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Tomlinson, Alfred Harding

  • Person
  • 1880-1946

Alfred Harding Tomlinson was born in England in 1880. After graduating from the Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph, Ontario, specializing in ornamental horticulture, Tomlinson was taken on as a lecturer and taught for almost 30 years. He died in Alberta on July 25, 1946.

White, James Herbert

  • Person
  • 1875-1957

James Herbert White, author of Forest Trees of Ontario, was born September 21, 1875. In 1909, he became the first person to receive a degree in forestry at the University of Toronto, and taught there for 37 years. He is recognized as a pioneer in forestry conservation in Ontario. He died November 14, 1957.

Davidson Family

  • Family

George Davidson, born May 14, 1814 in Aberdeen, Scotland, came to Canada on his own in 1835 with the Bon Accord settlers. According to his granddaughter Florence Sims, he “took up two hundred acres of land, partially cleared, at Winterbourne, in the Township of Woolwich, County of Waterloo, and improved it until about 1841, when he moved to Berlin, now Kitchener.” He went into business with his brother, William Davidson, who had followed him later to Canada. George developed the village of New Aberdeen but left the businesses he had started there and returned to Berlin. He was the first postmaster of Berlin and in 1853 was appointed Sheriff of Waterloo County. He married Margaret Garden (1811-1894), also from Aberdeen, in 1836 and together they had six living children, four sons and two daughters. Margaret (1839-1900) married Irvine Kempt of Glasgow, Scotland, and Elizabeth (1843-1928) married William Roos and stayed in Berlin. Of George Davidson Florence Sims says: “Sheriff Davidson had a keen love of outdoor life – farming and gardening. He built Forest Hill … and spent days and years planning and planting its beautiful surrounding park and gardens. He was an energetic, pushing business man, resolute, persevering, and industrious, the type needed in a new country.

Thomson, William

  • Person
  • 1926-

William (Bill) Thomson (b. 1926) is an urban planner who has worked extensively in the Waterloo Region. Bill obtained his BA in Geography from McMaster University, and his MA in Geography and Urban Economics from the University of Indiana in 1953. In 1961 Bill became the first Planning Director for the City of Kitchener, and later the first Commissioner of Planning and Development for the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. In 1985, Bill became the Commissioner of Economic Development for Kitchener. Bill later entered the consulting world and in 1992 joined the firm Thomson McGough Consultants Inc. and later founded his own firm Bill Thomson Consultant Inc. During this period Bill was also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo in the School of Urban and Regional Planning and also taught a course on economic development.
Bill is a member of many organizations and has served on the board of a variety of these, including the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Town Planning Institute of Canada, and the Energy Conservation Planning Task Force for the Canadian Institute of Planners. Bill retired in 2008.

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

  • Person
  • November 12, 1815-October 26, 1902

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a suffragist, social reformer, abolitionist and women's rights activist. Born to a prominent New York family, Elizabeth learned law from her father and was educated at Johnstown Academy and later the Troy Female Seminary, although she had wanted to attend Union College like her male peers but was kept out because of her gender. In 1840 she married abolitionist Henry Brewster Stanton (1805-1887) removing the line "promise to obey" from her wedding vows. The pair had seven children and it is speculated that they used birth control methods to control the spacing of the births.
Stanton was friends with many prominent activists, abolitionists and writers of the day and kept social circles with some of the elite of Boston, where the family settled after their marriage, and later in Seneca Falls.
While traveling in Europe in 1840 on her honeymoon, Stanton met Lucretia Mott with whom she bonded after the two were told they were not allowed to attend the World Anti-Slavery Convention on account of their gender. Back in Seneca Falls, in 1848, Stanton, Mott, Martha Coffin Wright, Jane Hunt, and others organized the Seneca Falls Convention on July 19th and 20th. Stanton wrote and read the Declaration of Sentiments proclaiming that men and women are created equal. This declaration is credited with initiating the first organized women's suffrage movement in the United States and solidified Stanton as a major voice in the women's rights movement. In 1851 Stanton met Susan B. Anthony for whom she wrote many speeches when she was unable to travel to speak due to family obligations.
In the post-Civil War era, Stanton went against her former abolitionist leanings and lobbied against the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, arguing that expanding the number of men granted the right to vote would increase the number of voters prepared to vote against women's suffrage and that more men should not be given the right to vote without women being included. She frequently use racist language including stating that giving wealthy, refined, educated women the right to vote would help counteract the votes of men who were former slaves or immigrants and who exhibited the characteristics of pauperism and ignorance. Her stance on race lead to a split between her and many of her former abolitionist friends, as well as between her and other suffragists. The schism was so great that by 1869 the woman's suffrage movement had split into two separate groups. Stanton and Anthony founded the National Women Suffrage Association (NWSA), opposing the Fifteenth Amendment, and Lucy Stone, Alice Stone Blackwell and Julia Ward Howe founded the American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA), supporting the Fifteenth Amendment.
Increasingly, Stanton became more at odds with other suffragists as she began to advocate for more women's rights beyond suffrage, and began to speak out against what she felt were the dangers of Christianity to the women's rights movement, describing it as patriarchal and oppressive. However, in 1890 both the NWSA and the AWSA merged back into one organization, the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and Stanton became the first president.
In 1892 Stanton, along with Anthony, Stone and Isabella Hooker spoke before the United States House Committee on the Judiciary on suffrage. In 1895 she published the first volume of "The Woman's Bible" which argues against Christianity, as well as all organized religion. Although it was highly criticized by many both outside and inside of the suffrage movement, it was a best seller and was reprinted twice in the year following its publication.
By the time she published the second volume of "The Woman's Bible" in 1898, Stanton was aging and was unable to attend public events. She died of heart failure at her home in 1902.

Snyder, Herbert Maplin

  • 1873-1942

Herbert Maplin Snyder was born April 21, 1873. He was a prominent citizen, a a furniture and upholstery manufacturer in Waterloo, Ontario. He died February 1, 1942.


  • Corporate body
  • [ca. 1909]-

Founded by Walter M. Jackson (1863-1923) around 1909. Grolier was purchased by Scholastic in 2000.

Prince Rupert Daily News

  • Corporate body

The newspaper was founded in 1911 and ceased publication in 2010.

Collier, John

  • Person
  • 1884-1968

John Collier was born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 4, 1884.

In his early career, John worked as a teacher and was involved with social work and community development. He then served as the United States Commissioner of Indian Affairs between 1933 and 1945. Later, he served as an adviser on trusteeship to the United Nations and as a professor of sociology at City College of New York. Between 1926 and 1933, John Collier also edited American Indian Life Magazine.

John Collier died on May 8, 1968.


The Haida are a nation and ethnic group native to, or otherwise associated with, Haida Gwaii (an archipelago located off the west coast of Canada and immediately south of Alaska) and the Haida language.

Ahrens, Charles Andrew

  • Person
  • 1827-1903

Charles Andrew Ahrens was born July 11, 1827 in Hohen-Wesdt, Holstein, Germany. He emigrated to Berlin (now Kitchener) in 1851 and was first a bookeeper for Louis Breithaupt's tannery, Berlin (later Kitchener) Ontario in 1857. He later worked for Beardmores in Toronto for 5 years. He married Henrietta Charlotte Roth April 16, 1854 and the couple had 12 children. The family moved to Port Elgin, where Charles operated a general store, in partnership with a Mr. Kinzie. They family remained in Port Elgin for 3-4 years. Upon their return to Kitchener, Charles became bookkeeper for the Hepburn Shoe Factory. He opened his own shoe store and later a factory, C.A. Ahrens Shoe Co., in 1879, located across from the Walper Hotel on Queen Street South. He was also the clerk and treasurer for the town of Berlin and in 1886 he was a Town Councillor. In the early 1900's, the shoe factory was a thriving business, which was later taken over by his son, Charles August. Charles Andrew died on 18 August 1903 and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener, Ontario.

Anthes, Jacob

  • Person
  • 1836-1874

Jacob Anthes, the son of Martin Anthes and Catharine Schmitt, was born March 25, 1836 in Kitchener, Ontario. Jacob married Magdalena Stricker circa 1857 and the couple had six children: Sarah Anna, Mary Elizabeth, Martin Franklin, Catharine A., Martha Magdalena, Clarissa Lovina and Emma Caroline.

The 1861 census lists Jacob as a farmer, religion as Methodist, located on land close to his father's in Wilmot township. In 1867 Jacob moved his family to Carrick Township, near Mildmay, Ontario where Jacob preached for the Evangelical Association. He had a local congregation but also rode far and wide across the countryside to preach to widely scattered congregations. He and his family moved again in 1868 to Port Elgin where Jacob helped to build the Evangelical Association Church. By 1871, Jacob's occupation in the census was listed as "preacher" and his religion as "Evangelical Association." Jacob and his family relocated to Kitchener in 1873 where he served as pastor of Zion Evangelical Church. He died unexpectedly in 1874 at the age of only 38 of what is described as "brain fever."

Willson, Mary Elizabeth

  • Person
  • 1860-1928

Mary Elizabeth Anthes was born in Wilmot township February 11, 1860 to parents Jacob Anthes and Magdalena Stricker. She was married September 30, 1886 to Ephraim William Willson and the couple had five children: Leslie A.; Ford Isaac; William Claremont; Norma Margaret; and Martha Bell (Marthabell). She died September 14, 1928 and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener.

Braendle, Catharine Emelia

  • Person
  • 1864

Catharine [sometimes Catherine] Emelia Anthes was born April 30, 1864 to parents Jacob Anthes and Magdalena Stricker. She married Moses E. Braendle (date unknown) and the couple had a son, Harold Anthes born July 17, 1893, in Woolwich Township. Moses died in 1952 and is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener, Ontario. Catherine who died January 23, 1953. Son, Harold died in Florida, July 17, 1974.

Breithaupt, Liborius

  • Person
  • 1797-1851

Liborius Breithaupt was born in 1797 in Allendorf an der Werra, Kurhessen, Germany to Martha Elisabeth Kroschell, age 20, and Johann Christian Breithaupt, age 22. He married Barbara Catharina Goetz on October 24, 1826 in Allendorf. The couple had a son, Philip Ludwig (Louis) born November 8, 1827, also in Allendorf. A daughter Marie Elisabeth Frederica, born June 14, 1829, died May 13, 1834. In 1843, Liborius, Catharina and Louis emigrated from Hesse, Germany to Buffalo, New York. While there, they had another daughter, Catharina, born February 18, 1847. A fire damage report dated October 14, 1850 by Liborius lists extensive damage to his "sheep skin factory" on Steuben Street in Buffalo. Liborius died in Buffalo in May of 1851. Around 1861, Catharina moved to Berlin, Ontario where her son Philip Louis had been living since his marriage to Catherine Hailer in 1853.

Breithaupt, Marie Elizabeth Fredericka

  • Person
  • 1829-1834

Marie Elisabeth Fredericka Breithaupt was born on June 14,1829, in Allendorf an der Werra, Kurhessen, Germany, the second child of Liborius Breithaupt and Barbara Catharina Goetz. She died as a young child on May 13, 1834.

Raquet, Catharina

  • Person
  • 1847-?

Catharina Breithaupt Raquet was born in Buffalo, New York on February 18, 1847 to parents Liborius Breithaupt and Barbara Catharina Goetz, who had emigrated from Germany in 1843. Catharina married Jacob Raquet in New York March 3, 1864 and the couple had six children: William Jacob; Clara Maria; Edward David; Henrietta Catharine Philomene; Emilie Louise; and Joseph John Louise, living in Buffalo and the Detroit, Michigan area, where Jacob was a farmer. Jacob died March 11, 1886 in Detroit. The 1920 United States census has Catharina living in Santa Monica, California with her daughter Emilie. Catharina's death date is unknown.

Doyle, Lucy

  • Person
  • [18--]-1971

Lucy Doyle (d. 1971) was a well-known newspaper reporter and amateur historian. Her career at the Toronto Telegram began in the 1890's with work as a 'copy girl'. She eventually became a reporter, drama and music critic, gossip columnist, and editor of the women's page at the Telegram. Among the highlights of her newspaper career was the opportunity to cover the Prince of Wales' tours of Canada and the United States. She spent her later years doing research for several planned but never published books, including a biography of the Prince of Wales and a work about the history of Scarborough. For 18 years, she occupied a log cabin on the grounds of the Guild of All Arts in Scarborough, Ontario, as the guest of Spencer and Rosa Clark.

Ahrens, Walter Henry

  • Person
  • 1885-1959

Walter Henry Ahrens was born July 24, 1885 in Berlin (later Kitchener) Ontario to parents Henry Jacob Ahrens and Caroline Seiler. Walter moved to the United States as an adult and lived variously in Chicago, Arkansas and Oklahoma. He married Alberta Vivian Francisco January 17, 1906 in Winslow, Arkansas. He died May 30, 1959 and is buried in Tulsa Oklahoma. His brother Carl Hermann was also a resident of Tulsa and is buried in the same cemetery.

Ahrens, George Seiler

  • Person
  • 1887-1962

George Seiler Ahrens was born in Berlin (later Kitchener) Ontario March 27, 1887 to parents Henry Jacob Ahrens and Caroline Seiler. He married Rose Margueritte Lloyd, born in Ireland, on June 24, 1908. They had a daughter, Muriel Kathleen (later Sharpe) born in 1909. George moved to the United States in June of 1927, to join his brother Walter in Tulsa Oklahoma. United States census of 1930 shows him as a boarder at an address in Tulsa. Based on border crossing records, Rose and Muriel joined him in June of 1931.Muriel married John H. Sharpe of Tulsa December 31, 1931. George died in Tulsa May 1962. Rose died March 17, 1969 in Toronto, her burial place is unknown. Muriel died in Tulsa September 26, 1998.

Breithaupt, Sara Caskey

  • Person
  • 1895-1989

Sara Caskey was born March 2, 1895 in Youngstown, Ohio to parents Herbert C. Caskey and Mary McElwey. She married Louis Orville of Kitchener, November 27, 1919. in Toronto. he couple had four children: Mary Scott; Louis Paul; Sara (Sally) Caroline and Herbert Caskey.

Sara died in Kitchener February 14, 1989 and is buried with her husband in Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener.

Breithaupt, Friederich Adolph

  • Person
  • 1875-1882

Friederich Adolph Breithaupt was born August 25, 1875 in Berlin (later Kitchener) Ontario to parents Philip Ludwig (Louis) and Catherine Hailer. His siblings were: Louis Jacob; John Christian; Caroline Margaret (Augustine); Melvina Emilia (Baumann); Ezra Carl; Daniel Edward; Albert Liborius; and Catharine Louise. He died as a child on June 21, 1883 while visiting family with his mother in Cleveland, Ohio. He was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener. His tombstone states he died in 1882, but the notice of his death in the Berliner newspaper of Kitchener was published in 1883.

Breithaupt, Philip William

  • Person
  • 1898-1977

Philip William was born December 16, 1898 in New York City, New York to parents William Henry Breithaupt and Martha Cunningham Murphy.

Anthes, Henry Herbert

  • Person
  • 1908-1984

Henry Herbert Anthes was born in Berlin (later Kitchener) Ontario on September 5, 1908. He was the son of John Isaac Franklin Anthes and Cyrena Harriet Simmonds. The 1921 census has the family living in Montréal, Quebec. According to Henry's United States Second World War draft registration card, he was living in Sausalito, California and working for Proctor & Gamble in April of 1945. He became a US citizen in 1949 at which time he was living in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Henry died in September of 1984 in Ohio. Burial took place in Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener.

Bechler family

  • Family

The Bechler family immigrated to Canada from Germany in the 1870s. Christian Bechler and his wife Christina moved to Wilmot Township before settling in Berlin (later Kitchener) with their sons, Gottfried and Edward. Christian worked as a farmer. Gottfried Bechler and Louise (Louisa) Schmidt were married by Reverend Reinhold von Pirch on July 10, 1894 in Berlin. Gottfried worked as a buttonmaker. Edward Bechler and Anna (Annie) Schmidt were married by Reverend Reinhold von Pirch on the April 18, 1899 in Berlin. Edward worked as a labourer and a machine hand.

Frederick Bechler lived in Wilmot Township before moving to Berlin (later Kitchener). Frederick worked as a labourer, button maker, and button turner in Berlin. Frederick married Auguste “Maria” Schultz in 1879. Frederick and Maria had four children: Gustave, Wilhelmina Henrietta, Willie, and Carl Gottfried.

Gustav Bechler worked as a cigar maker in Berlin. Bechler married Margth Reeger on November 11, 1903. The couple lived in Michigan with their daughters Ella and Ethel. Minnie (Wilhelmina Henrietta) worked as a cigar maker in Berlin. Carl Gottfried (Charles Godfrey) worked as a cabinet maker in Berlin. Charles married Mary Hazel Reid on November 30, 1910 in Guelph.

After Maria’s death, Frederick Bechler remarried on July 6, 1897 to Matilda Rogge-Wiese. Frederick and Matilda had two children: Viola and Walter. Walter worked as a shoemaker in Kitchener. Walter married Dorothy Regan on July 1, 1937 in Kitchener.

Henrietta Wilhelmina Bechler was born in Germany on November 7, 1859. It is likely Henrietta was the daughter of Christian and Christina Bechler. She married Christian Rosekat and immigrated to Canada with him in 1879. Christian Rosekat worked as a tanner. The Rosekats lived in Berlin (later Kitchener) where they had nine children: Wilhelmine Henriette (Mina), William, Charles, Henry, Alfred (Frederick), Herman, Albert, Walter, and John.

Bechler, Christian

  • Person
  • 1828-1897

Christian Bechler was born on January 8, 1828 in Germany. Christian was married to Christina with whom he had two sons, Gottfried and Edward. It is probable that Henrietta Bechler was the daughter of Christian and Christina Bechler. The Bechler family immigrated to Canada in the 1870s where they lived in Wilmot Township before settling in Berlin (later Kitchener), Ontario. Christian worked as a farmer and later as a labourer. Christian passed away on March 14, 1897.

Bechler, Anna

  • Person
  • 1877-1953

Anna (Annie) Schmidt was born in Germany to Joachim Schmidt and Marie Knopp in 1877. Anna married Edward Bechler on April 18, 1899 in Berlin (later Kitchener). Anna passed away in 1953 and was buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.

Bechler, Frederick

  • Person
  • 1854 -1937

Frederick Bechler was born in Germany on February 27, 1854. It is probable Frederick was the brother of Christian Bechler. Frederick immigrated to Canada in 1878 or 1880. Frederick worked as a labourer, button maker, and button turner in Berlin (later Kitchener). It is probable that Frederick Bechler was the brother of Christian Bechler.

Frederick married Auguste “Maria” Schultz (Mary) (b. 1858, d. 1897) in 1879. Frederick and Maria had four children: August Gustave Bechler (b. 1880, d. 1914), Wilhelmina Henrietta Bechler (b. 1882, d. 1903), Willie Bechler (b. 1884, d. 1884), and Carl Gottfried Bechler (b. 1885, d. 1968).

Gustav (August Gustave) Bechler worked as a cigar maker in Berlin. Bechler married Margth Reeger on November 11th, 1903. The couple lived in Michigan with their daughters Ella (b. 1907) and Ethel (b. 1909).

Minnie (Wilhelmina Henrietta) Bechler worked as a cigar maker in Berlin. Wilhelmina passed away in 1903.

Carl Gottfried (Charles Godfrey) Bechler worked as a cabinet maker in Berlin. Charles married Mary Hazel Reid on November 30th, 1910 in Guelph.

After Maria’s death, Frederick remarried on July 6th, 1897 to Matilda Rogge-Wiese (b. 1868, d. 1951) in Berlin, Ontario. Frederick and Matilda had two children: Viola Maria Bechler (b. 1898, d. 1994) and Walter Edward Bechler (b. 1903, d. 1979).

Walter Bechler worked as a shoemaker in Kitchener. Walter married Dorothy Regan (b. 1906, d. 1979) on July 1st, 1937 in Kitchener.

Frederick Bechler passed away on November 24, 1937.

Krug, Mabel

  • Person
  • 1902-1984

Mabel Krug was born in Bristol, Pennsylvania. She moved to Montreal as a child, where her father moved the family to start a business. She went on to study music at McGill University's Conservatory of Music, with plans for an opera career, changing course after marrying Henry Krug and moving to Kitchener.

Awarded K-W Jaycee's Citizen of the Year Award in 1963 in recognition of work with Cancer Society and area cultural groups. Krug was received the Order of Canada in 1973 in recognition of her contributions to the lives of Canadians at a local and regional level.

Breithaupt, Rudolph Anthes "Dolph"

  • Person
  • 1906-1960

Rudolph Anthes Breithaupt was born in Berlin (later Kitchener) Ontario October 21, 1906 to parents Albert Liborius and Lydia Louisa Anthes. His siblings were Frederick Lbert; Maria Martha Louise; Ruth Anna Catherine; David John and Arthur Libroius. "Dolph" as he was known, became a Major in the Canadian military a member of the Scots Fusiliers of Canada receiving the Order of the British Empire. He married Marion Elizabeth Roos August 24, 1928. Rudolph died March 21, 1960 and is interred in Mount Hope Cemetery, Kitchener.

Martin, Maria Martha Louise

  • Person
  • 1903-?

Maria Martha Louise Breithaupt was born in Berlin (later Kitchener) Ontario on December 15, 1903 to parents Albert Liborius and Lydia Louisa Anthes. Maria was trained as a nurse and worked in that profession in Kitchener. She married Hugh Emerson Martin of Toronto on June 4, 1938. Maria's death date is unknown.

Dane, Nazla L.

  • Person
  • 1906-1998

Nazla L. Dane was born in Indian Head Sask., in 1906 and spent her early years in Saskatchewan. She taught public and secondary school in Saskatchewan from 1925-1933, worked for various businesses in Regina and Vancouver, and then worked in the Departments of Munitions and Supply and Transport in Ottawa from 1941-1945. She worked as director of both the Women's and Educational Divisions of the Canadian Life Insurance Association from 1945 to 1971. In the course of her work she wrote news columns and travelled across the country speaking to women's groups not only about finances and money management, but about women's issues such as rights, laws and employment. Nazla Dane was elected President of the Toronto Business and Professional Women's Club 1949-1951, President of the Ontario BPW 1958-61, President of the Canadian BPW 1964-1966 and from 1971-1974 served as President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women. She has been active all her life in many women's organizations, including the YWCA, VON, Women's Canadian Club, Toronto and Area Council of Women, among others. In 1977 she received the Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Medal and in 1985 received the Persons Award from Governor-General Jeanne Sauve.

Rex, Kay

  • 1918-2006

Kathleen (Kay) A. Rex, reporter and writer, was born in 1918, the daughter of Lionel and Grace Rex of Woodstock, Ontario. In 1941, after graduating from university, Rex began work with the Woodstock Sentinel, a local daily newspaper, moving to the Canadian Press (CP) in 1942, where she worked in various CP bureaus across the country including Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto. In 1953, Rex left the Canadian Press, thereafter gaining employment with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). In 1957 she began work as a freelance journalist, traveling first to Mexico City. In 1959 Rex joined the Globe and Mail where she worked until 1983. Her stories brought to the paper an early form of feminism, highlighting women's issues including poverty, daycare, immigration, health, employment and peace. Upon retirement from the Globe and Mail, Rex became president of the Toronto Branch of the Canadian Authors Association. Her retirement from journalism also allowed Rex to begin research on a history of the Canadian Women's Press Club of which she was a member. Published in 1995, No Daughter of Mine: The Women and History of the Canadian Women's Press Club, 1904-1971 tells the stories of the female journalists who were its members. Rex died on July 10, 2006 in Toronto at the age of 86 years.

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