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Burrett, Alida : Environmental Protection

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Alida Burrett relating to her interest and work in environmental protection, particularly air quality and deforestation. Includes materials related to Clayoquot Sound, materials from the Citizens Advisory Committee and Air Quality including clippings, correspondence, municipal publications, surveys and ephemera as well as a speech by Alida Burrett.

Burrett, Alida and George


Series consists of two local history films accumulated by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record. Includes one of downtown Kitchener, and one of the 118th battalion of Kitchener during First World War.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Legal Documents

Series consists of documents of a legal and incorporative nature essential to the operation of the Muskoka Lakes Association as a legal entity. Includes the Association's constitution, letters patent, by-laws, and correspondence.

Muskoka Lakes Association


Series consists of publications of the Muskoka Lakes Association, including the Association handbook, newsletters, and the yearbook.

Muskoka Lakes Association

President's Files : Michael Vaughan

Series consists of the working files of Michael Vaughan containing material created, accumulated and used by Vaughan during his involvement with the MLA from 1969 to 1986. Records relate mainly to his role as member (1969-1975), vice-chair (1975-1977), chair (1977-1982), and past chair (1982-1984) of the Committee on Land Use, Taxation, and Highways; and as vice-president (1982-1984) and president (1984-1986) of the association.

Series also includes records relating to various other committees, issues, and events. The Committee on Land Use, Taxation, and Highways was responsible for examining and responding to town planning, development, and other land use issues in the Muskoka region. One of the developments of major concern during Vaughan's tenure as chair was a proposed resort at the Roseneath property on Beaumaris Island, and several files in this series relate to this issue.

Series includes correspondence, memoranda, reports, studies, presentations, meeting agendas and minutes, handwritten and typed notes, newspaper clippings, newsletters, agreements, maps and plans, and other material.

Muskoka Lakes Association

President's Files : William F. Clark

Series consists of material created and accumulated by William F. Clark in his role as president of the MLA from 1988-1990.

Includes material related to the various committees of the association, meetings of the board of directors, and issues of importance in the Muskoka region. Includes photocopied documents: correspondence, memoranda, reports, newspaper clippings, typed notes, lists of members and terms of reference for committees, official plan amendments and by-laws, financial reports, meeting agendas and minutes, an application for the incorporation of the association, and other material.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Political Portfolio Chairperson's Files : Robert Topp

Series consists of material created and accumulated by Robert Topp in his role as Chair of the Political Portfolio and its Taxation Committee (1994-1995) and member of the Political Portfolio and Chair of its Taxation Committee (1995-1996).

The Political Portfolio was involved in political and tax-related issues, and during this period was especially focused on property taxation and a group appeal of the 1992 property assessment to the Assessment Review Board launched in 1995 on behalf of over 1000 MLA members with property on Lakes Muskoka, Rosseau, and Joseph.

The appeal resulted in a decision favourable for the association that was then appealed by the Assessment Commissioner to the Ontario Municipal Board, where the association was partly successful and was granted leave to appeal to the Ontario Divisional Court.

Series includes correspondence (some drafts), reports, presentations, newspaper clippings (some photocopied), ARB and OMB notices and decisions, lists of members of the group appeal, handwritten notes, news releases, and other material.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Centennial Celebration

Series consists of material relating to the 100th anniversary of the MLA in 1994 and the centennial celebrations held during that year. Includes commemorative books produced by the association, ephemera, correspondence, photocopied material on the history of the association, and other material.

Muskoka Lakes Association

Birth Control

Series consists of materials regarding birth control and other related maters. Includes newspaper clippings, articles, and ephemera.

Stopes, Marie

Scrapbooks, Local History, Historical Documents

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record on the history of the Waterloo Region as well as scrapbooks kept by the Record. Includes clippings, publications, ephemera, scrapbooks and a series of correspondence from "Joe Klotzkopp", the pseudonym of John Rittinger.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record

Negatives: K-W Record History

Series consists of negatives created by the K-W Record of the history of the newspapers and the companies which owned it. Contains approxamitely 2500 negatives.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record


Photographs and photograph albums containing pictures of Forbes, Buck, Land, Wilson, and Kaufman family members as well as their friends. Many of the photographs capture family events, holiday celebrations, family trips, camping, cottages, family homes in Kitchener and Hespeler, Ontario, Betty and Peg Forbes's school experience and nursing career, individuals and battalions connected to the First World War and Second World War, and more. The photograph albums were primarily created by Betty Forbes.

Forbes, Betty

Audio Visual

Series consists of audio visual materials created or accumulate by Robert Dorney and his estate.

Dorney, Robert

Manuscripts : Books

Series consists of manuscripts of books of poetry by Rienzi Crusz. Manuscripts consist of ts. and ms. drafts of poems (some are photocopies), and some also include drafts or working notes for covers, title pages, contents pages, illustrations, etc. Some drafts include ms. corrections.

Crusz, Rienzi

Correspondence To Rienzi Crusz

Series consists of correspondence recieved by Rienzi Crusz. Includes letters from other authors and poets, some containing criticism and editorial comments on Crusz's work; letters from publishers; and other correspondence. Includes photocopies. Some letters are annotated by Crusz.

Crusz, Rienzi

Biographical : General

Series consists of biographical and autobiographical information about Rienzi Crusz. Includes ts. and ms. biographies, curriculum vitae, published material (photocopies), etc.

Crusz, Rienzi


Series consists of realia including plaques and awards, and badges.

Dorney, Robert

Manuscripts : Poems : Individual

Series consists of ms. and ts. drafts of poems by Rienzi Crusz. Includes photocopies. Some drafts contain ms. corrections or annotations by the author.

Crusz, Rienzi

Works : Published

Series consists of works published by G. Elmore Reaman. Includes one article by Reaman.

Reaman, George Elmore

Personal, Biographical

Series consits of personal and biographical materials created and accumulated by members of the Reaman family. Includes one scrapbook, three valentine's cards, degrees and certificates.

Reaman, George Elmore


Series consists of correspondence to and from Jenny Pincock, Fred and Minnie Maines, and others.

Maines Pincock Family


Series consists of two scrapbooks containing loose and pasted-in clippings, as well correspondence (letters and cards), speech notes, invitations, programs, photographs, and other ephemera predominantly relating to Dr. S.F. Leavine's election as Mayor of Kitchener in 1949. Also included are clippings from after he died in 1958, outlining his professional accomplishments and impact on the community.

Leavine, Stanley Francis


Series consists of seventy seven items of correspondence to and from Alice Riggs Hunt and a number of correspondents. Correspondents include Jane Addams, Carrie Chapman Catt, Romain Rolland and Phyllis E. Wheelock. Arranged by name of correspondent.

Hunt, Alice Riggs


Series consists of typescripts by Alice Riggs Hunt, primarily concerning her experiences at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 as an accredited press correspondent attached to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace, as well as documenting her tour through seven countries of Europe at that time. Also includes notes on suffrage and some autobiographical notes.

Hunt, Alice Riggs


Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Alice Riggs Hunt documenting her personal life, and the lives of her family members. Includes photographs, clippings, ephemera and artefacts.

Hunt, Alice Riggs

Subject Files

Series consists of publications such as offprints, reprints, maps, correspondence on various topics related to conservation.

Detwiler, John D.


Series consists of clippings from newspapers, some containing articles or editorials by John D. Detwiler, some about him and/or his work and some collected by him as of subject interest.

Detwiler, John D.

Forms, Publications : Unnumbered

Series consists of printed and ts. material issued by the Parents' Information Bureau, but not as part of the numbered series, in 1969 and 1976. Two are tss. by A.R. Kaufman relating to birth control.

Parents' Information Bureau


Series consists of correspondence to and from A.R. Kaufman of a variety of topics, including birth control.

Parents' Information Bureau

Parents' Information Bureau : Photographs

Series consists of three photographs: one image of the exterior of the Eastview Town Hall where the trial of Dorothea Palmer took place, one portrait of F.W. Wegenast who defended Dorothea Palmer in the Eastview trial, and one image of nurses marching in a parade.

Parents' Information Bureau

Motz, John and Motz, Helena Vogt

Series is comprised of materials relating to the life of John Motz and his wife Helena Vogt. Includes correspondence, ephemera, legal documents and clippings.

Motz Family

Motz, John George

Series is comprised of materials relating to the life of John George Motz. Includes a postcard photograph, funerary cards and a handkerchief.

Motz Family


Materials relating to the personal life of Harry J. Byers. Includes correspondence, ephemera, clippings, etc.

Byers, Harry J.


Series consists of ephemera collected by Robert Alden Sanborn including a booklet of poetry by Bonnie Elizabeth Parker, greeting cards, and clippings regarding his writing and general interests.

Fish Hatchery Investigations

Series consists of material relating to fish hatchery investigations and brook trout feeding experiments carried out by Dr. John D. Detwiler from 1920-1932 in Ontario. Includes notebooks, diaries, reviews of activities, minutes, correspondence, etc.

Detwiler, John D.


Materials relating to awards and honours given to Mary Johnston.

Johnston, Mary

Personal and Professional

Series consists of correspondence received by Dendy over the period 1977-1991. Also includes some supporting documents in the form of clippings, photographs, and other items.

Dendy, William

Joseph E. Seagram

Series consists of originals and photocopies of correspondence, invoices, partnership agreements re the business interests of Joseph Emm Seagram, George Randall and William Roos from 1869-1899.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.: Operations: General

Series consists of originals and photocopies of several items which relate to Seagram Co. operations at a level beyond the Waterloo plant. Included is a weekly time book from the Amhersburg plant dated 1928, plot plans and organization charts from several other distilleries owned by the company.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.: Site Records: Waterloo Plant

Series consists of correspondence, site plans and reports, all relating in some way to the physical site of the plant. Included are fire insurance reports and other documents which concern Laurel Creek, a wartime construction application , site plans ranging from a negative of an 1855 plan of Waterloo to photographic reproductions of 1940's fire insurance plans to 1980's site plans.

Joseph E. Seagram and Sons, Ltd.

Alcohol General: ephemera

Series consists of alcohol-related ephemera for which no direct Seagram connection is apparent, and includes an advertisement, bill of lading, charter, invoice from a Galt merchant, liquor permits, a temperance pledge card, prohibition ribbon, and wine lists.

Seagram Museum

Seagram Museum

Series consists of materials relating to the history and operation of the Seagram Museum. Includes acquisitions registers, source and purchase records, and more.

Seagram Museum

Publications, Printed Material

This series includes printed materials in the form of two informational booklets which contain information on the Christian Church in Ontario. Also includes a publication by Udelle Wood entitled Our Christian Heritage , which focuses on the history of the Christian Church in Canada.

Shoults, J.H., Rev.

About Eric McCormack: Biographical.

This series contains primarily news clippings and serial publications containing articles with a biographical and/or critical focus. They relate to Eric McCormack's life history with special emphasis on the development of his career as an author and on the works of fiction which he has had published to date. A large number of these materials also relate specifically to Eric McCormack's receipt of and/or nomination for receipt of various literary awards.

Finally, a number of materials, including news clippings, correspondence, and ephemera relating primarily to Eric McCormack's personal interests, are grouped together in a miscellaneous file within this series.

McCormack, Eric P.

About Eric McCormack.

Series consists of material about Eric McCormack, his life, activities and career. Includes, clippings, correspndence and ephemera.

McCormack, Eric P.


Series consists of cards, letters and printouts of e-mails to and from Eric P. McCormack.

McCormack, Eric P.

Correspondence and Information Files.

This series contains correspondence sent by or received by Mary Johnston as well as other administrative and legal documents maintained by her relating to the activities and affairs of the teachers' organizations of which she was a member. These include the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario, The Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario, the Waterloo County Board of Education, and the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association.

This series also includes materials maintained by Mary Johnston when she worked for the Waterloo County Women Teachers' Association in various capacitites including Key Teacher, President of Unit 1, as a W.C.W.T.A. Past President, as the association's County Adviser and P.R., and as a member of the Book Project Committee.

Also included in this series is a file containing correspondence sent to parents by Mary Johnston when she worked with the Kindergarten at Brighton School.

Johnston, Mary

Research: Electronic Files

Series consists of 21 high-density 3.5" floppy diskettes and printouts of some of the files stored on them. In the case of the files for which printouts are available, they are stored on these floppy disks in one of four different directories created by Dendy: "BILLSDIS", "FHARCH", "FHPERMIT" and "SWARTZ" (as reflected in file titles for this series). Note, however, that due to problems converting files with extensions .bdc and .doc in the "BILLSDIS" directory, printouts could be generated for the majority but not all of the files in this directory.

The files on these twenty-one floppy disks are stored in one of seven different directories. Printouts of files for the four directories specified above are available in this series. However, note that printouts are not yet available for the remaining three directories: "FHSTREET", "FHLOSTTOR" and 'RLWAYSTA". Note that a file list for each of the seven directories is available in file 438 of this series. Moreover, a list of all files for which printouts are available is also contained in file 438.
A description of the information contained in the files for which printouts are available follows here: Files contained in "BILLSDIS" directory (see archival files 425-428) take the form of correspondence, reports, feasability studies, terms of reference for individual projects and other documentation re projects which Dendy worked on as architectural historian to the Property Restoration Branch of the Ontario Heritage Foundation between 1987-1989. Information relating to individual projects is stored in separate files. The computer file name reflects the project name and are organized in alphabetical order. Files contained in the "FHARCH" directory (see archival files 429-433) contain information re the building department files for Forest Hill organized alphabetically from A-Z by architect. The files contained in the "FHPERMIT" directory (see archival files 434-436) include information from the building department files for Forest Hill organized by Permit no. Files contained in the "SWARTZ" directory (see archival file 437) include correspondence sent by Dendy to Tom Schwartz, President of the Intraurban Projects which relates to the work which Dendy carried out as consultant architectural historian on the 1070 Queen Street East project.
*Finally the last file (file 14) contained in this series is entitled "FILE LISTINGS" and contains file lists for the directories "BILLSDIS", "FHARCH", and "SWARTZ".

Dendy, William


Series consists of approximately 40,000 slides depicting architecture, urban space, and landscape in Canada and elsewhere. The total number of Canadian slides in this collection is 17,550 and the total number of American slides is 7,000. This represents sixty-one percent of the slides in the total collection. The remaining slides cover European countries (especially England), as well as Central and South America, the Far East and other places.
Eighty percent of these slides were taken by Dendy himself. The remaining slides are graphic in nature i.e. they depict plans, maps, old photographs, architectural drawings, paintings. Many of these slides have been taken from city archives and appear to be in the public domain.

Dendy, William

Publications, Printed Materials: The Waterloo County Board of Education.

This series contains publications and printed materials issued by the Waterloo County Board of Education. These materials include booklets, an educational position paper, reports, a submission to the Standing Committee on Social Development of the Ontario Legislature, telephone directories, and serial publications.

Johnston, Mary

Organization and Administration

Series consists of miscellaneous records concerning the organizational structure and functions of the Grand River Conservation Authority and its predecessors, the Grand River Conservation Commission and the Grand Valley Conservation Authority. Includes minutes of meetings, organizational charts and reports.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Board Minutes : Grand River Conservation Authority

Series consists of the following : Grand River Conservation Authority Board of Directors : minutes of meetings; General Membership : minutes of meetings, which also occurs under the name, General Meetings : minutes, and includes the minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Grand River Conservation Authority; Executive Committee : minutes of meeting.

Also present are minutes of meetings of various advisory boards and miscellaneous committees whose names vary over time. Since 1995, the minutes of meetings of the Planning and Operations Committee, and Administration, Finance and Personnel Committee, respectively, are included.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Annual Meetings : Budget Information Packages

Series consists of budget information for the Annual Meeting of the Grand River Conservation Authority appended to the agenda and GRCA membership list. This information does not appear to be included in the bound volumes of minutes. The bound volumes appear to contain only the minutes and resolutions, not the agendas and supporting documents.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Operations : Divisions : Forestry and Wildlife Branch

Series consists of annual reports of the Forestry and Wildlife Branch of the Grand River Conservation Authority. The reports contain information regarding reforestation programs, wildlife management and control and maintenance of nursery stocks. Some of the annual reports from the 1970s include black and white and colour photographs of the Forestry and Wildlife Branch operations, which have been pasted or otherwise affixed to the reports.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Schantz, Franklin Abram.

Material created and accumulated by Franklin Abram Schantz. Includes correspondence between Franklin Abram Schantz and Orpheus Moyer Schantz.

Schantz Russell Family

White, Etta Lydia Mary.

Material created and accumulated by Etta Lydia Mary White (nee Schantz). Includes one photograph, ephemera, cards, certificates, examinations, and other records.

Schantz Russell Family

Schantz, Florence Annie Catherine.

Material relating to the personal life of Florence Annie Catherine Schantz. Includes gifts from her brother Austin Tobias Schantz and her sister Etta Lydia Mary White (nee Schnatz).

Schantz Russell Family

Tobias and Mary Schantz family.

Material created or accumulated by various members of the Schantz-Moyer family including Arthur Benjamin Schantz, Abraham Nash Moyer, Jesse Gross Moyer, Austin Tobias Schantz and Tobias Moyer. Includes property records, ephemera, and Abraham Moyer's 1889 travel album.

Schantz Russell Family

Visual : Photographs : Reference Prints in Hanging Folders

Series consists primarily of copy prints of images originally taken between 1883 and 2001, maintained in hanging folders for corporate use: reference, publicity, etc. The series is organized numerically with each number representing a category assigned by the GRCA. Includes a "file guide" consisting of a key to the numbering system.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Dare Foods Limited : Periodicals and Advertising

Series consists of candy, biscuit and cracker manufacturing industry periodicals, pamphlets, advertisements, correspondence and machinery plans from supply and related companies. The publications were sent to The Dare Company Limited and pertain to candy and biscuit manufacturing.

Dare Foods Limited

Sunbeam Shoes Limited

Series consists of letters patent, shares, correspondence, shareholders' meeting records, accounts, financial statements, and bankruptcy records. Contains records pertaining to The Humberstone Shoe Company and Sunbeam Shoes Limited. The series is arranged chronologically.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited : Radio Advertisements

Series consists of advertisements that were produced for radio and includes auditions by performers. Advertisements were produced by J. Walter Thompson Ltd., Newberry Sound Studio Co. Ltd., Custom Advertiser’s Commercials, and D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Canada Inc. Series includes recordings of “Dream Sweet Dare,” “Lemon Creme Jingle,” and “The Magic Name is Dare.” Series consists of audio discs and includes audio reels and an audio cassette.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited : Television Advertisements

Series consists of television advertisements for Dare Foods Limited cookie, cracker and candy products. Television commercials were produced by MacLaren Advertising, Media House Productions, Enterprise Advertising, Benton & Bowles, D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles Canada Inc., TQS le mouton noir de la télé, and Télé-Métropole Inc. Commercials were broadcast throughout Canada, the United States, Japan and Germany and are in French, English, Spanish, Japanese and German. Series includes film reels, videocassettes, a CD-ROM and colour photographs.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited : Price Pages and Lists

Series consists of C.H. Doerr Company Limited price lists for cookie and candy products. The price lists are organized by region with lists for individual stores. Series includes H.S. McCabe’s price lists, formulas for cookies and candies, and “Cookie Sheets.”

Dare Foods Limited

York University

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Stanton while he was a professor at York University. Includes information on the faculty and students, as well as correspondence.

Stanton, Ralph G.

University of Manitoba

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Stanton while he was a professor at the University of Manitoba. Includes recommendations for Stanton to win a merit award, and information on the faculty.

Stanton, Ralph G.

Dare Foods Limited : Accounting Records

Series consists of licences in mortmain, accounts, stock options, correspondence, real estate and equipment leases and bills of sale, estimate for a contract, taxation records, and a share certificate book. Records pertain to The Dare Company, Limited, The Howe Candy Company Limited and Major Foods Limited.

Dare Foods Limited

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