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Correspondence from Gordon R. Brady, North Bay, Ont., July 9, 1920.

Typescript letter from Gordon R. Brady to J.J. Rankin about land purchased by Aime Jodouin for which title has not yet been received. The letter makes reference to a sketch, included in file, outlining land sold by Rankin to Deacon, [McGood?], [Longhorn?] and Jodouin by Rankin within Lot 15 of [Concession] XIV. The sketch includes a C.P. [Canadian Pacific] Railway, a 300 m creek and a forced road.

Rankin, Colin

Correspondence from D. Smith, Hudson's Bay Co., Montreal.

Letter from [David] Smith to Colin Rankin regarding Rankin's appointment as Factor of the Hudson's Bay Company. The letter makes reference to Rankin receiving a commission and Copy of Deed Poll and Indenture. File includes the commission in the form of a certificate with seal dated April 9, 1872.

Rankin, Colin

Correspondence from John G. Smith, Hudson's Bay House, London, England.

Letter from John G. Smith to Colin Rankin regarding Rankin's promotion to Chief Trader of the Hudson's Bay Company. File includes Rankin's commission in the form of a certificate with seal dated June 30, 1868 that was to be issued to Rankin after his singing of a Deed of Covenant accepting the position.

Rankin, Colin

Correspondence from D. A. Smith, Hudson's Bay House, Montreal.

Typescript letter from David A. Smith to Colin Rankin regarding dispatches from Moose Factory and the statement a private cash account. Smith shares that he and his colleagues at the Hudson's Bay Company were sorry to hear of Rankin's illness and expresses satisfaction in learning of his improved health.

Rankin, Colin

Laing, M.M.

Typescript letter from M.M. Laing to Elizabeth Long regarding offering a photograph of and clippings regarding Agnes Macphail, who was a cousin of Laing's mother, Harriett Waddell (nee Fettes). Laing shares accounts of visiting with Macphail and their shared family over the years in Grey County, Ontario, Sperling and Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Ceylon, Ontario, including observations about Macphail's character and possible motivations behind her political interests. Of note is mention of World War I and the loss of a Lieutenant to whom Macphail was believed to be engaged, which Laing believed informed her "ardent desire for peace and the outlawing of war".

Long, Elizabeth

Kline, Harold (Mrs.).

Typescript letter from Jessie I. McKnight, Corresponding Secretary of the Halifax Council of Women to Mrs. Harold Kline, Chairman, publicity of the Local Council of Women regarding honours recently received by members of Council with brief informational notes about the honours. The members listed are: Mrs. Allie Ahern, Mrs. Roy Vail, Miss Helen M. Cannell and Jessie I. MacKnight.

Long, Elizabeth

Kister, Kenneth F. (Mrs.).

Carbon copy of typescript letter from Elizabeth Long to Mrs. Kenneth F. Kister, librarian at The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College regarding the Lady Aberdeen Library. Long makes reference to the enclosure of a brief history about the library and offers some information about setbacks and successes. Of note is a reference to Doris Lewis and the University of Waterloo Library: "Special libraries are blossoming out everywhere. Waterloo is a young, progressive university, and I am sure the Chief Librarian, Mrs. Doris Lewis, will get a good backing for extending our collection into a most valuable information centre on the history of women."

Long, Elizabeth

Kaye, Gail B.

Manuscript letter from Gail B. Kaye, Chairman, arts and letters of the Saint John Council of Women, to Elizabeth Long regarding four books for possible donation to the Lady Aberdeen Library: The Dutch divinity: A biography of Mme. de Charriere (1959), My life: Autobiography of Isadora Duncan (1927), And I'd do it again: autobiography of Aimee Crocker (1936), and Geisha (1960).

Long, Elizabeth

Kaufman, Emma R.

Three typescript letters regarding the papers of Caroline MacDonald, the work of Emma Ratz Kaufman in Japan, and the possible donation of Kaufman's papers to the Lady Aberdeen Library at the University of Waterloo.

The first letter, from Kaufman to Long, makes reference to Kaufman's work with the YWCA in Japan including Canada House, Toki Hamano and the move of Caroline MacDonald's papers from New York to the Victoria College Archives at the University of Toronto.

The second and third letters are both from Long and written on the same day, consisting of a response to Kaufman and a letter to Doris Lewis about her correspondence with Kaufman. In the letter to Kaufman, Long praises Kaufman's work in Japan, expresses belief that MacDonald's papers will be better used in Canada than in the United States, and pitches the University of Waterloo as a home for Kaufman's paper. Of note is Long's rationale for the donation of all of Kaufman's papers so that future generations can "get the "feel" of the human being with whom they are establishing a contact - across the intervening years" and postscript inclusion of an anecdote about the unfortunate destruction of the papers of Cairine Wilson by her family, following her death. In Long's letter to Lewis, presumably written after her letter to Kaufman, Long provides context about her pitch to Kaufman, including references to the establishment of Canada House and her local ties to Waterloo. The letter ends with a brief mention about being sad about her "dear friends Floring and Wyle" and their [health and estate].

Long, Elizabeth

Johnstone, Barbara.

Typescript letter from Barbara Johnstone on Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources letterhead to Elizabeth Long providing an overview of Johnstone's career ahead of a speaker at the Winnipeg Council of Women's meeting on March 7th, 1962. The letter includes information about Johnstone's upbringing and interest as a young person in the one-sided nature of the Hudson's Bay and North West Company fur trades which led to her being offered the role of Custodian of the Hudson's Bay Museum in Winnipeg. When C.P. Wilson retired in 1958, Johnstone was made Curator of the museum. Johnstone left the museum in 1961 to become the Superintendent of Lower Fort Garry National Historic Park.

Long, Elizabeth

Johnson, M.W.

Two undated manuscript letters from M.W. Johnson, Correspondence Secretary of the National Council of Women of New Zealand, regarding the delayed donation of a second book and a separate letter from an unnamed Recording Secretary providing information about the book and the characters.

Long, Elizabeth

James, Edward T. (Mrs.)

Typescript carbon copy of a letter from Elizabeth Long to Mrs. Edward T. James, Director of The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College regarding the possible acquisition of duplicate books related to feminist efforts in the United States, including History of Women's Suffrage by Susan B. Anthony. The letter includes an overview of the Lady Aberdeen Library, references to correspondence with Mrs. Marcia Williams Bradley of the Sophia Smith Collection, and plans Doris Lewis has to make a trip down the easy coast to visit.

Of note is the sharing of Long's opinion of Lewis: "I have profound admiration for Mrs. Lewis and her abilities both as a Librarian and an Administrator. In fact I am very eager to be finished with my amateur efforts, and hand everything over to her wise and sympathetic management."

Long, Elizabeth

Dunaij, Cecilia Krieger.

Manuscript letter from Cecilia Krieger Dunaij to Elizabeth Long written on University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics letterhead. Dunaij recounts learning of the book collecting project while having lunch with Dr. Lillian Chase and tells Long to dispose of the PhD reprints she will be sending if they are not of use. Dunaij makes mention of her plans for retirement and that she is "looking forward to the freedom from undue strains."

Long, Elizabeth

Herd, E.W. (Mrs.).

Typescript carbon copy of a letter from Elizabeth Long to Mrs. E.W. Herd, National Secretary of the National Council of Women of New Zealand thanking Herd for a donation of council publications to the Lady Aberdeen Library and requesting that any future copies to Miss Esther Michael, Donations and Bequests, at the University of Waterloo Library.

Long, Elizabeth

Harvey, Ruth.

Typescript letter from Ruth Harvey to Elizabeth Long, addressed as "Bess", responding to a letter from Long. Harvey provides general updates about her life including summer plans she and [husband] Howard have to travel to Algonquin Park, the sharing of views on French-Canadians, thoughts on the upcoming American election, the Winter Olympics, remembrances from World War I related to witnessing a family reunite after the Armistice and the on-going war in Vietnam, and a report about the spring time weather in Georgia.

Long, Elizabeth

Correspondence relating to the collection.

Correspondence regarding the location and donation of records to the University of Waterloo that would later become the contents of the Colin Rankin fonds. Communication is predominantly between P. G. Cornell and Kenneth A. MacKirdy, members of Waterloo's Department of History, and the descendants of Colin Rankin; grandson's John L. Rankin, Erroll K. McDougall, and John E. R. McDougall, and Rankin's daughter, Lilly Walters. Also in the file is an exchange between Bruce Peel, University Librarian at the University of Alberta, and Doris Lewis, University Librarian at Waterloo, about the acquisition of the papers of Elizabeth Smith Shortt and the possible connection between Donald McKay and a Nan McKay who worked at the University of Saskatchewan between 1913 and 1955.

Rankin, Colin

Harvey, Ruth.

Typescript letter from Ruth Harvey to Elizabeth Long, addressed as "Bess", that provides information about the Women's Parliament and [Nellie L.] McClung's recounting of the groups activities in The Stream Runs Fast. Harvey also updates Long about a trip to Toronto, where they were impressed with the subway, her plans for the winter, and her impression of Margaret Laurence's The Stone Angel as "a wonderfully vigorous piece of writing."

The verso of the letter includes a manuscript note from Long about Harvey and her involvement with women's suffrage activities.

Long, Elizabeth

Halsey, Elizabeth T.

Typescript letter on Committee of Correspondence letterhead from Elizabeth T. Halsey to Elizabeth Long regarding a pamphlet sent by Long about the Lady Aberdeen Library on the History of Women. Halsey request that a pamphlet be forwarded to Miss Ruby Rich of Sydney, Australia, makes mention of the May 1967 edition of International Women's News that a table of events related to the Women's Movement and indicates Mary Casey at Mount Saint Vincent University will be sending some material about Canadian women.

Long, Elizabeth

Grierson, Margaret S.

Copy of a typescript letter from Margaret Storrs Grierson, director of the Sophia Smith Collection, to Elizabeth Long requesting information about the Lady Aberdeen Library. The letter provides information about the nature and scope of the Sophia Smith Collection at Smith College and makes mention of other international collections with a focus on women and their contributions to society such as the Fawcett Library in London, the International Archive of the Women's Movement in Amsterdam, and the Margaret Cousins Memorial Library in New Delhi.

Long, Elizabeth

[?], Georgia.

Typescript letter addressed to "Georgia" in Winnipeg from an unknown author about the sending of clothing for "Angelika" that "are suitable for school and play". End of letter wishes Georgia well given a busy summer of writing and radio.

Long, Elizabeth

Frazer, Robbin.

Typescript letter from Robbin Frazer to Elizabeth Long regarding copies of Performing Arts in Canada for possible inclusion in the Aberdeen library.

Long, Elizabeth

[?], Dorothea.

Manuscript note card featuring a painting of Tekahionwake (E. Pauline Johnson) by Alice B. Pilant from Dorothea to Elizabeth Long responding to correspondence from Long. General updates provided include one of Dorothea's maps being copied by the National Archives and sent to the British Museum, her impression of clippings sent by Long about mythical explorers and mention of not having seen [The Bridge on the] River Kwai, which some people find too race conscious. T

Long, Elizabeth

Donnelly, Alison.

Manuscript letter from Alison Donnelly, Records Secretary of the Thames Valley [New Zealand] branch of the W.C.W. explaining the rationale for the donation of a book, which is never named, to the Aberdeen Memorial Library because of its focus on men. Donnelly's explanation includes landscape information about her small town and the activities of "men who dearly love to "get into the bush" at weekends."

Long, Elizabeth

Corben, Lillian E.

Manuscript letter from Lillian E. Corben writing on behalf of the North and West Vancouver Council of Women about the donation of funds and a photo of Mary Ellen Smith from Mrs. Ray Perrault M.L.A. File includes a typescript carbon copy response from Long in response which includes plans for the Aberdeen Collection.

Long, Elizabeth

Stark, Freya.

Clippings, ephemera, correspondence, photographs, a postcard of Creston, British Columbia, and a typescript biographical sketch related to and about British-Italian travel writer Freya Stark. The correspondence consists responses from staff at the Creston Review regarding a request from Valance S. Patriarche about Stark, as well as two letters written by Stark from her home in Italy to Patriarche regarding her father and his time in Creston. The photos are predominantly of Stark's father and his sculpture work, with the exception of a photo of Stark at the age of 72 in a garden with a dog the living room of a residential home.

Long, Elizabeth

Clay, Margaret.

One manuscript letter from Margaret Clay to Elizabeth Long expressing regret about news of Thelma and Harold [Leega?] and sharing information about Robert Stark, his ties to Creston [British Columbia] and a talk his daughter Freya gave in 1944 at a meeting of the Canadian Institute of [?] National Affairs.

Long, Elizabeth

Campbell, Marjorie.

One manuscript letter from Marjorie Campbell to Elizabeth Long regarding the return of two books to Campbell.

Long, Elizabeth

Bradley, Marcia W.

One typescript letter from Marcia Williams Bradley, archivist and director of the Sophia Smith Collection at the Smith College Library about the renaming of the Radcliffe Women's Archives to the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library. Also in the file are carbon copy typescripts of letters form Long to Bradley about the Smith College Library, the development of the Aberdeen Library and its donation to the University of Waterloo, including references to Waterloo University Library Doris Lewis.

Long, Elizabeth

Bird, Florence.

Two typescript letters from Florence Bird to Elizabeth Long, addressed as "Bessie", on Royal Commission on the Status of Women letterhead with some general updates about her life and work. Included in the file is a typescript letter, presumably written by Long marked "never sent" outlining concerns about equal pay for women potentially dominating the findings of the Royal Commission in part because of what can be accomplished when women aren't viewed as a threat for leadership roles.

Long, Elizabeth

Beattie, Jessie L.

Two manuscript letters from Jessie L. Beattie to Elizabeth long regarding the sending of several books, some out of print.

Long, Elizabeth

Allan, Iris.

One typescript letter from Iris Allan to Elizabeth Long regarding the sending of the book The Boy in Buckskins for use in a display as part of a CWPC general meeting in June.

Long, Elizabeth

Tweedsmuir, Lady.

Clippings of two Winnipeg Free Press articles about Lady Tweedsmuir, former undersecretary of state for Scotland, and a typescript letter from Tweedsmuir, writing in Oxford, to a Mrs. Coleman sending thanks for a parcel of "things we most need here".

Long, Elizabeth

Tomkinson, Grace.

Typescript letter from author Grace Avard Tomkinson to Mrs. Gordon Likely of Saint John in response to a letter presumably sent by Likely about the book Welcome Wilderness and the donation of a copy to the Aberdeen Library. The letter includes biographical information about Tomkinson's birth and upbringing. Also in the file is a typescript of notes by Likely about Tomkinson life's and Welcome Wilderness.

Long, Elizabeth

Open letter from Québec feminists.

  • SCA401-GA467
  • Collection
  • [1971?]

Anonymous open letter created by a group of feminists from Québec outlining the outcomes from the October Crisis (Québec, October 1970) and the relationship between Québécois feminist movements and the Front de Libération du Québec (FLQ).

Letter begins by explaining the relationship between the FLQ struggle and women’s struggle. It then moves to an overview of the events that lead to the October Crisis and the invocation of the War Measures Act, while calling for an independent Québec. Later, it covers the effects of the October Crisis for the citizens of Québec in general, and for women in particular (retelling raids, questionings, jailing, and overall police activities and attitudes). It continues with an exposition on women's inequality in government and society. The letter finishes by appealing for support to the FLQ and the women’s movement.

Letter seems to have been written shortly after the invocation of the War Measures Act in October 1970, and a year after the Women’s Movement in Québec began (possibly refers to the Québec Women’s Liberation Front (FLF) created on December 1, 1969).

Christian Enslin : Letter to Fredrick Heinitsch, M.D.

  • SCA200-GA177
  • Collection
  • August 27, 1849

File consists of one letter from Christian Enslin, bookseller and bookbinder, Waterloo, Ontario to Fredrick Heinitsch, M.D., Lancaster, Pennsylvania requesting the right to "Mother Drops", a medicine created by Dr. Heinitsch on which he held the patent.
The letter also includes information on bookbinding and printing practices in Upper Canada and makes reference to local figures such as Benjamin Eby, Bishop of the Mennonites.

Enslin, Christian

Sanford, Mrs. W. E.

Typescript letter titled "Archives on Women" and marked Confidential from Elizabeth Long to, likely, Doris Lewis regarding the papers of Mrs. W.E. Sanford and Long's belief that they belonged as part of the National Council of Women of Canada donation to the University of Waterloo Library as Sandford held various roles in the Canadian and International Council of Women. Includes candid views about Sandford's character and the chances of acquiring the papers from Sandford's daughter.

Long, Elizabeth

Rowan, Margaret.

Clippings, ephemera and a photograph related to Canadian rug hooker Margaret Rowan and the Rittermere Farm Studio in Vineland, Ontario that she ran with her husband Ted. File also includes a typescript biography about Margaret Rowan and her mother, and a manuscript note from Margaret addressed to Mrs. Clarke about press clippings and the photograph.

Long, Elizabeth

June Callwood.

Research notes and materials created or accumulated by Donna Jean MacKinnon about June Callwood. Includes articles about Callwood, database searches, drafts of Callwood’s chapter in Newsgirls, correspondence about Callwood, and photocopies of photographs of Callwood’s personal and professional life. Also contains short general notes for Newsgirls and articles about Trent Frayne (Callwood’s husband and sports journalist at the Globe and Mail).

MacKinnon, Donna Jean

MacGill, Elsie Gregory.

Clippings and biographical information about Canadian engineer Elizabeth Gregory MacGill. Includes a clipping of The American Soroptimist article "Soroptimist of the Month: High Flying Designer", a heavily underlined clipping from an unknown publication, and a typescript biography about MacGill's life. Included is a page torn from an unknown publication with an article by MacGill about her mother Helen Gregory MacGill.

Also in the file is an incomplete manuscript letter to Elizabeth Long on Valance Patriarche letterhead from Victoria [British Columbia]. The letter may have been written by Betty Patriarche and includes details about the relationships between Helen Gregory MacGill and various families, including the Patriarches and Miles O'Reilly Jarvis, some of whom are mentioned in a biography written about Helen by Elizabeth. A typescript note included in the file to the Librarian from Elizabeth Long indicates that material regarding MacGill's biography of her mother should be "handled with extreme discretion until about 1980", may be referring to the contents of the Patriache letter.

Long, Elizabeth


Series consists of approximately 5,900 items of correspondence between 165 correspondents. Includes correspondence to and from Bertram R. Davis, correspondence to and from unknown correspondents, and correspondence between others. Also includes two files of correspondence on a specific topic. One file is on portraits of Southey and the other is on the Portugues author Jose Maria de Eca de Queiroz.
Correspondents include:

  • All American Cables
  • Baldwyn, L.
  • Bathietwell, William
  • Beddoe, Dorothy
  • Bell, Whitefield Jr.
  • Bennett, Rhoda
  • Bentley, G.E. Jr.
  • Bernard Quariten Ltd.
  • Blunden, Edmund
  • Boots Cash Chemists
  • Boult, Nellie A.
  • Boyce, R.R.
  • Brace, Keith
  • Bremer, Heather
  • Bremner, Robert
  • British Council, The
  • British Museum, The
  • Bronson, Bertrand
  • Browning, Daphne DuMaurier
  • Buchan, Alexander M.
  • Cabral, Adolfo De Oliveira
  • Cabral, Maria de Gloria Ramos de Oliveira
  • Calme, John
  • Carnall, Geoffrey
  • Cartwright, Revd. Canon R.F.
  • Cascas, Artur Simoes
  • Charles Lamb Society Bulletin
  • Cheyne, A.D. Gordon
  • Christ’s Hosptial
  • Coburn, Kathleen
  • Collis, Ivan
  • Crook, Arthur
  • Crowsley, Ernest G.
  • Curry, Kenneth
  • Darbshire, Helen
  • Davis, Annabel
  • Davis, Doris
  • Davis, Watson
  • de Eca de Queiroz, Antonio
  • de Eca de Quieroz de Castro, Maria
  • De Sousa-Lead, J.
  • do Ceu Costa, Maria
  • Early, Benjamin W.
  • Early, Margaret Sue
  • Edward, P. Welson
  • Espstein, Jason
  • Faliscue-Brickdale, Matthew
  • Filler, Louis
  • Fisher, Dorothy
  • Fitzgerald, Maurice
  • Flack, Ellis
  • Flack, G. Ellis
  • Fox, Levi
  • Gandy, Norman
  • Gardner, WH.
  • Garlick, Kenneth
  • Gayford, J.C.
  • Gibbs, Donald T.
  • Goodland, Alice
  • Green-Armytage, R.N.
  • Griggs, Earl Leslie
  • Haller, William
  • Harris, Roy
  • Haugh, W.S.
  • Havens, Raymond D.
  • Heaton, P.
  • Highman, Norman
  • His Excellency the Portuguese Ambassador
  • Hoover, Ben
  • Hope, Warren T.
  • Hough, Henry B.
  • Howe, H.W.
  • Hynes, Mary
  • Kaderley, Nat Lewis
  • Kaderly, Nat Lewis
  • Kaufman, Paul
  • Keens, R. Lyall
  • Kew, S.F.
  • Kopaitic, Boris (Commander)
  • Kuhn, A.J.
  • Kurahashi, J.
  • Lamoine, Georges
  • Laverick, D.M.
  • Lee, Chi-Pui
  • Lindsay, Philip C.
  • Looker, Samuel J.
  • Lowes, John Livingston
  • Mabbott, Thomas Ollive
  • Manogue, Ralph Anthony
  • Mansfield, John
  • Mason, A.S.
  • Massey-Stewart, John
  • McElderry, Bruce Robert
  • Merritt, Theodore E.
  • Metford, J.C.J.
  • Meyerstein, E.H.W.
  • Middendorf, John H.
  • Middleton, Arthur Pierce
  • Miller, C.A.
  • Mooman, Mary
  • Moore, R.W.
  • Morgan, P.F.
  • Morley, E.J.
  • Morris, Christopher
  • Munday, Katherine
  • Mure, G.R.G.
  • New House Museum
  • Nowell, Charles
  • Nunes de Silva, Henrique
  • Ober, Warrun U.
  • Ormond, R.L.
  • Osborne, Edgar
  • Peck, Walter Edwin
  • Penney, Clara L.
  • Pinney, Hester
  • Pinto, Abranches
  • Pleasance, Antony C.
  • Polhemus, George W.
  • Prabhakar, T.
  • Pugsley, N.S.E.
  • Purchase, J.L.
  • Raepe, Elizabeth
  • Ramos, Charles
  • Rawnsley, E.F.
  • Rawnsley, H.D.
  • Reeves, Florence S.
  • Rich, Norman
  • Rodgers, Betsy
  • Ross, Archibald
  • Ross, James
  • Russell, P.E.
  • Shaffer, Elinor
  • Shaver, Chester L.
  • Simmons, Jack
  • Smith, Elsie
  • Smith, H.G.
  • Sproule, Hugh
  • Sypher, Gale
  • Sypher, Lucy
  • Sypher, Wylie
  • Taylor, Donald
  • Taylor, L. Acland
  • Taylor, Rachel
  • Thompson, J.E.
  • Thone, Frank
  • Times Literary Supplement, The
  • Times, The
  • Times, The
  • Turnbull, J.M.
  • University of Toronto Quarterly
  • Usher, H.W.F.
  • Wakefield, [?]
  • Waller, Robert
  • Wallis, F.S.
  • Wasserman, Earl R.
  • Watson, Rowland
  • Wells, Charles
  • West, S. George
  • Whalley, George
  • Whiting, F.
  • Wilkinson, Norman B.
  • Williams, M.G.
  • Williams, Rev. H. Fulford
  • Wilson, R.A.
  • Woof, Robert

Davis, Bertram R.

John Keble fonds.

  • SCA75-GA45
  • Fonds
  • 1860-1862

Fonds consists of two holograph letters from John Keble addressed to Henry Thomas Ellacombe [?]. The fonds also includes one photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Keble.

Keble, John

Armistead Churchill Gordon letter.

  • SCA70-GA39
  • Collection
  • 1923

Contains one holograph letter from Armistead Churchill Gordon to C.C. Pinckney discussing John Drinkwater's book "Robert E. Lee."

Gordon, Armistead Churchill

Ontario Association of Architects register book.

  • SCA63-GA36
  • Collection
  • 1890-1913

One register book kept by the Ontario Association of Architects for the years 1890-1899. The book lists dues paid by each member of the association as well as money received for exam fees, filing articles, student fees and more. Also includes one item of correspondence from Mills & Hutton, architects asking the secretary for information on rates for architectural work. The register was kept by William R. Gregg.

Ontario Association of Architects

David Shannon Bowlby fonds.

  • SCA57-GA33
  • Fonds
  • 1892-1921

Fonds consists of 28 items of correspondence between David Shannon Bowlby and his family.

Bowlby, David Shannon


Series documents John Walter’s correspondence with William Daum Euler and the Kitchener Daily Record. The correspondence focus on Walter’s request for a public debate with Euler over capitalism and the economy. Other correspondence and newspaper clippings cover the Record’s refusal to publish, in their newspaper, the letters Walter sent about challenging Euler. There are also clippings of Euler's speech which Walter references in his letters.

Walter, John

Associate Correspondence, O-Y.

File consists of 33 pieces of correspondence from writers with last names beginning with the letters "O" to "Y" to other receipients.

Detwiler, John D.


Series consists of approximately 2600 pieces of correspondence to and from Dr. J.D. Detwiler. Correspondents include many names prominent in science, conservation and public life, including William A. Albrecht, Ian McT. Cowan, L.A. DeWolfe, J.R. Dymond, Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman , W.W. Judd, Fred Landon, Robert F. Legget, Harrison F. Lewis, Georges Maheux, K.W. Neatby, Ernest C. Oberholtzer, Edward G. Pleva, Dana Porter, D.S. Rawson, A.H. Richardson, R. Omar Rilett, William Rowan, Jacques Rousseau (1905-1970), E.S. Russenholt, T.M. Sonneborn, Robert J.C. Stead, Hugh Templin, Ross B. Willis.

Detwiler, John D.

John William Dawson correspondence

  • SCA26-GA15
  • Collection
  • April 17, 1878

Contains of a single holograph letter, dated April 17, 1878, written by Sir John William Dawson to an unidentified recipient about the conflict between science and religion.

Dawson, John William, Sir

D.K. Goodfellow to David Boyle.

One item of correspondence addressed to David Boyle from D.K. Goodfellow, dated May 23, 1904. Also includes a manuscript copy of an "extract from a petition from the Chippeaw, Ottawa and Pattawattamie Indians to Sir Francis Bond Head, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, dated at Sandwich U.C. the 27th February 1836."

Mr. Robertson of Strowan to Lord Mar.

One letter address to My Lord [Lord Mar] from Mr. Robertson of Strowan dated December 15, 1716. The letter gives an account of the journey through France that Robertson has taken to meet Lord Mar as well as news of his traveling companions. Also includes a later copy of the letter. Lord Mar was a major figure in the Jacobite uprising of 1715 and and fled to France shortly thereafter.

Revolutionary War letters.

File consists of typescript transcripts of letters between important figures of the revolutionary war including Ethan Allen, Frederick Haldimand, William Marsh and more.

Petition of Thomas Talbot.

File consists of one ts. of a petition of Timothy Talbot regarding a land claim. Also includes typescripts of correspondence related to the claim. Originally dated May 18, 1801.


Contains correspondence, news clippings, etc. regarding awards won by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record for outstanding reporting, sports writing, typography etc.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Open House, March, 1952.

This open house was held to mark the "75th year of daily newspaper publishing in Kitchener-Waterloo". File contains correspondence, facsimile of the first issue of the )Daily News, Feb. 9, 1878, instructions for guides, tour scripts, invitations, reports.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Electrohome design lecture series, 1973 (1) : section 2 : Waterloo.

File consists of the material contained in the second section of the binder Electrohome Design Lecture Series, 1973 (1), relating to the planning of the lecture series, and in particular the events and participants in Waterloo. This section is divided by the following tabs: D.P. Dempster, M.S. Hartley, Jan Kuypers, O.M. Solandt, G.N. Soulis, D.R. Steele, and General. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence with the participants, typed meeting notes, and a schedule of events.


Election campaign.

Material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his campaign to be elected as a Member of Parliament representing the Liberal Party for the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo in the 2004 Canadian federal election. Records include business cards, invitations, flyers, pamphlets, questionnaires, correspondence, speech transcripts, a sticker, an unsigned candidate agreement, elections results summary, and a return of writ. Also includes letters of congratulations received by Telegdi after he was elected.

Telegdi, Andrew

Stewart, Elizabeth (Betty) née Clement 1916-1977 and Peter Stewart 1915-1980.

File consists of materials relating to the life and death of Elizabeth (Betty) Clement Stewart and husband Peter Stewart. Includes clippings on Betty's schooling, achievements, and death as well as obituaries for Peter and marriage announcements for the two. Also includes correspondence between Betty and William Pope Clement. As well, the file includes materials on Betty and Peter's daughter Janet including a programme from the 1978 Five Outstanding Young Londoners Awards Banquet at which she was honoured and correspondence between her and Beatrice Hagey.

Clement Bowlby Family

Forbes, Margaret (Peggy) Chellew née Adams Clement 1921-2010 and Donald Rossell Forbes 1920-2005.

File consists of materials relating to Margaret (Peggy) Chellew Adams Clement Forbes and husband Donald Rossell Forbes. Includes a clipping, an invitation to Peggy and Donald's wedding as well as to the wedding of their son Jock to Rosemarie Ann Wilson, a poem written for Florence Grace Clement on her 90th birthday, family agendas and a series of correspondence.

Correspondents include:

  • Florence Grace Clement,
  • Carlton and Mary Clement,
  • Edward Meijer (Valhalla Inn),
  • Janet Stewart,
  • Walper Hotel,
  • John [?].

Clement Bowlby Family

Nowell, Charles.

File consists of one item of correspondence from Charles Nowell, Chief Librarian of Manchester Public Libraries.

Davis, Bertram R.

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