nee Ball), age 10. Judith Collier is Joshua Bolender's mother.

Bolender Ball Family

Your passport to friendship.

File consists of one "passport to friendship" given out by Rotary International. The passport was intended to be taken by members of Rotary International to various clubs and to receive a stamp.

Rotary Club of Kitchener

Schneider, Herbert J. and Betty Ruppel.

Undated clipping (ill.) regarding the wedding of Herbert J. Schneider and Betty Ruppel at the Kress Hotel in Preston. Article notes Brita Schneider served as bridesmaid and Howard Schneider as bestman. File includes place cards for the Bride and Groom.

Schneider family

Fresh Vegetables.

U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Food Administration United States Food Leaflet No.16: Fresh Vegetables. This leaflet gives information on types of fresh vegetables to buy or grow, tips on cooking, recipes, timing for cooking vegetables, and tips on urban foraging.

United States Department of Agriculture


Robert Shipley's journal for the years 1998 and 1999. Includes Shipley’s daily journaling, personal notes, drawings, and remarks, as well as related photographs, ephemera, and newspaper clippings collected and pasted on the journal.
Also contains a document created by Shipley identifying the people and places mentioned in the journal.

Shipley, Robert

Canadian War Museum.

Materials related to the Canadian War Museum and the campaign "Passing the Torch." Includes business cards for Lisa Davey and Paul D. Manson (Canadian War Museum); flyers for the Museum; booklet “Canvas of War : Masterpieces from the Canadian War Museum” (2001); the executive summary for the museum; and flyer and magazine for the campaign “Passing the Torch : the campaign for a new Canadian War Museum" (Vol. 4, No. 3. Fall 2002).

English, John

Augustine, Mary Caroline : ephemera.

Birthday, Christmas, Easter and Valentine greetings, and one postcard. Includes a letter from "Santa Claus," a Dionne Quintuplet postcard, and two hand drawn and coloured pieces relating to China and Japan. One is by Emma Kaufman of a child looking into a goldfish bowl and the other, of rabbits and chicks, is initialled H.T.

Augustine, Ham, Kaufman family

M.P.P for Waterloo North, 1951-1956.

START HERE Clippings regarding the activities, political recommendations, and policy changes put forward by Leavine in his capacity as Progressive Conservative M.P.P for Waterloo North from 1951-1956. One clipping shows a photograph of Leavine together with his wife, Desta, and daughter, Pauline, after his election as M.P.P. in November 1951. Another clipping reports that for the first time in a quarter-centry Waterloo North elected a Progressive Conservative to the Ontario Legislature when Leavine won a 201-vote majority over Libearl candidate J.G. Brown. The remainder of the clippings cover topics including: proposed policy measures in the areas of health, particularly the damage caused to the general practitioner by the medical monopoly of hospitals, his belief, as chairman of the Ontario legislature's health committee, that a preventive vaccine for polio would be discovered within two years; his urging of the speedy completion of the Windsor-Toronto section of Highway No. 401 by the Ontario government; and Leavine's desire to see government officials to discuss the problems arising from the use of horse-drawn buggies by the Mennonites with Mennonite leaders.

Leavine, Stanley Francis

Leaflets issued by the National Liberal Federation of Canada.

Leaflets issued by the National Liberal Federation of Canada, probably created in 1935. Some of the leaflets include extracts of speeches and/or reports by Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King. Titles of the leaflets are:

  • “Unemployment : Liberalism offers the basic solution,” leaflet No. 3.
  • “The Liberal Party’s position on some immediate problems,” leaflet No. 3a.
  • “Liberalism and railways : the railway problem in its true light,” leaflet No. 5.
  • "The Central Bank : where Liberalism stands as against the other political parties,” leaflet No. 6.

King, William Lyon Mackenzie


File consists of one large scrapbook with pasted-in clippings and magazine articles on Porter, his work, and related interests.

Porter, Dana Harris


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more for the year 1974.

Dagg, Anne Innis


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more for the years 1975-1976

Dagg, Anne Innis

Kitchener Manufacturers' Association : farewell banquet.

File consists of material relating to a farewell banquet for Talmon Henry Rieder given by the Kitchener Manufacturers' Association on April 28, 1917, in honour of his appointment as president of the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co. and subsequent move to Montreal. Includes ephemera (menu/program, paper dinner napkin, etc.), the manuscript speech given by Rieder at the dinner, and a newspaper clipping.

Rieder and Anthes family


File consists of one large scrapbook with clippings relating to Dana Porter, his life, work and interests.

Porter, Dana Harris

Canadian-Hungarian relations.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his tenure as a Member of Parliament documenting his personal interest and political involvement in matters relating to Canadian-Hungarian relations. Many records detail Telegdi’s diplomatic trip to Hungary to attend the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1994 with Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada, and Telegdi’s participation in the 1996 Jimmy Carter Work Project building detached homes in Gödöllő, Hungary. Also includes material related to the decoration of Telegdi’s mother, Elenora “Nora” Telegdi, with the Small Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary for her activities for Hungarian communities beyond Hungary’s borders. Records include correspondence, news releases, conference material, invitations, tickets, programs, and other textual material.

Telegdi, Andrew

Arctic Council ephemera.

Ephemera related to the Arctic Council. Includes flyers "PAME (Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment) Working Group of the Arctic Council, 2011-2013,” “Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic Council,” and “Arctic council Fact Sheet, Arctic council Swedish Chairmanship, 2011-2013."

English, John


File consists of one large scrapbook with pasted-in clippings, magazine articles, ephemera and correspondence created and accumulated by Porter, relating to his work, family and interests.

Porter, Dana Harris


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more for the year 1977.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Black Ontario.

Materials related to the conference “400 years: African Canadian History” organized by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario in collaboration with the Ontario Black History Society, on June 14-17, 1990, where James Walker acted as chair in the session “African Canadian History before 1900.” Includes program, notes, pamphlet, related correspondence, pamphlet for the Ontario Black History Society, and honorarium for participating.

Walker, James


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more for the year 1978.

Dagg, Anne Innis


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more for the year 1979.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Memos re: D. Lorne McGibbon & United States Rubber Co.

File consists of manuscript notes by Talmon Henry Rieder. Includes notes regarding stock values and Ames Holden McCready Co., calculations, and the text of some correspondence between D. Lorne McGibbon of the City of Montreal and Samuel P. Colt of the United States Rubber Co.

Rieder and Anthes family

High technology industry.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his tenure as a Member of Parliament related to the development of the high technology industry and infrastructure in Waterloo, Ontario. The material documents the opinions of some constituents as well as Telegdi’s political involvement in the matter. Records include correspondence, invitations, schedules, news releases, reports, notes, meeting agendas and minutes, press clippings, and other textual material.

Telegdi, Andrew

Dean of Arts public lecture.

Materials related to the Arts Faculty Lecture Series at the University of Waterloo, in 1990-1991, where James Walker participated with a paper titled “Canada’s Race relations crisis: myth and reality.” Includes printout of Walker's paper, related correspondence, a poster of the event, and drafts of the speech.

Walker, James


File consists of correspondence, ephemera, articles, and more for the year 1980.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Race & sex on the Canadian prairies: the Quong Wing affair.

Materials related to the 11th Biennial Conference of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association, in Winnipeg, in 1991, where James Walker participated with a paper titled “Race & sex on the Canadian prairies: the Quong Wing affair.” Includes abstracts of papers, a draft of paper, programme, notes regarding travel arrangements, receipts of travel expenses, related correspondence, and an abstract of the paper.

Walker, James

New year's greetings.

File consists of a card containing new year's greetings to friends and fellow workers of the Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co., from vice-president T.H. Rieder.

Rieder, Talmon Henry

Trace panel.

Materials related to a panel at the University of Waterloo, in 1991, that was part of the event “Fall Teaching Days” where James Walker participated in a panel titled “Is gender equity a problem on campus?” Includes drafts of paper by James Walker, instructions for the panel discussion, a program of the event, and handwritten notes.

Walker, James

Time Magazine page.

File consists of a page taken from the September 29, 1958 issue of Time Magazine with an article titled Where will our heroes come from by Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg featuring a photograph of Dana Porter.

Porter, Dana Harris

Atlantic Canada workshop.

Materials related to the Atlantic Canada Workshop at Carleton University, in 1991, titled “Political Economy of Region” where James Walker participated in the panel “Studying Afro-Atlantic Canadian Culture.” Includes notes, schedule of the event, travel receipts, related correspondence, and preliminary programme.

Walker, James

Personal documents.

File consists of personal material accumulated by Talmon Henry Rieder. Includes ephemera, newspaper clippings, membership cards (e.g. Kiwanis Club, Y.M.C.A., Old Colony Club, Automobile Club of Canada, Canadian Manufacturers' Association, and others), business cards, certificates, advertisements, a motor vehicle license, a typescript diet list from his doctor, ms. notes, a permit to leave Canada (including photograph), etc.

Rieder and Anthes family

Sims, Harvey J. : ephemera.

Wide range of ephemera retained by Harvey J. Sims between 1886 and 1912. Includes invitations to "at homes" and organized social events, dance cards, dinner menu, also a copy of the The Second Annual Meeting of the Ontario Associated Boards of Trade, Toronto, Feb. 22-23, 1912.
Some ephemera is associated with local clubs, most of which Harvey was a member: Berlin H.S. Musical and Literary Society, The Beavers' Club, Grand River Lodge, Bachelors of Berlin and Waterloo, The Berlin Club and Young Men of the Ark.
Includes an 1896 curling scorecard with heavily illustrated covers, advertising the Dominion Brewery, Toronto, and Harvey J.'s Trinity University convocation program, June 27, 1896.

Sims family

Aberdeen, Lady.

Clippings from various publications of articles about Lady Aberdeen.

Long, Elizabeth

Sims, Harvey J. : football ephemera.

Membership cards signed by Harvey J. Sims for the Rangers Football Club dated 1890 and 1899, listing officers and executive, club grounds and colours. In 1890, Harvey J. Sims is listed as on the Committee of Management; in 1899, he is on the executive committee. The 1899 card includes the W.F.A (Western Football Association) schedule for the spring season. These cards are in addition to a copy of the Western Football Association Annual for 1900, edited by D. Forsyth, Secretary Western Football Association and printed in Berlin. This volume contains the constitution and rules, hints for referees and players, as well as detailed lists of champion teams from 1880 to 1899. The pages for 1900, printed in red, appear to have been pasted in at the front and end of the 1899.

Sims family

Addams, Jane.

Clippings of articles from the August 12, 1963 edition of The Christian Science Monitor and the November 1960 edition of The Unesco Courier about Jane Addams.

Long, Elizabeth

Uncle Tom's Cabin Museum.

File consists of one brochure and one postcard from the Uncle Tom's Cabin Museum. Inserted into the brochure are three leaves of manscript notes by Smucker.

Smucker, Barbara


"Appointments by J.M. Schneider Limited," Kitchener-Waterloo Record, March 14, 1955.

Schneider family

Adv[anced] Sc[hool] Writing program.

Correspondence related to Hollobon’s studies at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. Includes correspondence between Hollobon and the Columbia University in New York about writing programs and fellowships, grants, events; a pamphlet about the Journalism Day from Columbia; articles about Hollobon winning the Fellowship in the Advancement of Science Writing from Columbia University; correspondence with John Foster (Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University); Columbia alumni list; and a notebook with email addresses of staff and alumni from Columbia University.

Hollobon, Joan

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