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Scholarship Fund.

File consists of records documenting activities related to the scholarship fund administered by the Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship between 1958 to 1971 focused on providing financial aid to new, young Canadians for higher education purposes. Included are the names of scholarship winners; the name of contributors to the scholarship fund; as well as correspondence from the Council to contributors explaining how the funds were distributed among the winners. File also contains records regarding the rules and eligibility for the scholarship and some completed applications.

Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship

English-speaking Classes.

File records the activities of the Kitchener-Waterloo Council of Friendship regarding their program for English-Speaking classes, dating between 1967 to 1970. Includes blank forms on employee's tax deductions, employment contract forms, as well as citizenship employment with the Ontario provincial government for applications as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching position. There are also order forms for language textbooks and news clippings about registration for English classes with the YWCA in Kitchener. Correspondence in the file pertain to exchanges between Minnie Maines and the Ontario government's citizenship branch regarding the establishment of English classes for new immigrants to Canada.

Barrett Autograph Collection.

  • SCA89-GA59
  • Collection
  • 1716-1827, 1841

Collection contains prints of Canadian landscapes done by William Henry Bartlett in 1841 and portraits of prominent 17th and 18th century politicians from Europe and Canada. Also included are letters from English prime ministers dating around the 1700s. The collection is arranged in one series consisting of print engravings, a file of Bartlett prints, and a scrapbook containing letters.

Bartlett, W. H. (William Henry)

Waldo Thompson correspondence.

  • SCA55-GA31
  • Collection
  • 1884-1889

Two letters thanking Thompson Waldo for providing a copy of his book, "Swampscott: historical sketches of the town". One letter is from C.B. Tillinghast, Acting Librarian at Boston, dated August 18, 1884 and the other is from Howard B. Nicholson, a librarian at Bodleian at the University of Oxford, dated November 19, 1889.

Thompson, Waldo

Sir Tyrone Guthrie letter.

  • SCA54-GA30
  • Collection
  • 1970

Letter written by Tyrone Guthrie to Marvin Brown, Associate Dean of Arts at the University of Waterloo. The letter is dated May 10, 1970, and discusses Guthrie's availability and services.

Guthrie, Tyrone

Dion Calthrop Clayton letter.

  • SCA53-GA29
  • Collection
  • January 21, 1936

Contains one letter dated January 21, 1963 and addressed to "My Dear Jean" from Dion Calthrop Clayton regarding his book. Underneath the body of the letter is a drawing in black ink of a person blowing on a trumpet. There is also a separate, folded leaflet included with the letter titled, "In Memoriam 1881-1937". Inside the leaflet is a black and white profile shot of Calthrop.

Calthrop, Dion William Palgrave Clayton

Eugene Ferrin Clark fonds.

  • SCA50-GA27
  • Fonds
  • 1894-1922, predominantly 1920-1922

Fonds contains autographs collected by Eugene Ferrin Clark from various British and American actors. Correspondence from Clark to various people soliciting autographs and autographed photographs are included.

1. Granville Barker also G. Barker’s autograph
2. John Randolph Bolling; November 23, 1921
3. Witter Bynner, New York; December 12, 1921/December 21, 1921
4. W. L. George, New York; October 22, 1920
5. B. Roland Lewis, University of Utah; December 14, 1919/December 19, 1919
6. Joseph Pennell, London/Philadelphia; June 8, 1913/November 16, 1919
7. G. Rollin, Chicago; May 10, 1919

Autographs collected by Clark:
8. George Arlis, Walter Hampden, Victor Herbert, William Hodge, James Hunellar, Oliver Lodge, Nance O’Neil, Eugene O’Neill, A.C. Read, Chauncey Brewster Tinker

9. Floral Tributes on Grave of Actor James O’Neill, 1920 and photographs with autograph signatures of:

  • Nazimova, n.d.;
  • Henry Irving dated 1894;
  • Anton Lang as Jesus dated 1922;
  • Anton Lang dated 1922;
  • Guido Moyr dated 1922.

Clark, Eugene Ferrin

Lester P. Breckenridge correspondence.

  • SCA47-GA26
  • Collection
  • 1912, 1918, 1921

Fonds consists of correspondence to Lester Paige Breckenridge from Anson Stokes, William H. Taft, A.T. Hadley and Hiram Bingham, dating from 1912 to 1921. Three of the letters have a Yale University header and are addressed to Breckenridge in New Haven, Connecticut.

List of correspondence:

  • Anson Stokes, New Haven, Conn. - November 1912
  • William H. Taft, New Haven, Conn. - March 19, 1918
  • A. T. Hadley, Yale University - May 16, 1918
  • Hiram Bingham, New Haven Conn. - December 1, 1921

Breckenridge, Lester Paige

Letter to Joseph Jefferson from Jan Larue.

  • SCA45-GA25
  • Collection
  • [18-?]

Collection consists of one undated typescript letter to Joseph Jefferson from Jan Larue in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. The letter requests Jefferson put in a good word for Larue. Also included is an undated photograph card of Joseph Jefferson, taken by Gilbert & Bacon studios in Philadelphia.

Cyril Joad letter.

  • SCA35-GA19
  • Collection
  • February 16, 1928

Letter to Sir Oswald Stoll from Cyril Joad regarding Stoll's book "The Grand Survival" dated February 16, 1928 and addressed to Stroll at Hampstead in London, England.

William Wilfred Campbell fonds.

  • SCA30-GA17
  • Fonds
  • ca. 1886 - [19-?]

Documents and published poems written by William Wilfred Campbell, dating to the late 19th century. Some of the poems are autographed while others have written annotations and corrections. Also a letter by J.S. McCuaig, dated May 17, 1886, about a request for the Crown's recognition of John A. Macdonald. The letter came with attached resolutions about a meeting of the Liberal Conservative Association at Town Hall Cherry Valley in 1886. Photocopy of pamphlet titled “The Dominion Campaign!: Sir John Macdonald on the Questions at Issue Before the People: The Premier's Great Speech Before the Workingmen of Toronto”.

1. to My Dear Sir from J. S. McCuaig re recognition by Crown of Sir John A. Macdonald. May 17, 1886

2. Untitled [part of "The Last Ride"]
3. "An August Reverie"
4. "The Children of the Light"
5. "A Day in June" [autographed]
6. "The Dread Voyage"
7. "Life"
8. "The Were-Wolves"[autographed, unpublished?]
9. "Winter"
10. "The Cloud Maiden" [autographed], 1892

Published material:
11. "Premonitions"
12. "The Dead Leader", June 10, 1891

13. Resolutions [Came attached to correspondence 1]

14. "The Dominion Campaign. Sir John MacDonald on the Question at Issue before the People. The Premier's Great Speech before the Working men of Toronto"

Campbell, William Wilfred

Letter to G.S. Payson from Patrick Foley.

  • SCA28-GA16
  • Collection
  • April 23, 1898

Consists of a single holograph letter from Patrick Foley to G.S. Payson dated April 23, 1898 and addressed to Boston, Massachusetts. The contents of the letter focuses on Nathaniel Hawthorne's book, "Doctor Grimshawe's Secret".

John William Dawson correspondence.

  • SCA26-GA15
  • Collection
  • April 17, 1878

Contains of a single holograph letter, dated April 17, 1878, written by Sir John William Dawson to an unidentified recipient about the conflict between science and religion.

Dawson, John William, Sir

David M. Netterfield correspondence.

  • SCA20-GA11
  • Collection
  • 1958

Typescript letter regarding lumbering on Lake Huron, Ontario written by David M. Netterfield. The letter describes the history of the Spanish River Lumber Company that operated near the Sauble River, between 1882 and the 1940's, focusing on the 20th century history of the company. Account makes reference to the Spanish River Indian Reserve, Wahnapitae, Ontario, the Great Lakes Storm of 1913 and the Mississauga Timber Reserve. Also included is a business card dated July 14, 1958, for Noranda Mines Limited located in Toronto, Ontario with a handwritten note that reads: Thought this might interest you. Hope you had a good trip. Hank. 14 July/58."

Netterfield, David M.

Correspondence: miscellaneous personal (1 of 2).

File consists of one hundred four items of miscellaneous correspondence between James Downey and others for the years 2001-2002. Correspondents include:

  • Aitken, Lady Violet
  • Astry, Sophia
  • Christodoulou, Joan
  • Claxton, Lois
  • Cohen, Reuben
  • Costello, Mark J.
  • Cuff, Harry
  • Dann, Moira
  • Davenoprt, Paul
  • Elder, Bobby
  • Flinn, Tyson
  • Giroux, Robert
  • Graham, Kenneth
  • Gunn, Maureen
  • Hamer, Kathy
  • Hallman, Lyle S.
  • Heaney, Seamus
  • Higgins, Michael
  • Hnatyshyn, Ramon John
  • Humby, Reuben
  • Hunter, Robert J.
  • John, David G.
  • Kerr, Mike
  • King, Everard H.
  • Konrad, Helmut
  • La Forest, Marie & Gerry
  • Lynch, Mary Louise
  • MacDonald, Alastair
  • Maiden, Colin & Jenefor
  • McLaughlin, John
  • McQueen, Trina
  • Migus, Doris
  • Miller, Judith
  • Montague, Susan
  • Mouteon, Alice
  • Moulton, Ed
  • NB Sports Hall of Fame
  • Ostry, Sylvia
  • Pollock, Joyce
  • Richards, Marilyn
  • Saunders Bellingham, Susan
  • Scott, Catherine
  • Sedra, Adel
  • Sehorn, Gerry
  • Shepherd, Murray
  • Simpson, Ronald
  • Sims, Betty
  • Stewart, James
  • Sudal, Barbara
  • Teron, Jean
  • Thompson, Mary
  • Yan, May.

Downey, James

Landmarks in World History.

Materials related to the course History 100/100T “Landmarks in World History” taught by Patrick Harrigan, Hugh MacKinnon, and James Walker at the University of Waterloo. Includes syllabi, final exams, lecture schedules, course outline, related correspondence and memoranda, and instructions for assignments.

Walker, James

Landmarks in World History introductory lecture.

Materials related to the course History 100/100T “Landmarks in World History” taught by Patrick Harrigan, Hugh MacKinnon, and James Walker at the University of Waterloo. Includes notes for the introductory lecture, syllabus, and related correspondence.

Walker, James

Role of Librarians at the University of Waterloo: request for revisions.

An item of correspondence sent to Murray Shepherd, University Librarian, from Amos Lakos, Librarian; Jim Parrot, Librarian; and Irwin Rodin, Librarian, providing a list of requested revisions to the document titled, "Role of Librarians at the University of Waterloo," as well as a rationale for an elected rather than an appointed committee to review the document. Lakos, Parrot, and Rodin provided these revisions at the request of the Role of Librarians Document Review Committee.

Librarians' and Archivists' Association of the University of Waterloo

Correspondence: miscellaneous personal.

File consists of forty three items of correspondence between James Downey and others for the year 2003. Correspondents include:

  • Aitken, Lady Violet
  • Charette, Brent
  • Clark, Ian D.
  • Cuff, Harry
  • de Jocas, Michel
  • Eaton, Fred
  • Elder, Bobby
  • Hamer, Kathryn
  • Harding, Robert J,
  • Hartman, Norman
  • Koen, Lorne
  • Keonick, Wayne
  • Kilbride, Helen
  • Montague, Susan
  • Murdock, Ian
  • Ruben, Allen
  • Shepherd, Murray
  • Simpson, Ron & Charlotte
  • Strople, Stephen
  • Tausig Ford, Christine
  • Teron, Jean
  • Thompson, John
  • Tucker, Mary
  • University of Waterloo
  • Walker, Bud
  • Wills, Jenny
  • Witmer, Elizabeth
  • Woerner, Anna.

Downey, James


Correspondence and reference documents related to the representation of librarians by the FAUW, including an attempt to restart negotiations in keeping with article 12.2(a) of the FAUW MOA. Other topics include the representation of librarians at the FAUW board meetings, a document titled "Librarians and FAUW: a Brief History of Events concerning Representation" prepared by Anne Fullerton; a letter to Waterloo president David Johnston from CAUT president Victor M. Catano outlining concerns regarding the replacement of retiring University Librarian [Murray Shepherd] with a staff appointment; and a printed web list of LAUW members from 2001.

Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo

Faculty representation and academic status: first attempt.

Records created and accumulated by the Librarians’ Association of the University of Waterloo (LAUW) that document the association’s first attempt to obtain faculty representation and academic status. Includes handwritten notes and the results of votes in December 1991 and November 1992 which showed the majority of LAUW members were interested in pursuing faculty representation and prepared to join the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo (FAUW). Also contains correspondence sent and received by LAUW, FAUW, and others notably including statements released by Murray Shepherd, University Librarian, in 1991 and 1993 outlining his stance on the matter as well as letters sent by Shabiran Rahaman, LAUW president, in 1992 to administrators indicating LAUW’s intention to work towards affiliation with FAUW.

Librarians' and Archivists' Association of the University of Waterloo

Correspondence : Order of Canada (1 of 2).

File consists of 48 items of correspondence to Tony Urquhart congratulating him on receiving the Order of Canada. Correspondents include:

  • Adler, B&H;
  • Ainslie, Jock & Hill;
  • Banks, Robin;
  • Beynon, Aggie;
  • Black, Catherine;
  • Blain, Brad;
  • Burnett, Virgil;
  • Carson, Judith;
  • Downer, Roger;
  • Downey, James;
  • Brender a Brandis, Gerard;
  • Brox, James A.;
  • Burns, Ausra & Jeffrey;
  • Chilton, Al & Evelyn;
  • Dickson, Jennifer;
  • [Elmasry?], Abe; Flood, A.L.;
  • Gatenby, Greg;
  • Gold-Smith, Susan;
  • Hafermann, Adolf & Emily;
  • Jackman, Henry;
  • Linarf, Frederic;
  • Marsden, Lorna;
  • [Mitchusan?], Wendy and Lingwood, Rex;
  • Pearson, Landon;
  • Pratt, Mary; Quinn, Norah & Cliff;
  • Quinn, Ruth & Bill;
  • Rae, Bob;
  • Richardson, John;
  • Rosenblatt, Joe;
  • Saunders Bellingham, Susan;
  • Scott, Barry;
  • Shepherd, Murray;
  • Smart, Steve;
  • Somer, Mendel M.;
  • Stacey, Bob;
  • Stubbs, John;
  • Sylvester, [Gaitorne?];
  • Welker, Ron;
  • Witmer, Elizabeth.

Urquhart, Tony

Public History.

Materials related to the course History 250 “The Art and Craft of History,” also titled “Public History” taught by James Walker and M. Craton in 1989; Walker and Royce MacGillivray in 1995; and Walker and Patrick Harrigan in 1997 at the University of Waterloo. Includes syllabi, related correspondence and memoranda, final exams, instructions for assignments, notes for lectures, and materials for class and handouts.

Walker, James

September 25, 1915.

One letter from Minnie Roberts to Eda Furhnam dated September 25, 1915. The letter discusses gossip about people who live in Kitchener [then Berlin] and the September 22, 1915 New York subway tunnel explosion and collapse. Includes accompanying envelope.

Minnie Roberts correspondence collection.

  • SCA446-GA520
  • Collection
  • 1911-1915

A group of correspondence from Minnie Roberts, to her friend Eda Fuhrman. Minnie sent the letters to Eda who was still living in Kitchener, while she was living and working as a nurse in New York City. The letters detail her experiences as a nurse, her private life, and her thoughts on friends and family.

October 31, 1915.

One letter from Minnie Roberts to Eda Furhnam dated October 31, 1915 written on paper with letterhead of The Tuberculosis Clinic of Mount Sinai Hospital. The letter discusses gossip that has made its way between Kitchener [then Berlin] and New York City, as well as Minnie's confrontation of Meta Oberlander, who she believed was gossiping about her. It also discusses a large church service being held that night by the church. The letter is marked at the top "burn this". Also includes the accompanying envelope.

November 24, 1912.

One letter from Minnie Roberts to Eda Furhnam dated November 24, 1912. The letter discusses Minnie's experience on maternity rotation as a nurse. Includes accompanying envelope.

August 27, 1912.

One letter from Minnie Roberts to Eda Furhnam dated August 27, 1912. The letter discusses that Minnie will soon be going on maternity training, a suitor who has come to see her, Eda's experiences at the teacher's meetings, and gossip about people in both New York and Kitchener [then Berlin]. Includes accompanying envelope.

February 25, 1912.

One letter from Minnie Roberts to Eda Furhnam dated February 25, 1912 and on written on paper with letterhead from Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. The letter discusses gossip in Kitchener [then Berlin], Minnie's desire to return home and work at the shoe factory, and her graduation. Includes accompanying envelope.

October 1911.

One letter from Minnie Roberts to Eda Furhnam dated October 1911, and written on paper with letterhead from the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City. The letter discusses courses that Minnie is taking in medicine [likely at the Mount Sinai Hospital Training School for Nurses], the Canadian elections of 1911, and her plans to return to Kitchener [then Berlin] in six months. Includes envelope the letter was held in, which is dated May 7, 1913.

Correspondence to Martin Anthes.

File consists of 28 German letters from between 1867 and 1872. The majority of the letters were written by Reverend Jacob Anthes, from the Carrick and Port Elgin areas of Ontario, to his parents Martin and Catharina Anthes, in Baden and New Hamburg in Waterloo County. They document his young family's experience living in a new place while he preached, sometimes at long-distances, attempting to convert people to the Evangelical Association Church. Included are references to the Anthes family's health and living situation, local weather and farming conditions, and happenings related to the day to day lives of people with whom he interacted.

File also includes one unidentified letter; an agreement [?] signed by Rev. Anthes, Glenlyon, Bruce Co.; and invoices, one for Martin Anthes' account at a store in New Hamburg signed by Jacob [Niebel?].

Rieder and Anthes family


Clippings, correspondence and one photograph related to the history of the company including staffing changes and the use of heavy machinery.

Kaufman Footwear

Kaufman Rubber Co. : history.

File contains correspondence, one photograph, clippings and photocopies relating to proposed publishing projects relating to Kaufman history.

Kaufman Footwear

Jobs Ontario training fund announcement.

Photographs and contact sheets of pictures taken for the announcement of the Jobs Ontario training fund for Kaufman Footwear. Includes correspondence to Phil Henly from Nancy Bennet.

Kaufman Footwear

Footprint file.

File consists of matrial relating to content of The Footprint, including unsolicited testimonial letters. Includes correspondence, ephemera, clippings and snapshots.

Kaufman Footwear


File consists of material relating to content of The Footprint. Includes correspondence, memoranda, clippings and ephemera.

Kaufman Footwear


File consists of material relating to content of The Footprint. Includes correspondence and ephemera.

Kaufman Footwear


File consists of material relating to content of The Footprint. Includes correspondence, memoranda, clippings, ephemera and snapshots.

Kaufman Footwear


File consists of material relating to content of The Footprint. Includes correspondence, ephemera and snapshots.

Kaufman Footwear

Letters, late 1970's.

File consists of 118 pieces of correspondence (handwritten and typed originals) to Stan Johannesen from family, friends, academic colleagues and others, including 33 letter copies from Stan in reply. Includes greeting cards, postcards, and memoranda. Also in the folder are ephemera and unattributed original pencil sketches of furniture and landscapes.

Johannesen, S.K.

Correspondence 1973-2010 (file 1 of 4).

File consists of 147 pieces of correspondence (handwritten and typed originals) to Stan Johannesen from family, friends, academic colleagues, publishers, and other, including 27 original letters from Stan in reply. Includes greeting cards, postcards, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, photographs and other memoranda. Also included in the file are:

  • ca.46 pages of notes (handwritten and typed originals) by Stan related to his works;
  • two books reviews by Stan;
  • four unattributed ink sketches with colour of furniture;
  • two unattributed sketches of the female form;
  • two unattributed poems;
  • promotional posters for Stan's book releases and book talks;
  • two editions of The Gazette newspaper;
  • Historical Reflections Summer 1975; and
  • other ephemera.

There are also copies of the following essays and papers:

  • "Material Shapes and Collective Memory: A Norwegian Pentecostal Congregation in Brooklyn";
  • "Holy Ghost";
  • "Republicanism as Piety: The Self and the Sacred in America";
  • "John Turnbull's Declaration of Independence: The Minimalist Society of the American Enlightenment";
  • "Dickinson's 'Farmer' in American Revolutionary Consciousness";
  • "Collective Perception and American Design: Large Case Furniture in the Chippendale Style"; and
  • a screenplay for "Sister Patsy".

Johannesen, S.K.

Letters, late 1960's and early 1970's.

File consists of 85 pieces of correspondence (handwritten and typed originals) to Stan Johannesen from academic colleagues, family, friends, and others, including seven letter copies from Stan in reply. Includes greeting cards, postcards, and other memoranda. File also includes poems (attributed to S.), poems by Meg Kamen, and other ephemera.

Johannesen, S.K.

Bowman family fonds.

Thirteen items of correspondence between members of the Bowman family. The topics of correspondence include updates on relatives, current issues and news in Waterloo Region, the American Civil War, and more.

The members of the Bowman family represented in the correspondence include children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Rev. Joseph O. Bowman (1766-1849) and Christian Bowman (1766-1824). Although the families share a common distant ancestor the commonality of families in the set of correspondence represented here comes from Elizabeth Bowman (b. 1844) and Nancy Bowman (1839-1925), both children of Samuel B. Bowman, marrying brothers Allan (1841-1928) and Simon (b. 1844) Bowman, children of Samuel W. Bowman. A more complete family tree is included in file 1 of the fonds.

Bowman family

Correspondence from D. Smith, Hudson's Bay Co., Montreal.

Letter from [David] Smith to Colin Rankin regarding Rankin's appointment as Factor of the Hudson's Bay Company. The letter makes reference to Rankin receiving a commission and Copy of Deed Poll and Indenture. File includes the commission in the form of a certificate with seal dated April 9, 1872.

Rankin, Colin

Correspondence from John G. Smith, Hudson's Bay House, London, England.

Letter from John G. Smith to Colin Rankin regarding Rankin's promotion to Chief Trader of the Hudson's Bay Company. File includes Rankin's commission in the form of a certificate with seal dated June 30, 1868 that was to be issued to Rankin after his singing of a Deed of Covenant accepting the position.

Rankin, Colin

Personal correspondence.

Contents: file consists of two postcards and two greeting cards addressed to Anne Innis Dagg. The cards are from Harold Innis, Mary Quayle Innis, Anne and Louise.

Innis, Harold Adams

European correspondence.

File consists of 32 items of correspondence sent by Anne Innis Dagg to her family in Canada during the course of her 1956 trip to Europe. Includes letters from England, France, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Germany and Austria.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Australia correspondence.

File consists of 12 items of correspondence sent by Anne Innis Dagg to family in Canada while in Australia for her husband Ian Dagg's sabbatical.

Dagg, Anne Innis

Emanuel, Victor Rousseau, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.

Type- and manuscript letters received from Emanuel, and carbon copies of letters sent to him in return. The letters are predominantly about the development, writing and publication of stories by Emanuel under his own name or one of his pseudonyms, as well as serializations by other authors Emanuel admired or drew inspiration from, and rates paid for published stories. Exchanges of a more personal nature appear through out, touch on topics such as the potential purchase of land, plans for a trip to Quebec or Sault Ste. Marie, etc.

Titles referenced include to:

  • Anne Ives, Mascot (1911)
  • Big Muskeg (1921)
  • Captain Mark (1918)
  • Death March, The (1910)
  • Devil Chair, The (1912)
  • Flights of Francois (1918)
  • Fool's Mirth (1912)
  • Isabel Marston (1912-)
  • Labyrinth, The (1918)
  • Last of the Family, The (1918)
  • League of Lost Causes, The (1912)
  • Leaves from a Diplomatist's Notebook (1918)
  • Lion's Jaws (1919)
  • Man With the Camera Eyes, The (1912)
  • Messiah of the Cylinder, The (1918)
  • Minitaur, The (1918)
  • Monsieur Loup (1943)
  • Quest of Gentle Hazard, The (1912)
  • Saul and David (1918)
  • Sea Demons (1918)
  • Under the Black Flag (1911-)
  • Valley of the Sleeping Slaves, The (1919)
  • White Lily Murder, The (1921)
  • Wooden Spoil (1918)

International Press Bureau

Correspondence: miscellaneous personal.

File consists of fifty two items of miscellaneous personal correspondence between James Downey and others for the years 1999-2000. Correspondents include: Adam, Stuart; Archer, Kate; Beattie, Lorraine; Bird, Phil; Butt, Arthur; Campbell, Douglas; Clark, Ian; Cook, John; Cowan, Ann; Flagg, Mary; Frampton, Ethel; Gaulin, Michel; George, Peter; Giroux, Robert; Globe and Mail; Globus, Swani & Morton; Green, Bert; Higgins, Michael; Kalbfleisch, Jim; Konrad, Helmut; Lynch, David; Maymusson, Lynne; McKane, Paul; Milne-Smith, Carol & Ian; Mitchell, Paul D.; Mogridge, Behill; Morris, Claire & John; Parr-Johnston, Elizabeth; Patterson, Stephen E.; Pereira, Maria C.; Piper, Martha; Rymes, Tom K.; Sevcik, Ken; Shantz, Susan; Sievwright, Georgia; Simpson, Ronald D.; Skibsrud, Johanna; Smith, Rev. Mary; Van Loon, Richard J.; Vinnicombe, Elizabeth; Wicks, Ed; Wiffen, Bob; Woerner, Anna; Zanna, Betsy.

Downey, James

Correspondence: miscellaneous personal.

File consists of thirty items of miscellaneous personal correspondence between James Downey and others for the years 1999-2000. Correspondents include: Aitken, Lady Violet; Banks, Robin & Marjory; Beckett, Barry; Blok-Anderson, Uffe & Sharon; Carragher, Bridie; Cavan, Rosemary; Claxton, Lois; The Ditchley Foundation; Dixon, Ross & Doris; Gavin, Rhonda; George, Alan; George, Peter; Golini, Vera; Green, Bert; H[?], Reuben; Johnston, Wayne; Kalbfleisch, Jim; Kerton, Robert & Bari; Lafonest, Gerry & Marie; MacLaughlin, Wade; Montague, Susan; Polonsky, Gary; Pond, Ron; Rees, Nicholas; Shantz, Susan; Sharp, Allan; Shaw, Robert; Trotter, Barb; White, Terrence.

Downey, James

Memorandum of Agreement - Librarians.

Correspondence and clippings regarding negotiations between the FAUW and the University of Waterloo regarding the representation of librarians by the FAUW in keepig with article 12.2(a) of the FAUW Memorandum of Agreement. Of note are memos exchanged by Fred McCrourt, FAUW president, and Jim Kalbfleisch, Vice-President Academic & Provost, regarding two November meetings between the negotiating teams, subsequent communications related to the outcome and disagreement about whether negotiations had, in fact, concluded.

Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo

Faculty representation under FAUW unionization attempt.

Records created and accumulated by the Librarians’ Association of the University of Waterloo (LAUW) that document the association’s efforts to obtain faculty representation during the Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo’s (FAUW) unionization attempt between 1995 and 1996. Ultimately, the unionization attempt failed and the revised Memorandum of Agreement between FAUW and the University of Waterloo did not include librarians. File contains copies of LAUW’s statement of general principles as well as correspondence from the LAUW Executive, LAUW Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Status, FAUW presidents Gordon Andrew and Jim Brox, and university administrators including Jim Kalbfleisch, Vice-President, Academic and Provost.

Librarians' and Archivists' Association of the University of Waterloo

Professional correspondence : January-June 1971.

File consists of one hundred fifty eight items of typescript professional correspondence between Bernard Suits and others including official departmental correspondence, personal professional correspondence and memos.

Correspondents include:

  • Ages, Arnold
  • Armour, Leslie
  • Brown, Norman
  • Cabot, Roger
  • Callaghan, William
  • Canada Council
  • Centore, F.
  • Cornell, P.G.
  • Cornell, Paul
  • Cross, G.
  • Cross, George
  • Davies, James
  • Duncan, A.R.C.
  • Eastman, M.N.
  • Edwards, Carl N.
  • Hermann, Robert
  • Huertas-Jourda, Jose
  • Hymmen, James
  • Kenyon, Gerald S.
  • Matthews, B.C.
  • McCaskill, David
  • Minas, J.S.
  • Morgan, Charles G.
  • Needham, W.R.
  • Northcote, Margo
  • Palit, Arun Kumar
  • Penelhum, T.
  • Petch, Howard
  • Qualter, T.H.
  • Settle, T.
  • Sievert, Donald
  • Sumner, L.W.
  • Taylor, M.C.
  • Taylor, Mort
  • The British High Commissioner
  • Thomas, John E.
  • Vincent, R.H.
  • Vincent, Una
  • Watson, W.
  • Whitton, Bob
  • Willms, J.F.
  • Yolton, John W.

Suits, Bernard

Professional correspondence : 1974-1994.

File consists of sixty items of manuscript and typescript professional correspondence between Bernard Suits and others including official departmental correspondence, personal professional correspondence and memos.

Correspondents include:

  • Adam, Martin
  • Adams, Jack
  • Anderson, R.F.
  • Baker, William
  • Banks, R.K.
  • Banks, Robin
  • Braybrooke, David
  • Brzustowski, T.A.
  • Daniel, J.V.
  • George, Rolf
  • Hallman, Max
  • Harkins, P.
  • Hendley, Brian
  • Homles, Richard
  • Horne, Jim
  • Hyland, Drew A.
  • Keller, Lynn
  • Kutscher, Austin H.
  • L'Heureux, W.J.
  • Matthews, B.C.
  • Minas, J.S.
  • Patten, S.C.
  • Redmond, Chris
  • Sherwin, Susan
  • Stone, Roselyn
  • Sumner, Wayne
  • Van Evra, J.W.
  • van Fraassen, Bas
  • Watt, L.A.K.
  • Willms, J.F.
  • Wright, Douglas
  • Zeigler, Earle.

Suits, Bernard

Professional correspondence : 1970.

File consists of one hundred thirteen items of manuscript and typescript professional correspondence between Bernard Suits and others including official departmental correspondence, personal professional correspondence and memos.

Correspondents include:

  • Adamczewski, Zygmunt
  • Ages, Arnold
  • Armour, L.
  • Barker, Stephen F.
  • Beaman, C.
  • Binkley, Robert W.
  • Boydston, Jo Ann
  • Brown, Marvin
  • Canada Council
  • Cornell, Paul
  • Cournoyer, Robert
  • Cross, G.E,
  • Dray, W.H.
  • Dyck, J.W.
  • Gold, J.
  • Haworth, L.
  • Ingram, Brian
  • Jennings, R.E.
  • Mackenzie, D.C.
  • Matulewicz, Chris
  • Minas, J.S.
  • Mitias, Michael
  • Odegard, D.
  • Robertson, P.
  • Schouls, P.A.
  • Slater, J.G.
  • Smith, Alex
  • Taylor, M.C.
  • Taylor, Mort
  • Thomas, John
  • Thomas, John E.
  • Tymieniecka, [?]
  • Vincent, Una
  • West, David
  • Whitling, Dennis.

Suits, Bernard

Professional correspondence : July-December 1971.

File consists of eighty nine items of manuscript and typescript professional correspondence between Bernard Suits and others including official departmental correspondence, personal professional correspondence and memos.

Correspondents include:

  • Ages, Arnold
  • Armour, Leslie
  • Bowlden, Larry S.
  • Cabot, Roger
  • Canada Council
  • Cornell, Paul
  • Department of National Revenue
  • Eichhorn, Mary E.
  • Fisch, Max H.
  • Harris, Henry S.
  • Hendley, Brian
  • Holmes, Richard
  • Honsberger, Ross
  • Huertas-Jourda, Jose
  • Kekes, John
  • Krader, L.
  • Kutscher, Austin H.
  • Lenk, Hans
  • Matthews, B.C.
  • Minas, J.S.
  • Najm, S.M.
  • Ober, W.U.
  • Petch, Harold
  • Robertson, Phyllis
  • Romenco, A.
  • Tagg, Melvin S.
  • Taylor, M.C.
  • Taylor, Mort
  • Teipel, [?], Roazen, Paul
  • Thomas, John E.
  • Vincent, Una
  • Yolton, John W.

Suits, Bernard

Correspondence: tributes to Ian Lithgow.

File consists of tributes and eleven items of correspondence relating to the death of Ian Lithgow. Includes clippings and correspondence between James Downey and others regarding Lithgow's death, as well as three items of correspondence from Downey to Lithgow.

Downey, James

Professional correspondence : July - December 1972.

File consists of eighty one items of manuscript and typescript professional correspondence and accompanying materials between Bernard Suits and others including official departmental correspondence, personal professional correspondence and memos.

Correspondents include:

  • Adamczewski, Zygmunt
  • Adams, D.J.
  • Adams, Jack
  • Ashworth, E.J.
  • Battae, Dorothy
  • Canada Council
  • Cornell, P.G.
  • Deck, John N.
  • Horne, James
  • Ingram, Brian
  • Kerr-Lawson, A.
  • Matthews, B.C.
  • McCracken, W.
  • Monro, D.H.
  • Needham, W.R.
  • Nemetz, Anthony
  • New, J.F.H.
  • Npwell-Smith, P.H.
  • Ober, W.U.
  • Penelhum, Terence
  • Seguin, Lloyd
  • Siegfried, C.L.
  • Smale, Peter
  • Tucker, John
  • Vogel-Sprott, M.D.
  • Wahl, J.A.
  • Whitton, Bob.

Suits, Bernard

Correspondence: miscellaneous personal (1 of 3).

File consists of one hundred seventy items of correspondence between James Downey and others for the years 1996-1998. Correspondents include:

  • Adam, Stuart
  • Anson-Cartwright, Hugh
  • Ashenburg, Katherine
  • Atherton, Jay
  • Atkinson, George
  • Atkinson, Lorraine
  • Bassett, Carling
  • Bellingham, Susan
  • Blaney, Jack
  • Borowski, Diana
  • Branda, Dan
  • Caldwell, Robert C.
  • Cameron, Ian
  • Clausi, David
  • Claxton, Lois
  • Cohen, Ruben
  • Cowan, Ann
  • Cuff, Douglas
  • Dimma,William A.
  • Downey, Geoffrey
  • Dyer, Thomas
  • Edler, Robert
  • Emberly, Peter
  • Eydt, Ronald
  • Eyton, Trevor
  • Falconer, Kirk
  • Ferrante, Angela
  • Frampton, George
  • Frank, David
  • Gammon, Frances
  • George, Peter
  • Gibson, James
  • Giroux, Robert
  • Green, R.B.
  • Green, Melvin & Eileen
  • Griffith, M.J.
  • Guild, Paul
  • Hadley, Jean
  • Healy, Jack
  • Hecker, Ing F.W.
  • Hepburn, John
  • Hornyansky, Michael
  • Huber, Dennis
  • Huggard, Patricia
  • Ingoldsby, Pat
  • Johnston, George
  • Keller, Friederich
  • Kerton, Robert
  • Klidaras, Fred
  • Leckie, Irene
  • LeDrew, Annie
  • LeMesurier, Robert T.
  • Lindsay, David
  • MacIver, Don
  • Mackay, Colin B.
  • Mackenzie, David
  • Macnaughton, Peggy
  • Maiden, Colin
  • Martin, Nancy
  • May, A.W.
  • McCain, H.H.
  • McGrahan, Elizabeth
  • Micallef, Donna
  • Mitchell, P.D.
  • Mulder, Nick
  • Nolan, Roderick
  • Oullette, Dave
  • Parrott, John
  • Persi Haines, Claudia
  • Piercey, Frank
  • Piercey, Rhoda Maude
  • Po, Theresa
  • Poole, Cyril
  • Prichard, J. Robert S.
  • Richard Ivey School of Business
  • Richards, David
  • Richards, Robert
  • Rock, Allen
  • Ruben, Allen M.
  • Sabat, Jerome
  • Saunders, Jeff
  • Scott, Andrew
  • Sparkes, Grace
  • Strong, David
  • Strong, Joanna
  • Thompson, Frank
  • Tode, Barry
  • Tucker, Otto
  • Vallentin, Anne
  • Vink, Peggy
  • Wallace, Wendy
  • West, Paul
  • Wickwire, Wendy
  • Wilson, John
  • Wu, Michael.

Downey, James

Brittain, Vera.

Date: 1961.09.02 Place from: 4, Whitehall Court. Westminster, S.W.1., England To: Catley, Elaine M. From: Brittain, Vera. Notes: + envelope.

Response from a letter sent by Catley regarding Brittain's poetry and the magazine "John O' London".

Brittain, Vera

Concordia Club fonds.

The majority of the archives of the Concordia Club were destroyed either as a result of the ransacking of the club by the 118th Batallion in 1916, or as a result of the fire of Nov. 17, 1971. As a result the earliest records of Concordia have largely been lost forever. A very small number of items can be traced back to the Concordia Male Choir (1873-1914). These take the form of two items of correspondence, programs for the "Sängerfests", clippings, and photographs. A small number of archival records also can be found which belonged to the "Deutscher Club, Kitchener" (1925-1930), and include a set of house rules, letters patent, and photographs. Some records from the 1930s have also been preserved to this day, and include artifacts, clippings, legal documents, a membership list, photographs, and programs of events. However, the majority of the materials date from the 1950s onwards. These materials document the history of the Concordia Club since the 1950s, and include artifacts, audiovisual material, clippings, correspondence, ephemera, financial records, legal documents, membership records, minutes of meetings, photographs, publications, and scrapbooks.

Concordia Club


Correspondence, telegraphs and typescript documents of and related to the notice of appeal issued by C. R. Magone, solicitor to the Attorney General for Ontario including copies of the notice of appeal, a list of particulars of the grounds of appeal, notes by F. W. Wegenast, and telegraphs sent before and after the hearing of the appeal on June 1, 1937 by people including [James] Bright, A.R. Kaufman, Wegenast. Of note is correspondence to and from Kaufman and Wegenast following the end of the trial in March 1937 about the possibility of an appeal based on the appointment of Paul LeDuc as the new Attorney General, and a telegraph from A. R. Kaufman to Dorothea Palmer congratulating her on the dismissal of the appeal and advising to "not grant newspaper interviews."

Wegenast, Franklin Wellington

George Bray to Abraham Bray.

One letter from George Bray to Abraham Bray sent April 17, 1842 from Rathmines Mill, near Dublin, Ireland. The letter discusses family news, finances, and a proposed trip to visit Abraham.

Bray Family

Documents received from G. R. Good.

Contains material relating to Kaufman Footwear's pricing, costs, and competition. Includes memoranda, notes, correspondence, training material, government specifications, price lists, and a production schedule.

Kaufman Footwear


Contains correspondence to J.S.C. Moffitt from Kaufman Rubber Co. regarding sales. Also includes correspondence to Kaufman Rubber Co. regarding machinery. Includes 6 photographs of Guix machinery.

Kaufman Footwear

Lewis Lektronix Inc.

File consists of material relating to discussions with Lewis Lektronix Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA) regarding the point-of-purchase advertising system, ScanVertiser. Includes a letter from Jack Young, Vice President Marketing at Lewis Lektronix Inc. to Michael W. Scott, three copies of the ScanVertiser brochure, and photocopies of operations manuals:

  • The Scanvertiser Operations Manual (Revised edition, June 1978)
  • Eprom System Operation [1979]
  • Addendum for Programming a "FLASHER" [1979]
  • Break-out System Operation [1979]


Consumer radio talks.

Seven typescripts:

  • “Eating Outdoors” (copy, 1 page);
  • “Protect your car Warranty” (copy, 1 page);
  • “Using Soap for the Laundry” (copy, 1 page);
  • “A System for Household Cleaning” (copy, 1 page);
  • “Sewing Vinyl” (copy, 1 page), two untitled.

File also includes one item of correspondence regarding the radio talks.

Long, Elizabeth


A letter from Ralph G. Stanton to Donald Cowan regarding graduate courses available at the University of Waterloo in the Faculty of Mathematics in Fall 1960. In the letter, Stanton requests that Cowan review a list of course descriptions (not included in this file) and select which he would be most interested in as required for a Masters degree. File also includes Donald Cowan's reply to Stanton outlining the five courses that held the most interest for him.

Cowan, Donald D.

Walker, Joan.

Two typescript letters from Joan Walker to Elizabeth Long regarding the donation of two books: Pardon My Parka and Repent at Leisure.

Long, Elizabeth

Waldo, Jesse.

Photocopied letter from Jessie Waldo to Elizabeth Long regarding personal updates including time spent in Keewatin and Devil's Gap Lodge. The letter references the death of Isabel [Fenlayson], the upcoming presidency of Mrs. Hayes, the sending of the September 11, 1952 Star Phoenix, and Mary Anne Caswell.

Long, Elizabeth

Rotenberg, David.

Typescript letter from David Rotenberg to Elizabeth Long regarding a bust of Dr. Emily Stowe with an enclosed Toronto Star article titled "Bust sets committee on ear", and a carbon copy typescript response from Long in which she says she is pleased the bust "has been retained in the new city hall".

Long, Elizabeth

Stowe, Hudson J.

One letter from Hudson J. Stowe to Elizabeth Long regarding photographs and records related to Emily Stowe, some of which were thrown out and others that were sent to Victoria. Also in the file are typescript copies of two letters between Stowe and Long regarding the bust of Emily Stowe at old city hall in Toronto. In her letter regarding the bust, Long makes mention of letting Doris Lewis know for possible acquisition by the University of Waterloo.

Long, Elizabeth

Thompson, J. Walter.

Typescript letter from [Mrs.] J. Walter Thompson in response to Elizabeth Long regarding participation in a radio address and "Indian women who are struggling to improve conditions in their country [...]". The letter makes reference to Peter Francis being the person who originally contacted Long and includes information about Indian migration from villages to cities and the challenges presented by a lack of qualifications to secure "social welfare posts open to women today". Violet Alva, a lawyer, and her work to establish an Indian magazine for women.

Long, Elizabeth

Taylor, Gladys.

Two letters from Glady Taylor regarding the use of her book The King Tree as part of a display at an upcoming convention and about the donation of the book to the Lady Aberdeen Library.

Long, Elizabeth

Surry, Mildred.

Photocopy of a typescript letter from Elizabeth Long to Miss Mildred Surry, librarian at The Fawcett Library regarding an annual report and accession list received by Long and a request that the University of Waterloo be added to their mailing list. Attached to the letter are two documents; one regarding The Fawcett Library and one regarding the Fawcett Society.

Long, Elizabeth

Shortt, Lorraine.

Two letters from Lorraine Shortt regarding factual errors about her mother, Elizabeth Smith Shortt, in the first edition of the book Famous Women by Byrne Hope Saunders, details about her mother's life, and the possible donation of books by her sister, Mrs. R. F. Clarke.

Long, Elizabeth

Sherman, M.N.

Typescript letter from M. N. Sherman, Treasurer of the Victoria Council of Women to Elizabeth Long sending a $45.00 cheque for the Lady Aberdeen Library, and a typescript response with manuscript revisions from Long thanking Sherman for the donation.

Long, Elizabeth

Shattuck, Howard F. (Mrs.).

Carbon copy typescript letter from Elizabeth Long to Mrs. Howard F. Shattuck, Jr. requesting that future material from the Committee of Correspondence be directed to the University of Waterloo.

Long, Elizabeth

Russell, Sheila MacKay.

Typescript letter from Sheila MacKay Russell to Elizabeth Long regarding the sending of various editions and translations of Russell's books A Lamp Is Heavy and The Living Earth.

Long, Elizabeth

Royce, Marion V.

Carbon copy typescript letter from Elizabeth Long to Marian Royce, Director, Women's Bureau, Department of Labour regarding the University of Waterloo being added to the mailing list for all releases from the Women's Bureau and information about symposium in London about the status of women in Great Britain. File also includes a typescript letter from Marion Royce addressed to "all persons in the mailing list of the Women's Bureau, Canada Department of Labour" about her retirement and replacement by Mrs. Jock Findlay.

Long, Elizabeth

Ross, Ishbel.

Two typescript letters from Ishbel Ross to Elizabeth Long regarding personal life updates and Alice Nutting, about whom she was approach to write a biography but declined due to other commitments.

Of note are Ross' views in the December 28, 1960 letter about psychiatrists: "These wretches have messed up more lives than one could believe possible. i know of at least a dozen cases myself. in another half century they will take their places among the witch doctors, I hope and believe. I am rabid on the subject."

Long, Elizabeth

Roosevelt, Eleanor.

Typescript letter from Eleanor Roosevelt to Elizabeth Long regarding the making of a recording during her time in Canada (cities and dates listed).

Long, Elizabeth

Robinson, Agnes.

Letter from Agnes Robinson to Elizabeth Long regarding Mary Markwell's (Kate Simpson Hayes) life and career.

Long, Elizabeth

Rich, Ruby.

Carbon copy typescript letter from Elizabeth Long to Ruby Rich, MBE, in Sydney, Australia at the suggestion of Mrs. Elizabeth T. Halsey. Long makes reference to an enclosed leaflet about the Lady Aberdeen library and provides information about related activities.

Long, Elizabeth

R., Marjorie.

Letter from Marjorie [R?] regarding the activities of the [council of women?] in Ceylon including a conference planned for December 1957 and a regional meeting in July of 1954. The letter also makes reference to the visit of Queen Elizabeth to the region.

Long, Elizabeth

Noell, Florence.

Letter from Noelle Florence to Elizabeth Long regarding the donation of books from her mother Elizabeth Yates' library and visiting St. Paul, Minnesota where her mother worked as a principal prior to marrying in 1890.

Long, Elizabeth

McKinley, Mabel Burns.

Letter from Mabel Burns McKinley to Elizabeth Long regarding the display of her books at the triennial meeting and her regret that her five books (listed) are out of print.

Long, Elizabeth

Newman, Lena.

Letter from Lena Newman regarding the display of a cook book by the Montreal Branch of the [Canadian Women's Press Club], created as a fundraiser for scholarships in journalism, during the triennial meeting.

Long, Elizabeth

Neville, William.

Carbon copy letter from Elizabeth Long to William H. Neville regarding three speeches by the Secretary of State [Judy LaMarsh] in which references were made about the contribution of women to Canadian life and the copies being forwarded to Doris Lewis at the University of Waterloo. File includes Neville's business card.

Long, Elizabeth

McNeil, Mary.

Letter from Mary McNeil to Elizabeth Long regarding a project about Mother Marguerite d'Youville and replies to question posed by the Canadian Committee on Corrections and related research.

Long, Elizabeth

Marx, Marion.

Photocopied letter from Mrs. Victor Marx to Elizabeth Long regarding the donation of information about the Lady Aberdeen Collection to the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at Radcliffe College.

Long, Elizabeth

MacMillan, Viola.

Carbon copy typescript of a letter written by Elizabeth Long to Viola MacMillan regarding press photos and other material related to prospecting and mining. Included in the file is a typescript of career information about MacMillan and manuscript notes in Long's hand.

Long, Elizabeth

MacMillan, Anne.

Letter from Anne MacMillan to Elizabeth Long regarding the mailing of seven books (listed) for use in a display during the general meeting from June 1 to 5, [1962].

Long, Elizabeth

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