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Berkinshaw, Daphne residence

File consists of one photograph, cut from a larger photograph postcard, showing the residence of Daphne Berkinshaw. Inscription on verso reads: " Daphne Berkinshaw. Daughter, Cecil Shuh Berkinshaw. John St. Waterloo."

Clement Bowlby Family

Unidentified children.

Upper body studio portrait of two unidentified children wearing matching polka dot outfits and seen looking off camera. They are posed with heads together, one with arm around the shoulders of the other.

Schantz Russell Family

Steam-powered pump of fire engine.

Exterior of gun and locksmith shop of Louis Hedderich located on King Street north. Horse-drawn wagon in front with man in driver's seat. Louis Hedderich in 1889 Directory, not in 1899 Directory

Company of Neighbours

Putting down tracks on King St., Waterloo.

Photograph of men working on a rail line along King Street at Erb Street. The shop front of H.A. Zoellner, Druggist, is visible as well as a telephone (telegraph?) pole. Possibly construction of tracks for electric street railway between Kitchener and Waterloo.

Company of Neighbours

Waterloo, Ont.: Silver Lake, Waterloo Park

View of Waterloo looking south from the top of Central School at King and Central (formerly Church) streets. Albert Street is at top right and Silver Lake in Waterloo Park can be seen behind Albert Street. Spring Street is in the foreground. Written on verso: one storey house with two chimneys still on Albert St.

Company of Neighbours

Fogel, Angeline.

Head and shoulders studio portrait of Angeline Fogel seen looking off camera. She is wearing a lace collard top and a [charm?] choker.

Schantz Russell Family

Fogel, Angeline.

One upper body studio portrait of Angeline Fogel. Identification from album.

Originally on page 25 of album 3.

Schantz Russell Family

King St., Waterloo.

This photograph, ca. 1900, shows a woman crossing the West side of King St. North in Waterloo. The street railway tracks are clearly visible, as are the storefronts with awnings down. The most visible sign is "J. Schondelmayer." A German flag is hanging from an upper window and store fronts appear to be decorated with greenery.

Company of Neighbours

Martin and Wilson families.

Photographs of the Martin and Wilson families. Includes snapshots of John Alexander and Jessie Martin; their sons and daughters-in-law Wilson and Dorothy, Jamie, and John and Mary Ann; and their grandchildren. Includes snapshots of Jessie Martin's parents, Richard and Margaret Wilson, and her siblings; and of John Alexander's parents, Rev. William and Christena Martin, and other family members.

File also includes snapshots of other people, likely family friends. Most photographs are taken in Waterloo as well as other locations around Ontario.

Martin, John Gartshore


File consists of an unaddressed letter written by Ella Anthes Cook, an unsigned letter received by Ella, and a letter and postcard received by Ella from H. Milton Cook. Postcard contains a photograph of Cook with two other men in front of a pavilion, Woodside [farm?], Waterloo.

Rieder and Anthes family

Seagram's distillery.

Photograph taken from a newspaper print? Exterior of the distillery and flour mill built in 1857 at corner of Erb and Caroline Streets. Note the horse drawn wagon.

Company of Neighbours


File consists of five negatives showing images of University of Waterloo, Mennonite women, Castle Kilbride and a park.

Rex, Kay

Barber shop exterior.

Jacob Brandt standing in front of his Brandt's Ideal Shaving Parlour which is decorated with greenery, welcome signs and British and American flags possibly for the Saengerfest celebrations. Unidentified man standing to the left. Shaving parlour located at the rear of the Bank of Toronto, on north-west corner of King and Erb Streets next to the Post Office building.
Listed in 1901 and 1907 Vernon Directory, but not in 1913.

Company of Neighbours

Waterloo Meat Market, King St.: shop interior.

Interior of John B. Fischer's butcher shop located at King Street north. Note ceiling fan, carcasses hanging and the preparation area with two unidentified butchers. Two men in suits standing on left side. John B. Fischer served as Mayor of Waterloo in 1908 and again 1912-1913.
Butcher shop opened in 1874. 1913 and 1927 Vernon Directories list an Edgar J. Fischer, Butcher in this same location.

Company of Neighbours

Tobacco shop: interior.

Photo shows interior Strum Brothers Tobacco and Barber. The stuffed raccoon, and moose head are gone, but the print of Seagram's King's Plate winners is still there.

Company of Neighbours

Roesch's Grocery Store, King and Dupont, Waterloo: l-r, Rolly Plantz, Andy Roesch.

Interior of Roesch's Grocery store with Andrew Roesch on the left and Roland Planz on the right.
Roesch's obituary states that he and his wife adopted his four nephews Harry, Roland, Charles and Clayton Plantz [sic], so this is likely his nephew (spelled Planz on the photo) with him. Building located at 21 King Street North, west side south of Dupont Street.

Company of Neighbours


Photographs of houses, including the Martin residence at 41 Allen Street East, Waterloo [?]; the home of Wilson and Dorothy Martin at 155 Dunrae Avenue in Mount-Royal, Quebec; the home of R.T. Wilson in Dundas, Ontario; the Kabel's 'restful home'; and other unidentified houses.

Martin, John Gartshore

Waterloo Fire Hall with horse-drawn fire trucks.

Photo of a postcard depicting members of the Waterloo Fire Department with horse-drawn vehicles in front of fire station. John Simpson seated on fire wagon on left.
The first automotive pumper fire truck was acquired on June 11, 1927. The fire hall was demolished in 1967.

Company of Neighbours

Gribble family.

Studio portrait of [Mary Harriet Gribble] with her grandchildren Elsie Snider and Ralph Snider, the children of Faith Gribble and William Snider. She is shown looking down at newborn Elsie, held on her lap, while Ralph, about three years of age, stands next to them, looking over shoulder off camera.

Schantz Russell Family

Unidentified: group portrait in Waterloo Park?: Waterloo, Aug. 11, 1907.

Group portrait of people gathered for an outdoors event. In the foreground are men and women sitting on makeshift benches, in the background are several individuals on a podium with a large lectern, surmounted by an arbour of branches. The whole group is in a wooded area. The photograph is annotated on the back: "Waterloo, Ont., Aug. 11/07" with a monogram, possibly CKR[itzer?]. It is possible the photograph commemorates an event connected to the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the Village of Waterloo in 1857.

Company of Neighbours

Tobacco shop: interior.

Photo shows interior of Strum Brother's Tobacco and Barber, with five men, a spittoon, a stuffed raccoon, and a moose head. John Simpson is on the far right in his firefighter uniform. As well, a print of Seagram's King's Plate winners is visible in the top right corner. John Simpson is listed as a member of the Waterloo Fire Department in the 1913 Vernon Directory, but does not appear in the 1927 directory.
Strum Brothers Tobacco and Barber shop located on King Street just south of the railway tracks in 1913 Vernon Directory.

Company of Neighbours

Picnic at Waterloo Park.

This photograph shows a group of Waterloo merchants/businessmen picnicking at Lexington Flats. Wooden table and benches can be seen and dishes and bottles on the table.
Left to right; (?), Albert Hergott, (?), (?), (?), (?), David Kuntz, (?), (?), (?), John Koehler, Edward F. Seagram, Daniel "Biddle" Bohlender.

Company of Neighbours

Westmount prospectus.

File consists of material relating to the Westmount development in Waterloo. Includes a prospectus (Realty Pointers: Westmount, "The Development Beautiful") prepared by Beck & Eisenbach (Berlin, ON) containing a plan of Westmount; and a photograph of a topographical landscape painting showing Berlin, Waterloo, and Westmount, prepared by Gibson Catlett, Real Estate Landscape Paintings (Calgary, AB). The plan in the prospectus contains ms. annotations.

Rieder and Anthes family

Album : snapshots.

File consists of one album of snapshots created and accumulated by Gerald Hagey. Includes snapshots of his time at Waterloo College, vacations to Port Burwell and Niagara Falls, and more. Snapshots have been removed from album whenever possible and are now in File 4b.

Hagey, Joseph Gerald

King Street, Waterloo, Ont., 1923 : completed paving work.

  • SCA201-GA178
  • Fonds
  • 1923

One photograph of a section of King Street, Waterloo, Ont. showing recently completed paving work by Standardite Paving. Also visible in the photograph are streetcar tracks, early street lights and automobiles.

Cottage at Lexington.

Contains two original photographs and two reproduction photographs of two different informal group portraits of eight unidentified women. Caption on envelope states that these are "pictures of a trip Mr. Kaufman and others went on when trouble with the car, Irvin was along".

Kaufman Footwear

Tire stores : Waterloo.

File consists of photographs of tire stores in Waterloo. Includes Waterloo garage with proprietors Charlie Heppler and Alec Sehl and taxi driver Joe Kienapple as well as Bauman and Clemmers garage with proprietors Vern Bauman and Allan Clemmers.

Dominion Rubber Company

Dominion Life Assurance Company head office.

  • SCA265-GA283
  • Fonds
  • 1939

File consists of one photograph of the employees of the head office of the Dominion Life Assurance Company in Waterloo, Ontario. The photograph was taken July 1939. The employees are standing in front of the building at 14 Erb Street West.

Dominion Life Assurance Company

Clement and Jackson families.

Snapshot of (left to right) Charles Bowlby Clement, Janie Elizabeth Bowlby Clement, Isabella Jackson Hayward and Geneva Jackson standing together Geneva Jackson's garden.

Clement Bowlby Family

Illig, Joseph in naval uniform.

File consists of one photograph of Joseph Illig in his naval uniform before shipping out. The photograph was taken in the backyard at 123 Roger Street in Waterloo, Ontario.

Illig Family

Martin, Jamie : grave and memorial stone.

Photographs relating to Jamie Martin's grave and memorial stone. Includes snapshots of the grave and cemetery at Beny-sur-mer near Caen, France, including some with John Alexander and Jessie Martin; a snapshot of a memorial stone for Jamie at the Grove Cemetery in Dundas, Ontario; and a photograph of cenotaph in Waterloo, Ontario.

Martin, John Gartshore


Series consists of photographs taken by members of the Guy family. Includes nineteen slides showing the home at 110 John Boulevard as well as the surrounding area in the winter of 1952.

Guy, James Rutherford and George Harrington

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