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Published illustrations.

This series contains discrete printed items containing illustrations by Nancy-Lou Patterson, not accompanied by any correspondence or working papers.

Patterson, Nancy-Lou

Works : Sold and Donated

Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by Tony Urquhart relating to works of his that were sold or donated. Includes correspondence, ephemera, and lists of works.

Urquhart, Tony

Exhibitions : By Others

Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by Tony Urquhart relating to solo and group exhibitions of others. Includes promotional materials.

Urquhart, Tony

Anthes, J.I. Frank

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by J.I. Frank Anthes. Includes ribbons collected by J.I. Frank.

Rieder and Anthes family

Other Works and Activities

Series consists of materials created or accumulated by Barbara Smucker related to other works or activities. Includes published and self published works, materials relating to awards, events and readings, and advertising materials for Smucker's various works.

Smucker, Barbara


Series is comprised of photographs acculumated by Kay Rex. Photos include those of Rex, her family and friends as well as of holidays and events.

Rex, Kay

Executive Director's Files : Board of Directors

Series consists of the Executive Director's material relating to Board of Directors meetings and general Board information. Includes lists of Board and committee members, correspondence, agendas, minutes, memoranda, accounts, donation lists, and general records relating to the organization of non-profit boards of directors. The majority of records between 1988-1997 were distributed by Executive Director Jane Humphries.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

Schneider, Frederick P.

Series consists of material relating to the career and family life of Frederick P. Schneider, primarily clippings. Includes biographical information about and photographs of Frederick P. Schneider, as well as biographical information about his and Jane Schneider's children.

Schneider family

Centenary Committee : Working Files

Series consists of material relting to the Centenary Committee's research on creating a company archive and on publicizing the company's history through participation in the Kitchener Downtown Mural Programme. Includes correspondence, ephemera, clippings, memoranda, and articles.

Kaufman Footwear

Russell, Dorothy: Personal.

Material created or accumulated by Dorothy Etta Russell (nee White) that does not fit into any other series previously established. Includes ephemera and clippings.

Schantz Russell Family

Fish Hatchery Investigations

Series consists of material relating to fish hatchery investigations and brook trout feeding experiments carried out by Dr. John D. Detwiler from 1920-1932 in Ontario. Includes notebooks, diaries, reviews of activities, minutes, correspondence, etc.

Detwiler, John D.


Series consists of material relating to the philanthropic activities of Ross and Doris Dixon, and in particular their charitiable giving to the Big Brothers Association of Kitchener-Waterloo, the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, and other charities and organizations in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and in Hamilton. Includes some material relating to the Ross and Doris Dixon Charitable Foundation and student awards and scholarships provided by the Dixons.

Series includes correspondence and thank-you letters, certificates and plaques, newspaper clippings, statements of contributions, award applications and agreements, donation appeals and other material from charities, financial statements and committee and annual reports of charities, photographs, etc.

Dixon, Ross

Visual Materials

Series consists of visual materials created and accumulated by the Porter family. Includes photographs, prints, paintings, drawings, and printing plates.

Porter, Dana Harris


Artefacts collected by Nazla L. Dane.

Dane, Nazla L.

Manuscripts and Research

Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by John Rempel relating to his research, as well as manuscripts created by Rempel. Includes manuscripts of "Building with wood" and "A Primer on the construction and preservation of early buildings", correspondence, and research notes on various topics.

Rempel, John I.

Maps and plans.

Maps and plans collected by members of the Schantz family. Includes maps of the greater Waterloo region, as well as other areas of Canada and the United States. Some of the maps show homesteading areas in which members of the Schantz family owned property.

Schantz Russell Family

Harold A. Innis

Series consists of Anne Innis Dagg's files about her father, Harold Adams Innis. Includes typescripts of his autobiography and diaries, correspondence, information about royalties, biographial and critical material about Harold A. Innis, including papers written by Anne Innis Dagg.

Dagg, Anne Innis


This series includes two videocassettes (copy 1 and copy 2). Each videocassette show the same film footage.They both include programs re the architectural history of Toronto shown on CBLT MORNING. Dendy was a regular contributor in the fields of architecture and architechtural history for CBLT MORNING between 1985-1986.

The first program (ca. 10 mins. in duration) is entitled "Lost Horizons" and focuses on the history of the development of high rise buildings in Toronto especially commercial architecture. Dendy provides extensive commentary during this program.

The second item (about 5-10 minutes in duration) forms part of a program re Wytchwood Park which also includes commentary by Dendy re the architectural history of this neighbourhood.

Dendy, William

Schantz, Orpheus Moyer.

Material created and accumulated by Orpheus Moyer Schantz and family. Includes ephemera from Orpheus and his wife Carrie Schantz (nee Flagler).

Schantz Russell Family

William H. Kaufman Charitable Foundation

Series consists of William H. Kaufman's files relating to the organization and operation of the Foundation. Includes agreements, correspondence, handwritten notes, financial documents, minutes, reports, and planning documents.

Kaufman, William Hutton

Anthes, J.I. Frank.

Series consists of material accumulated by J.I. Frank Anthes relating to securities investing. Includes correspondence, flyers, and brochures.

Rieder and Anthes family

Correspondence: Smith, Armand

Series is comprised of correspondence between Armand Smith (nephew of Elizabeth Smith Shortt) and others. Correspondence is organized by surname of correspondent.

Shortt, Elizabeth Smith


Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by Tony Urquhart relating to solo and group exhibitions of which he has been a part. Includes ephemera, promotional materials, correspondence, etc.

Urquhart, Tony

Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister with special emphasis on Aboriginal Affairs.

This series includes material created or accumulated by Andrew Telegdi during his appointment as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister with special emphasis on Aboriginal Affairs that began on January 30, 2004 and lasted until June 27, 2004. The material reflects Telegdi’s efforts to assist the Prime Minister in carrying out their duties in the House of Commons, support key government initiatives and engage with Indigenous communities. Records include correspondence, news releases, material from conferences and roundtable discussions, a copy of the Coast Salish News, and other textual items.

Telegdi, Andrew

Local History

Series consists of two issues of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, commemorating Canada's centennial and Kitchener's 125th anniversary.

Pequegnat, Marcel


Series consists of slides taken by Robert Dorney that document the environment and animals in many sites across North America.

Dorney, Robert

Publication Process

Series consists of files which appear appear to be Mary McDougall Maude's files and Wendy Cameron's files. The folders contain material relating to editing the manuscript and correspondence, faxes, e-mails and other working papers circulated among the primary researchers for comment and correction. The "primary researchers" in this case are Wendy Cameron, Mary McDougall Maude, Shela Haines, Leigh Lawson, Brenda Dougall Merriman and sometimes Gwen Peroni.

The Jackman Foundation


Series consists of artifacts created and accumulated by Eric Gill. Includes one original woodblock for the print "The Pardoner's Tale" as well as glass plate negatives of various Gill prints.

Gill, Eric


Photographic prints and negatives. Prints include a ca. 1885 portrait of Peter H. Sims, three photographs of W.L. Mackenzie King given to Harvey by King, as well as negatives of Chicopee house and grounds, and of the Sims family.

Sims family

Executive Officers Files : Administration of A & C Boehmer Limited

Series consists of records relating to the administration and the potential sale of A & C Boehmer Limited (Kitchener, ON), accumulated and used by Carl A. Pollock and John A. Pollock in their roles as company directors. The company operated as the Boehmer Box Co., a family-run paper box manufacturing company established in 1874 in Kitchener. Carl Pollock was a director, secretary-treasurer, and vice-president of the company.

In 1974, the directors authorized Floyd Boehmer (president), Carl Pollock, and John Pollock to attempt the sale of the company, but it is unclear whether the company was actually sold at that time. Series includes financial statements, correspondence, memoranda, reports, agreements, ms. notes, and other material.


Administration : Secretary Treasurer's Files : E.F. Roberts

Series consists of files belonging to E.F. Roberts, Secretary Treasurer of the Grand River Conservation Commission, dating from 1942 until 1960 concerning all aspects of the organization, administration and operations of the Commission. The Secretary-Treasurer's position was where all roads crossed with one person overseeing finance and accounting; personnel; land acquisition and management; dam project management; relations with municipalities, government departments and ordinary citizens; environmental monitoring and reforestation. Includes correspondence, financial statements accompanied by supporting invoices etc., minutes, reports, clippings, land deeds, blueprints, sketches and ephemera. The early years of E.F. Roberts tenure are not well represented in these records, most likely the result of a space-saving exercise conducted at some time in the past.

Grand River Conservation Commission

Company History Files

Series consists of material relating to the history of Greb Industries Limited and its predecessor, the Greb Shoe Company Limited. Includes press clippings, scrapbooks of press clippings, correspondence and memoranda, speeches, agreements and leases, advertising material, price lists, photographs, and other material. Material probably collected and compiled by Charles E. Greb.

Greb Industries Limited

Works by James Downey : The Eighteenth Century Pulpit

Series consists of James Downey's The Eighteenth Century Pulpit proofs and research materials. This book was published by Oxford University Press in 1969. Inlcudes manuscripts, typescripts, notes and other material.

Downey, James


Series consists of materials relating to Stanton's personal life and interests. Includes an address book, correspondence, and files kept on topics of personal interest.

Stanton, Ralph G.

Dare Foods Limited : Major Foods Limited

Series consists of letters patent, correspondence, financial statements, accounting records, and payroll journals for Major Foods Limited. The series is arranged in the order in which the files were received.

Dare Foods Limited

Newspaper Clippings

Series consists of newspaper clippings collected by Michael Vaughan during his involvement with the MLA as a member and then chair of the Committee on Land Use, Taxation, and Highways (1969-1982); and then as vice-president (1982-1984) and president (1984-1986) of the association.

Clippings relate to the activities of and issues of interest to the MLA. Includes clippings from newspapers in the Muskoka region and some clippings from Toronto or national newspapers. Some clippings are photocopies, and some include memoranda or annotations for or by Vaughan.

Muskoka Lakes Association


Series consists of discrete items, including the first river flow recording gauge used by the GRCA, the GVCA banner and several engraving plates of GRCA logos.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Maps and Plans

File consists of maps created by, or relevant to, the GRCA. Includes an historic conservation map, as well as a historic watershed act.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Program Files

Series consists of files created and maintained by the K-W YWCA on various programs and events. Includes information on adult and children's programs, fitness programs, education programs, and events. Includes correspondence, planning information, program evaluations, minutes, reports, etc.

Young Women's Christian Association of Kitchener-Waterloo


Series consists of miscellaneous material relating to a contribution by Electrohome to a charitable cause in the community and to the activities of company president Zoltan D. Simo. Includes a certificate and a thank-you card.


Works by James Downey: Manuscripts

Series is comprised of works written by James Downey. Includes offprints of scholarly articles, articles published in university publications and materials related to his works on Sterne.

Downey, James

Correspondence: Shortt, Lorraine

Series is comprised of correspondence between Lorraine Shortt (daughter of Elizabeth Smith Shortt) and others. Correspondence is organized by surname of correspondent.

Shortt, Elizabeth Smith

Cook, Ella Anthes.

Series consists of material created and accumulated by Ella Anthes Cook. Includes autograph albums, a scrapbook, ephemera, and correspondence.

Rieder and Anthes family


Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by Kay Rex relating to trips taken both for pleasure and for business. Includes materials from trips to Mexico, Nigeria and Yugoslavia including photographs, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, etc.

Rex, Kay

Audio Visual and Realia

Series consists of audio visual materials including radio and television advertisements, data tapes, and artefacts relating to tires, Dominion Rubber, and Uniroyal.

Dominion Rubber Company

Schneider, Frederick H.

Series consists of biographical information and photographs relating to Ella Daniels Schneider and Frederick H. Schneider.

Schneider family

Marcel Pequegnat : Personal

Series consists of material relating to the Marcel Pequegnat Scholarship established by the Grand Valley Conservation Foundation. Includes a letter to Pequegnat and an issue of the Grand River Conservation Authority's newsletter, On the Grand.

Pequegnat, Marcel


Series consists of approximately 40,000 slides depicting architecture, urban space, and landscape in Canada and elsewhere. The total number of Canadian slides in this collection is 17,550 and the total number of American slides is 7,000. This represents sixty-one percent of the slides in the total collection. The remaining slides cover European countries (especially England), as well as Central and South America, the Far East and other places.
Eighty percent of these slides were taken by Dendy himself. The remaining slides are graphic in nature i.e. they depict plans, maps, old photographs, architectural drawings, paintings. Many of these slides have been taken from city archives and appear to be in the public domain.

Dendy, William

University of Manitoba

Series consists of materials created and accumulated by Stanton while he was a professor at the University of Manitoba. Includes recommendations for Stanton to win a merit award, and information on the faculty.

Stanton, Ralph G.

Annual Meetings : Budget Information Packages

Series consists of budget information for the Annual Meeting of the Grand River Conservation Authority appended to the agenda and GRCA membership list. This information does not appear to be included in the bound volumes of minutes. The bound volumes appear to contain only the minutes and resolutions, not the agendas and supporting documents.

Grand River Conservation Authority

Negatives: K-W Record History

Series consists of negatives created by the K-W Record of the history of the newspapers and the companies which owned it. Contains approxamitely 2500 negatives.

Kitchener-Waterloo Record


Series is comprised of materials created and accumulated by John Rempel relating to his professional and personal activities. Includes materials relating to LACAC and historic preservation and restoration as well as teaching materials created by Rempel while at Danforth Technical School.

Rempel, John I.

Speeches and Addresses

Series consists of transcripts and notes of speeches and addressed given by Dana Porter. Includes speeches from convocations, luncheons, meetings, etc. Some speeches are described individually and some in files grouped together by year.

Porter, Dana Harris

Accounting Records

Series consists of accounting records for the Westmount Construction Company, as well as for Westmont Enterprises Limited and its subsidiaries, from around 1952 to 1989. Also present are some accounting records for Ross Dixon Financial Services from around 1982 to 1989. Includes accounting journal pages, general ledger pages, and handwritten notes.

Dixon, Ross


Series consists of the Muskoka Lakes Association yearbook for the years 1993 to 2006, and an association handbook from 1988.

Muskoka Lakes Association

White, Etta Lydia Mary.

Material created and accumulated by Etta Lydia Mary White (nee Schantz). Includes an autograph book, notebooks, and a Christmas card from her husband Ward White.

Schantz Russell Family

Works by James Downey : Manuscripts

Series consists of manuscripts and typescripts of works by James Downey, some with corrections and annotations. Includes a carbon ts. of the work that was to be published in 1969 under the title The Eightenth Century Pulpit.

Downey, James

Public Relations

Series consists of material relating to the public relations activities of Greb Industries Limited, and in particular to the Greb Hiking Bureau, a project organized by Greb Shoes to promote recreational hiking in Canada, but also includes material relating to the Oktoberfest road races, sponsored by the company. Includes pamphlets, reports, news releases, and other material.

Greb Industries Limited

Schneider, Frederick H.

Series consists of material relating to the life and career of Frederick H. Schneider, as well as material relating to his wife Ella (Daniels) Schneider. Consists primarily of photographs, biographical information, genealogical information about Ella Daniels family, ephemera relating to the marriage and funerals of Frederick H. and Ella Schneider, and photographs and publications relating to the Industrial and Development Council of Canadian Meat Packers and the Kitchener-Waterloo Rotary Club.

Schneider family

Audio-visual materials.

Audio-visual materials created and accumulated by Donald Cowan, possibly for research and teaching purposes and presentations. Includes slides, negatives, transparencies, photographs, and audio-cassettes that are primarily related to various aspects of computer science at the University of Waterloo.

Cowan, Donald D.


Series consists of miscellaneous materials relating to the life and interests of the Pincock and Maines families and friends. Includes photographs, manuscript and typescript. notes and drafts, ephemera, etc.

Maines Pincock Family

MisEducation : Women and Canadian Universities

Series consists of material relating to Anne Innis Dagg's book MisEducation : Women and Canadian Universities, Written with Pat J. Thompson. Includes research files containing correspondence, ms. notes, ephemera, and copies of publications. Also includes a ts. of the draft accepted for publication.

Dagg, Anne Innis


Photographs of members of the extended Schantz Russell families and of the Bowman family.

Schantz Russell Family

Russell, Dorothy : Teaching.

Material relating to Dorothy Russell's qualifications for teaching and to her performance in the classrooms. Includes certificates and inspector's reports.

Schantz Russell Family

Centenary Committee : Topical Files

Series consists of material about the history of the Kaufman Rubber Co. collected by or submitted to the Centenary Committee for the purpose of preparing a history for the 100th Anniversary of the company. Includes information about the premises, operations and individuals associated with the company. Consists of articles, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, interviews, photographs, and information from previous anniversaries.

Kaufman Footwear


Series consists of various ephemera created and accumulated by Eric Gill, included printed material that is not related to one of the presses with which Gill was involved. Includes clippings, announcements, advertisements, dust jackets, etc. Also includes materials related to Gill's typefaces.

Gill, Eric

George Cluthé Files

Series consists of material relating to the management of the George Cluthé Foundation. The George Cluthé Foundation, currently a fund managed by KWCF, was founded Oct. 8, 1974 by George Joseph Cluthé. Includes records pertaining to the incorporation of the Foundation and its charitable status, the Foundation's seal, by-laws, lists of directors, lists of members, accounts, minutes, correspondence, donation requests, tax records, bank statements, and receipts.

Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

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