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William Dendy fonds.
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Quebec : see Lennoxville re Darling.

Includes maps of Quebec and areas within Quebec. Also contains tourist guides and brochures for the Quebec region. Additionally includes an issue of The Canadian Historical Review 52, no. 1 (March 1971) featuring a piece entitled "Religion and French-Canadian Mores in the Early Nineteenth Century" by Jean-Pierre Wallot.

File also includes several news clippings, one of which features the architect Ernest Cormier, and the other of which focuses on architecture in Montreal. Finally, this file includes an agenda paper by Mathilde Brosseau of the CIHB staff entitled "Second Group of Grand Trunk Railway Stations: Original Eastern Sections and Stations from c.1870 to c.1920".

Dendy, William

Renaissance and Baroque.

Contains materials relating to Renaissance and Baroque architecture including photocopied ts. reading lists and other course materials issued by the Department of History of Art at the University of Cambridge, England. Additionally contains ms. holograph notes (many of which relate to Alberti), and a research paper by Dagmar Motycka entitled " Filarete's Sforzinda: Historical and Philosophical Context".

Dendy, William

Research and Writing

Series consists of research materials which relate to many different areas of Dendy's work in the field of architectural history. They include textual and graphic materials, as well as electronic information in the form of computer files stored on 3.5" floppy disks.

This includes the research materials acquired by Dendy during his studies at Cambridge University, England and probably at Columbia University in New York. These take the form of course handouts, ms. holograph notes, and photocopies of journal articles. A large number of the ms. holograph notes relate to the history of home building and residential architecture in Canada (this formed the subject of the thesis which Dendy wrote either for one of the Masters degree he received in Architectural History and/or for the PhD in Architectural History on which he was working).

Also included is material relating to topics studied by Dendy either at university or in his professional career. These research topics include: the architects Frank Darling, John Howard, and Oliver Hill; the architectural history of the city of Hamilton, Ont.; "The Smaller Houses of the American Suburbs", "The Houses of Indian Road", and "A Comparision of 504 Jarvis St. and 135 St. George St." (last three topics constitute research papers written by Dendy).

Other research materials contained in this file were gathered in the process of researching for Lost Toronto and for Toronto Observed. These research materials primarily take the form of planning information sheets, ms. lists of Toronto buildings/architects, tender information from the Toronto Globe (issues from the late 19th century), ms. holograph notes re Toronto building permit files, and some photographic materials. Some reviews of Lost Toronto can also be found in this series.

Other research materials relate to Dendy's extensive research on the residential area of Forest Hill and take the form of ms. holograph notes on Forest Hill building permit files. Photocopies of journal articles, ms. holograph notes and other materials, which appear to have been gathered and/or prepared for a proposed publication on the history of Canadian architecture, are also contained in this series.

Ms. research notes used by Dendy in preparation for Toronto walking tours led by him are also contained in this series, in addition to research materials used by him for projects he worked on in his capacity as consultant architectural historian to various architectural firms and government bodies.

Other files include information relating to projects Dendy worked on as architectural historian to the Property Restoration Branch of the Ontario Heritage Foundation from 1987-1989, and to work which he carried out for Tom Schwartz, President of Intraurban Projects, as well as to a study conducted by Dendy on CNR Railway Stations for the Architectural History Branch, Canadian Historic Sites Directorate of the Canadian Parks Service in 1991.

Dendy, William

Research: Card Files

Series consists of the detailed hand-written card files prepared by Dendy as a guide to research materials available in his fields of interest in the subject area of Architectural History.
These card files provide different types of information: Bibliographic references to materials in a number of subject areas. This includes special interest topics of Dendy's such as Frank Darling's library and the Massey Patronay. Additionally, an A-Z index of architects (mostly Canadian) is also available. This features bibliographic references to journal articles where information on each architect can be found. In some cases these cards also provide information on the office or home address of these architects. Building permit information for Canada (mainly Toronto) for late nineteenth century or early twentieth century. This includes building permit no. and year, address of building, description of building, and name of architect. This information is organized either by architect, by date, or by street or region. However, in some cases no apparent order applies. Alphabetical index to architects. Information provided on these card files includes the name of the building, address of the building, and year of construction of the building designed by each architect listed. In some cases a brief description of the building is also provided in additin to a bibliographic reference to the source from which information on the building was obtained. Most of the buildings listed in this index were designed in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century. Architect and subject index. Card files are filed alphabetically by name of architect, author name, publication title, or architectural topic. These cards take the form of bibliographic references to publications. Subject indexes. This includes an alphabetical subject index to various Canadian and foreign architectural topics, as well as a subject index relating specifically to the history of Toronto's architecture. Miscellaneous card files. Some small sections of card files can also be found which relate to various topics and which are organized in different ways. This includes an index of designs (pencil drawings, prints, and photographs) for buildings in Toronto and other parts of Ontario, an index to topics relating to foreign architecture, and miscellaneous card files re Toronto architecture.

Dendy, William

Research: Electronic Files

Series consists of 21 high-density 3.5" floppy diskettes and printouts of some of the files stored on them. In the case of the files for which printouts are available, they are stored on these floppy disks in one of four different directories created by Dendy: "BILLSDIS", "FHARCH", "FHPERMIT" and "SWARTZ" (as reflected in file titles for this series). Note, however, that due to problems converting files with extensions .bdc and .doc in the "BILLSDIS" directory, printouts could be generated for the majority but not all of the files in this directory.

The files on these twenty-one floppy disks are stored in one of seven different directories. Printouts of files for the four directories specified above are available in this series. However, note that printouts are not yet available for the remaining three directories: "FHSTREET", "FHLOSTTOR" and 'RLWAYSTA". Note that a file list for each of the seven directories is available in file 438 of this series. Moreover, a list of all files for which printouts are available is also contained in file 438.
A description of the information contained in the files for which printouts are available follows here: Files contained in "BILLSDIS" directory (see archival files 425-428) take the form of correspondence, reports, feasability studies, terms of reference for individual projects and other documentation re projects which Dendy worked on as architectural historian to the Property Restoration Branch of the Ontario Heritage Foundation between 1987-1989. Information relating to individual projects is stored in separate files. The computer file name reflects the project name and are organized in alphabetical order. Files contained in the "FHARCH" directory (see archival files 429-433) contain information re the building department files for Forest Hill organized alphabetically from A-Z by architect. The files contained in the "FHPERMIT" directory (see archival files 434-436) include information from the building department files for Forest Hill organized by Permit no. Files contained in the "SWARTZ" directory (see archival file 437) include correspondence sent by Dendy to Tom Schwartz, President of the Intraurban Projects which relates to the work which Dendy carried out as consultant architectural historian on the 1070 Queen Street East project.
*Finally the last file (file 14) contained in this series is entitled "FILE LISTINGS" and contains file lists for the directories "BILLSDIS", "FHARCH", and "SWARTZ".

Dendy, William

Sample microfiche : Avery Library, Columbia University.

Includes sample microfiche from the Avery Library, Columbia University in the form of a catalogue of furnishings for the home (original dates back to 1918) produced by Aladdin Company, and in the form of Sweet's Architectural Trade Catalog File (original dates back to 1906).

Dendy, William

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